Koval draws battle line with Madison mayor & progressives

“If bus rapid transit is the biggest winner in Rhodes-Conway’s budget,
public safety may be the biggest loser.” — WI State Journal on the Mayor’s just-released budget proposal

$200,000 for a taxpayer-paid police critic

“Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway’s proposed budget keeps police staffing flat — a move that former police chief Mike Koval said in July will necessitate moving 12 positions from units focusing on neighborhood policing, gangs and other proactive work to patrol.”

The resignation of Mike Koval as chief of police could very well shake the foundations of progressive hegemony in The Emerald City, where up is down and car jackers, cafeteria brawlers, and drive-by shooters are victims and police are the problem.

Beyond some boilerplate “thanks for your service,” Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway is keeping mum. Progressive Dane is hunkered in the bunker. The Capital Times blames Ron Johnson. Because Mike Koval did not go quietly into that good night. (See the sidebar at right.)

“We have been great advocates for victims and potential victims. That means asking for commitment and asking for prosecution [but] that almost seems counter-intuitive in this community.” — Mike Koval

Once again, Chief Koval has put progressive Madison on notice.

City will police the police

Chief Koval

The Progressive Dane mayor will allocate $200,000 in tax dollars for a full-time police critic and support staff but not a single extra beat cop.  (“Madison seeks felons, squatters, illegal aliens, and addicts to judge the police.”) Meanwhile in Madtown:

Is it the Stockholm syndrome? Wanting to curry favor with those who have kidnapped the public narrative? Paula Fitzsimmons reminds that Madison’s police union endorsed this mayor! “By attempting to curry favor with Progressive Dane, they solidified your department as one to walk all over, and basically placed “Kick Me” signs on your backs.”

Parents won’t discipline their kids

Comment, respond, what do you thinkWhich takes us, counter-intuitively, to comedian Bill Maher, quoted in a NY Times interview, “On the Perils of Political Correctness.” 

Parents have been spineless in disciplining their kids. When I was growing up you could never drive a wedge between your parents and the teacher. Now the parents always back their precious darlings, and that’s why you have grade inflation and kids who leave school without knowing anything. … Being brought up this way is going to lead these kids to ruin.”

More Maher:

“You see color, always, so you can register your white privilege. But I grew up in the Martin Luther King era: Judge by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

“The politically correct people are not concerned about social justice. They care about putting scalps on the wall.  … Are we at this place where we can’t admit that we’ve ever had bad thoughts and gotten over them and become a better person?”

Maher suggests American progressivism is Stalinism: “We live in an age where people want to cancel other people and disappear them.”

Cry ‘racism’ and you WILL be quoted

Because it fits the news media’s chosen narrative. Which is why Ann of Althouse calls it “the least surprising story of the week.” That 12-year-old girl in Virginia who said three white boys held her down in a school playground during recess, covered her mouth, called her names and cut her hair? She made it all up! Not true. One big lie. A juvenile Jussie Smollet hoax, breathlessly reported.

Which is why Ms. Althouse “said from the start that this story should never have been reported, certainly not with the little girl’s name!” 

Sound familiar? Madison’s Whitehorse middle school, anyone? 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: To all who say they are tired of Madison’s screwed up priorities, where have you been? Did you run for alder? School board? Show up to testify at a meeting? Write a letter to the editor? How about e-mailing the mayor and the alders? (Do so at the sidebar.) Did you even vote?

What do YOU think?


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38 Responses to Koval draws battle line with Madison mayor & progressives

  1. Paula Fitz says:

    Your Bottom Line is spot on!

    Can’t tell you how sick to death I am of people complaining about Madison’s problems and not doing a thing about it. For three years, three years mind you, I gave people a platform to speak up, but few ever did. It was always the same handful of people getting out of their comfort zones. I made it as easy as possible, even automating form letters, so all people had to do was Click and be done with it.

    But no. It was easier to get outraged on Facebook than to do anything to shepherd meaningful change.

    Now look where we’re at! Richert reports that the mayor wants a $40 “wheel tax” and that police staffing will stay flat. This story, by the way, is running simultaneously with articles about shots fired and a sex offender targeting downtown women.

    The Dane County budget is no better. Focus is on “human services” with creation of housing and immigration departments.

    What the eff about public safety??? What about OUR needs, the needs of the people who work hard and try to be productive members of society? Not only do we not count, but we’ve been duped into thinking that it’s our fault that people commit crimes!

