‘Acting ghetto, screaming & yelling & stealing’ at the drug store

I’m so embarrassed!

A social media dialog here in Madison’s southwest side

pastedGraphic.png Jeana Lavore, Meadowood:
I’m so freakin’ embarrassed right now in Walgreens on Raymond Rd. Bunch of Black kids acting ghetto, screaming & yelling & stealing. Who’s kids are these? Im kindly asking any Toki Middle School kids parents: please talk to ur kids. This behavior is ratchet [s.i.c.] [racist?] as hell! And we wonder why we get the cops called on us more often, We want other races to acknowledge Black Lives Matter but why would anyone care?? If we don’t care enough about our own kids to (least of all) teach them how to act in public why should anyone else give a damn when they get gunned dwn, knocked up & or locked up! We wanna call ourselves “Woke” Then we better be the 1st ones 2 Wake the XXXX up & do sumthng about these young people!Comment, respond, what do you think

Jessica Ta, Manchester Park: Honestly I stopped going to that area. I always went there for the Mexican restaurant, but I can’t anymore. They would stop and ask me money, If I said I had none for them, they would literally cuss me out. And these young girls, probably 6-7 grade would try to “roast” my mom and I when we didn’t even look at them. Parents be aware of your children and teach them to respect others.

Daniel Riemer, Stratton Ridge/Ice Age: I agree with you 100%. We as parents need to take responsibility for our kids actions. I see a major decline in how kids show respect to each other and adults. Kids now a days are not held accountable for their actions. We can’t hurt their feelings by disciplining their bad behaviour. 

Talking to teachers it seems the disrespecting behaviors are escalating in class. Yet the teachers can’t do anything about it. Where to start??? Like you said, it has got to start at home with the parents.

retail-theft-illinois-300x204John Easterday, Fitchburg: It is the Madison area, correct?  Maybe more buses would help with this?

Maggie McGuire, Meadowood: I have to admit,  with recognizing my own implicit biases, I began to read your post Jeana and immediately assumed it was a middle-aged white woman ranting about things she doesn’t understand. I thank you for taking the time to put this out here and maybe it will reach some of the intended audience,  maybe not,  but these things needed to be said to ALL parents. Thank you.

Reginald Stanley, Dunn’s Marsh – Belmar: Why would matter if she was a middle-aged white woman? Would you have reacted differently and would you have still thanked her for her post?

She shared some observations she made and gave her insights on the matter. What she said would have been no less (or no more) valid if she were of a different race or age.

David Blaska, Orchard Ridge: Good stuff, all. Kids must feel loved and told they can be successful. Expectations. But also shown where the limits are. That in this way lies failure. Parents, teachers, neighbors used to reinforce boundaries. No more. Year ago saw three teens with pants below their butts at the same Walgreens, Raymond Road. A mother with 3-year-old (looked like) daughter said “We don’t need to be seeing that.” Person of color, she was.

This old settler went up to the boys, laughing and pointing, saying “You look like clowns.” And I am as white as Wonder Bread. (I blame my parents.) 

AAM clerk says, “Welcome to my world.”

Blaska’s Bottom LinePeople, take charge! Don’t let the social justice warriors shame you. They are responsible for this chaos. And no, do NOT call the police! They’re already stretched too thin. Didn’t they just cede Langdon Street to Campus police even though that street is not an actual part of the UW campus?

What do YOU think?

Maybe a police monitor would help?
Tell Madison’s mayor and alders: Public Safety First!

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16 Responses to ‘Acting ghetto, screaming & yelling & stealing’ at the drug store

  1. Tom Paine says:

    Social Justice? White parents try to pay more to get their kids into a school. BIG Crime, some say. They face 45 years in jail if convicted at trial. OK, victimless crime; No weapons used, None hurt or wounded. No child porn. No property damaged. —> Yet they face 45 years.

    Kids with guns, stealing cars, credit cards, identities, and shooting people…………and the penalty for savage behavior? Restorative Justice.

    Why didn’t I think of that? OMG, now we know how to solve problems in a rational manner.

    Justice — just anudder word for white folks guilty, black folks angels.

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  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Clearly, parents bear a responsibility–perhaps most of the responsibility–for the kind of behavior and attitudes described above. But how realistic is it to expect that the parents of these feral teens have any motivation whatsoever to raise socially responsible young citizens when they are being fed the same leftist victimhood propaganda as their children? In this town if you’re a minority you’re instantly absolved of any responsibility for anything; you have no personal agency whatsoever because you are oppressed by racist institutions, including the schools your kids attend and the law enforcement agencies who are trained to use them as target practice. The sorry little scenario at Walgreen’s is simply one manifestation of the cultural degradation that’s a direct result of decades of this kind of “progressive” indoctrination.

