Madison wants more police & fire!


Tell Mayor Satya and our alders
we need more police and fire safety
and we don’t need a $200,000 police critic!

Send a message to the mayor and the alders!

The WI State Journal nailed it: “If bus rapid transit is the biggest winner in Mayor Rhodes-Conway’s budget, public safety may be the biggest loser.”

Police Chief Mike Koval resigned in frustration knowing that the mayor would not add badly needed police officers even as she proposes an entirely new, $40/vehicle wheel tax. 

TELL YOUR ALDERS that Madison needs more police. (Chief Koval says 31 more.) Without extra boots on the ground, the department is examining more “self-reporting” “since we don’t have enough cops to send to everything.”

TELL YOU ALDERS we don’t need a $200,000 full-time police critic whose only job will be to second-guess every police officer.

TELL YOUR ALDERS that Madison needs 10 more EMT/firefighters and an ambulance for Fire Station #14 on the Southeast side.  

TELL CITY LEADERS that public safety is a first thing. Send a message!



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9 Responses to Madison wants more police & fire!

  1. John says:

    This is great, but not if the plan to fund it is simply taking wages away from everybody else that works for the city. I like police & fire, but I also like my trash getting picked up, safe water to drink, my street plowed and my sewer working. I hate to see the CC picking sides between public safety and public works. They are equally important.


  2. Tom Paine says:

    What Madison (and Wisconsin) really wants is a NEW HEAD COACH for the football team.
    What other top-ranked team plays with less enthusiasm, both on the part of the coach and the players? Even if Chryst imported the ENTIRE Alabama team, Wisconsin would never make the football playoff’s, let alone the national championship game. W is, as it traditionally has been, the BIG PRETENDER.

    What other top-ranked team is so easy to defend, owing to the lack of offensive play-calling diversity?

    What other NCAA (Division 1) football coach has a vocabulary smaller than Chryst? What other NCAA coach speaks more like a 8th-grader than Chryst?

    How can anyone assume ANY game really matters to Chryst? Pocketing millions as a gud ole boy, clearly people fear honesty. He’s been promoted far beyond his grade-school skill set. Every interview and comment affirms his brilliance. Not.

    Of course the barking seals will disagree, but I take solace in knowing two things> Wisconsin’s loss to Illinois was the greatest relative defeat vs the pregame projected margin of victory in college football history.

    Second, Wisconsin will never make it to the NCAA playoffs, let alone win a national title


    • Nancy Germann says:

      Are you flipping serious???

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      THAT’S one monumentally ill-informed screed!


      The Gotch


      • Tom Paine says:

        So, grand prognosticator, by how many touchdowns will Wisconsin lose to OSU ?
        What will you say after W loses 2 of the 3 games with Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa?

        Short line — get your tickets on 50 for the frozen NYC toilet bowl?


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          @Tom Paine;

          It’s painfully clear this isn’t your area of expertise, and The Gotch has neither the interest nor the desire to put a finer point to it.

          “What will you say after W loses 2 of the 3 games with Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa?”

          Good question. But probably not the same thing(s) you said after the first six games; which, if memory serves, was JACK_$#!T!

          ON WISCONSIN

          The Gotch


  3. Tom Paine says:

    No disagreement about the first few games. I continued to exhibit “TOHOE” and that by devine intervention of the football gods, I persisted to think W might make it to the the final four. I know, the pain of self-delusion, now again validated by the passive, illiterate HC.

    Be prepared for a big blowout on Saturday, exiting the Shoe with righteous taunts of “Pretenders!”
    Really sad…..perhaps the best RB ever to play the game………….30 pt favorites……and woofed.

    Why do they pay so much for failure? The HC should offer the school a refund!


  4. David Blaska says:

    Advisory to I.P. address You will never get past my N. Korean spam detectors.


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