    Also tired of listening to people who’ve moved or who live outside the city laughing at “Madistan.” If you think moving will solve your problems or that you’re isolated from this shit, you’re in for a rude awakening. Just look at today’s stories about Fitchburg and Verona and most recently about Sun Prairie. Yes, this stuff is spreading.

    And it’s caused by complacency, because not enough people want to get out of their comfort zones, offend anyone, “get involved,” or give up their evenings. So it’s actually easier to run away?

    I’d feel more hope, but look how kids are being raised. Bill Maher is right.

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    • Batman says:

      “And it’s caused by complacency, because not enough people want to get out of their comfort zones, offend anyone, “get involved,” or give up their evenings. So it’s actually easier to run away? ”

      Paula, is it complacency or recognizing that common sense conservatives are drastically outnumbered in Madison that recent elections corroborate so what’s the point of expending countless hours and energy when the unwise radical left rule this city, rationalize deteriorating street level reality, and are refractory to different perspectives.
      It would appear things must get significantly worse before large numbers of bleeding hearts consider changing their philosophical/political ideas.

      Let us pray.


  2. Paula,
    Apathy for public activism is getting worse. Actually doing something to change things means getting directly involved and violates their apathy for public activism, someone else can do it, and we’re witnessing the results of that apathy every day.

    Why is public activism of people with common sense getting involved so low, it’s because stupid people have the upper hand in the media because what stupid loud mouths do is sensational news and sells, common sense doesn’t sell. Maybe people should protest the mayor and her family as they eat dinner in restaurants of protest her home demanding more police on the streets. I’m sure any anti-cop counter protest would be big news portraying them as public activists and the pro-cop protesters would be smeared as unethical stalkers that re disturbing the peace.

    Apathy Fertilizes A Breeding Ground For Stupidity

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    • Paula Fitz says:

      You know, when I talk or write about important issues, like the war on cops, some perceive me as being “negative.” It’s become socially acceptable to keep your head buried in the sand and stay “positive” at all costs. I’ve lost a lot of “friends” this way.

      Guess what? The issues we face here in Madison and across the country with regards to law enforcement and the breakdown of society are pretty significant – and they impact the very people who believe in keeping “positive” at all costs.

      These issues require honest discussions that very few are willing to have. I see lots of Facebook outrage when a story hits the circuit, only for the anger to die down until the next big story hits.

      How about trying something different and working consistently and fervently on these issues with the intention of solving them? And yes, there will be “negativity” and discomfort involved. Nature of the beast.

      And thank you for your article . . .This!

      “If you don’t want to live under rules created by stupid people then you need to set aside your apathy for society and politics, stand up for intelligent truths and do something about what’s happening!”

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  3. Paula Fitz says:

    Per usual, no reaction from the MPD union. They’re bending over and taking it quite nicely. Absolutely nauseating to watch! Maybe they like being treated like shit. Faux martyrdom.

    Mr. Powers and MPPA board members: You have two friends left (Blaska and Vicki). I’m out. Koval is out. WAKEUP CALL: Nobody else is coming to your rescue. You have to defend your cops because nobody else is doing the job for you.

    Kelly said they were working behind the scenes with the mayor. Guess what? It’s apparently not working. You now have even fewer resources, less support, less respect, more crime, more anti-cop presence in city government. And the next officer-involved incident? Whoever that poor soul (officer) is, will be screwed, sacrificed to the alter of insane politics.

    I’m scared for you, I really am. And I’m scared for this city – because when you have to second guess yourselves and when you stay silent when under unfair attack, the rest of us are made less safe.

    You are ultimately putting your need to be liked and approved of before the public good. And that is selfish.

    And as I said, Madison isn’t an anomaly. This scenario is being played out across the country. Like Vicki said on her show, it can change if more people just SPOKE UP. Not holding my breath. My only solace is that I don’t have offspring who will have to inherit this insanity.

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    • Paula Fitz wrote, “WAKEUP CALL: Nobody else is coming to your rescue. You have to defend your cops because nobody else is doing the job for you.”

      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.

      Martin Niemöller

      When the league of anti-cop social justice warriors smear the police at every turn and do everything they can to tie the hands of the police, then they get the city over-lord to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on “auditors” (think known spy) to keep tabs on the police and report directly to the overlord instead of hiring additional officers needed to actually address the growing crime in a growing city, what should the residents of the city project will happen? Should they project that Madison is finally reaching that kumbaya social “utopia” where crime is a thing of the past and everyone is gloriously happy with their simple existence; or, should they project a declining society that will border on chaos and vigilantism?


