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NBC News’ Chuck Todd suggests Trump voters ‘want to be lied to,’ believe in ‘fairy tales’ like Noah’s Ark | Fox News

Chuck Todd is a piece of work. An arrogant ass. Competing with Rachel Maddow, Chris Cuomo, and Don Lemon for most dishonest purveyor of news. Worse, he pretends to be a straight news man. Can’t hold a candle to Chris … Continue reading

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Blaska Policy Werkes repeats its assertion that “No Firearms” signs are false advertising unless the premises are secured by airport-level screening. Yet, we have in Madison WI school board members who would ban armed, trained police resource officers from our … Continue reading

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Trump is President! Democrats are losing! The system is broke!

“Is Dis a System?”  What do our liberal, progressive, and socialist acquaintances do when they lose? They cry “No Fair!” and vow to Change The System, of course! Like the Trump Resistance everywhere, the New York Times insists the System Ain’t … Continue reading

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Has Madison given up on its public schools?

Can you spell apathy? Only 2 candidates for 3 school board seats! What a contrast with a year ago, when 10 candidates filed for 3 seats on Madison’s Board of Education (one of whom dropped out after filing paperwork), necessitating … Continue reading

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CNN is a ‘frenzied Trump stalkerblog’

Rachel Maddow, film-flam queen Let one of the late-night Jimmys make a joke at Donald Trump’s expense and expect to see it referenced on CNN’s website the next morning. Let Chris Cuomo switch away from a guest and see it … Continue reading

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Socialists have an agenda for 2020

Tell them what they’ve won, Don Pardo The latest edition of The Nation magazine is out. The cover story: “Socialism is on the Agenda for 2020.” Not on our agenda, of course but very likely one of the two major … Continue reading

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