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    • Batman says:

      “The sorry little scenario at Walgreen’s is simply one manifestation of the cultural degradation that’s a direct result of decades of this kind of ‘progressive’ indoctrination.”

      Not according to regressives GLK as their perception is quite different.
      For example, the “little scenario” is actually ebullient free spirited youngsters bubbling over with uncontrolled enthusiasm because that’s a part of their cultural heritage that stiff whitey is unable to comprehend and when accurately recognized should be reinforced to avoid stifling natural growth patterns intrinsic to their DNA.

      Let us pray

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  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “AAM clerk says, ‘Welcome to my world.’ ”

    If that was the slight (bordering on tiny) Black gal that checked me out there back in May, SHE is a real gem and Walgreen’s is damn lucky to have her.

    Too bad those POS thug wannabees can’t channel her personality and work ethic.

    I have Black clients in Milwaukee just north of W. Capitol Drive on both 16th & 66th streets; they’re tough, resilient, DAMN good parents/grandparents that did/do their best to not let their kids/family succumb to what the inimitable Dr. Thomas Sowell calls Seductive Beliefs.

    The economic zone along Capitol Drive, and the couple of blocks just north and south of it, even to the east toward Shorewood (til you get to the Milwaukee River, of course), is a bad effing dream.

    Something doesn’t change, that’s Meadowood in the not-too-distant-future!

    The Gotch

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  4. George's son says:

    Good catch, David, I subscribe to that site as well, and…. it is chilling. RE: “in-the-not-too-distant-future”….. Meadowood is already there. Prop 47 (and more), will follow soon. San Diego gave up, too, not even police reports filed anymore.But SJW and “woke” folks here have endorsed it all ad hoc already -who needs laws anymore. They can -and they will, endeavor to keep justice, consequences and punishment out of the equation via “Nuthin’ Burger” court proceedings/results. Checkin’ in on “graduates” of the Madison school district that are now in their 20-30’s yields ever increasing stats for violent crimes and mayhem. These kids will follow their lead -as long as we will let ’em. BUT BY GOLLY, if they can’t steal a car, the pulchritudinous mayor’s BUSES will always be runnin’ after an impromptu Walgreen’s patron/criminal needs transport….


  5. Mr. Bankhead says:

    You will always have bad apples on a tree. What about Trump is that not embarrassing & he is 74 years old, what about White mass shooters is that not embarrassing. All races go through this you have Asuan & Hispanic gangs that embarrass their culture. NO Culture is extinct from this . NOT 1


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Mr. Bankhead;


      The Gotch


    • Sprocket says:

      Hi there. Say hello to FBI Uniform Crime Report. It will tell you all sorts of interesting things.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


        Information contained in the FBI UCR is predicated on systemic Patriarchal White Supremacy, ergo, horribly and unfairly skewed.

        Want some REAL NEWS?

        Per Justice democrat Jamaal Bowman (Dlerious-NY) the biggest problem facing the good ol’ U. S. of A. is White Y-Chromosomal Unit Terrorism

        The Gotch


    • Gary Kriewald says:

      Just for fun. let’s compare the percentage of Asian American youths who are in school and/or achieving success via the good old American Dream versus the percentage in gangs. Now do the same with African Americans. Should tell you lots of things, among them the relative quality of parenting in those groups.


  6. Kevin Wymore says:

    But at least southwest Madison got a $1 million public health grant to address micro-aggressions being perceived by black people. I’m sure the African-American clerk at the Raymond Road Walgreen’s would be consoled.

    Seriously, David, it might help that someone bring this thread to the attention of the Rev. Gee and his Nehemiah group. Shucks, maybe I will.


  7. White Hills says:

    Most of the profitability in a Walgreens location is from the sale of knicknack consumer junk. If that stuff is constantly being ransacked by the local vibrancy, the location might become untenable. However, that’s a special location. That particular Walgreens sees a lot of Medicaid cash flows, and ironically lots of healthy lifestyle cigarette sales. Just wait until weed is legalized. That real estate will be a gold mine! Walgreens is playing the long game at that location. They’ll eat the short term thefts.


  8. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Neighborsnextdoor summarily spiked both the above referenced post and the attendant comment thread; rampant snowFLAKE triggering due to unabashed Inconvenient Truth the suspected culprit.

    The Gotch


  9. AdamC says:

    Medea for Superintendent!


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