      • Paula Fitz says:

        This league fancies themselves as some sort of group of idealists and humanitarians, completely oblivious to how their ideologies and policies are destroying this city and the very people they claim to want to help! Their tunnel vision is so narrow, that no amount of data, heartfelt anecdotes, and reason, will move them.

        In my experience, they’re not only unreasonable, but also some of the most hateful people I’ve encountered.

        These are the true believers, who I differentiate from the players and politicians – you know, those who talk the SJW language because they selfishly believe it’ll suit their own best interests. Like Hillary did when she claimed she’d set white people straight. An elitist preaching to the rest of us – ya’ think that had something to do with her loss?!

        It’s a terrible feeling to be able to see things clearly and watch helplessly as the situation gets to the point of doing great damage. And here’s the kicker: It COULD have been fixed, and perhaps still can, if people would get out of their comfort zones and speak up.

        “. . .what should the residents of the city project will happen? Should they project that Madison is finally reaching that kumbaya social “utopia” where crime is a thing of the past and everyone is gloriously happy with their simple existence; or, should they project a declining society that will border on chaos and vigilantism?”

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      • Paula Fitz says:

        The police union is one of the very few bastions left in this city with the power to say and do something. Yet they’re mostly completely and utterly silent.

        They may THINK they’re currying favor with this mayor and council by not rocking the boat, but what they’re really doing is solidifying their department as one to shit on.

        Imagine if Kelly Powers and the MPPOA Board found the nads to speak up against the Mayor’s insane budget – if they pushed back, even just a teensy bit? Pushing back DOES work, it really does. Yet they remain paralyzed in fear and denial. I mean, what do they have to lose at this point – how much worse can it get for them?

        I think it’s completely selfish and a show of weakness to put your own need to feel liked above the interests of those you represent.

        And THIS is a big part of why the haters hated Chief Koval, because he refused to kiss their asses and throw his cops under the bus. A true leader.

        I don’t see the point of paying dues into an organization, that at least from the outset, appears to do very little for its people. Oh, they hold a ball every year. Nice, but getting drunk with your friends isn’t gonna’ solve the problem.

        I don’t win popularity contests talking like this, but someone gotta’ say it.


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        • I think the police are trying to remain professional, negotiate in good faith, and not present a confrontational posture in the public. Although the results of the behind the scenes talks don’t seem to be producing anything positive we actually don’t know what’s happening in those behind the scenes talks.

          After Koval’s resignation just before the Mayor’s budget became public I think it’s clear that it’s time for the police to do something. The Mayor’s budget made the Mayor’s position 100% clear. It’s time for the police union to turn the screws on the Mayor’s administration and really turn the screws hard, they need to go full public with their concerns. The Mayor’s office has put the political screws to the police department, it’s time they step up and do the same; it’s not insubordination, it’s negotiations. Put it in the hands of the court of public opinion and see if the public will stand up for the people that are putting their lives on the line to take criminals off the street trying to keep the city safe.

          There are reasons that I chose not to live in Madison. My participation in Madison politics is limited in some ways. What I see from my Oregon vantage point is that what Madison does eventually rolls down the hill into the surrounding communities. When the crime rates go up in Madison due to not enough police on the streets it directly and indirectly effects all of Dane County.


        • Paula Fitz says:

          Steve, oh yes, I’m sure they’ve attempted to negotiate behind-the scenes; there’s always more to the story than the public knows.

          And I completely agree about negotiating in good faith in normal times. But these aren’t normal times, and with this group of politicians, there is no such thing as good faith.

          Sitting back and hoping things will improve is NOT working; it just makes the cops look weak, or even compliant.

          I’m not asking for them to be unprofessional – just to make it clear in no uncertain terms that that badge deserves respect. It’s very possible to do this while maintaining calm and professional.

          So yes, you are right, they will have to go public at this point in order to accomplish that. They also need to do it to improve department morale and help restore public confidence.

          I think a lot of people in this city are scared right now, and we need a reasoned and strong voice to reassure us.

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  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Here’s a Woke Test for guilt inundated White Lefties; can you tell the difference between these two NYT headlines about the Black Girl, or whom perennial loud mouth Brandi Grayson would call the Black Baby, incident:

    A) Pre-Hoax-Bull$#!t: Black Virginia Girl Says White Classmates Cut Her Dreadlocks on Playground

    B) Post-Hoax-Truth: Virginia Girl Recants Story of Boys Cutting Off her Dreadlocks

    The Gotch


  5. George's Son says:

    We’d hope that some folks in MadTown would feel imperiled by now. Since criminals never read the news, RE: Ring cams, On-Star, CCTV, etc. arrests will be made… BUT they will continue along their merry way, and crime will increase. Court officials, MMSD members, elected folks from the mayor on down, continue to ignore the facts/stats: recidivism in WI is 51% for adults, and w/ the helping hand of the Mayor in Madison, juvies are edgin’ towards 90%. And Paula is correct, apathy is the problem. And as she mentions -the field of operations has spread way beyond the city. Its now encompassing homes in Verona, Sun Prairie & Cottage Grove, and in here-to-fore quiet neighborhoods of half million dollar homes. Bottom line? NOT many local officials READ THE NEWS either!

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  6. John says:

    Tonight I’m loading my Mustang and putting the permit back in my wallet. Is this what the Libs wanted?


  7. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Acting Madison Police Chief Vic Wahl was being interviewed by NBC-15’s John Stofflett when asked if he’s interested in the job:

    “I will not be putting in for the permanent position,”

    Stofflett: “Any chance that once you experience it (being Chief) you might change your mind on that?”

    Wahl: ” No, I don’t think so; and IF ANYTHING IT WOULD PROBABLY HAVE THE OPPOSITE EFFECT.” (bolds/caps mine)

    Now you tell me: what makes a guy that’s been on the force…HERE…risen through the ranks…knows it like the back of his hand…for that length of time…to turn down the next logical career advancement, seemingly seamless, step, by essentially saying SHOVE IT?

    The Gotch

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    • David Blaska says:

      That is a fair analysis and a sad state of affairs.


    • With the kind of support the Mayor is showing the Madison Police force, I suspect there may be an increasing need for police officers in the Madison area as officers choose to seek green grass as opposed to standing in the mud.


    • Paula Fitz says:

      Sad state of affairs, indeed. And anyone who understands the issues facing MPD and law enforcement in general, will have predicted this with 100 percent certainty.

      Nobody with integrity and high skill who’s in their right mind is going to want this job. I fear the only people they’ll be able to attract are those willing to bow to the alter of Progressive Dane. We’re in trouble.


  8. Kim R says:

    I was hoping Vic eould take it. We’re screwed.

    To Paula, I’ve been one who has gone outside my comfort zone supporting MPD with letters, signing petitions, etc., THANKS TO YOU. I still have my thin blue line flag flying, my Support Madison Police sign up, and LE plates on one of our cars. I’m a lifelong resident of Madison and I am literally worried for the future here for the first time ever.


  9. madisonexpat says:

    Diversity is not a strength.


  10. Hank Bledsoe says:

    MPD cops killed two unarmed young men. Many of us are not okay with that. Koval was defensive and argumentative. We don’t have to be okay with that. Democratic elections addressed that aspect of so-called public safety. Is the public safe with frightened police officers, trained by Koval, around? There’s disagreement on this, but elections indicate that someone’s argument has prevailed.


    • David Blaska says:

      No argument there, Hank-dog. Madison voted for More Free Stuff (taxpayer-supported though it is) over public safety. That’s democracy! Sun Prairie, Waunakee, Middleton, and Fitchburg thank you. BTW: How many wheels in your garage? Asking for Satya.


    • “MPD cops killed two unarmed young men. Many of us are not okay with that.”

      Also; there is a reason that people do not use the language “innocent unarmed young men” instead of “unarmed young men”, it’s because the first statement is almost always a lie, the second statement implies the exact same thing as the first statement but doesn’t lie outright, either phrase doesn’t tell the whole story. Tony Robinson and Paul Heenan were not innocent, they actually physically attacked the police officers.

      As for not being okay with that. You must at least consider the fact that the police officer was in fear for his life when he shot, that is why in both shootings they cleared the officers of any wrongdoing in shooting. Just like everyone else, police officers have every right to protect themselves in a fear of his life situation by using deadly force.

      Don’t resist arrest or fight with police officers – period.

      “Koval was defensive and argumentative. We don’t have to be okay with that.”

      Koval was correct to be defensive and not throw his officers under the bus like the court of public opinion wanted him to do. If you don’t like argumentative people, that’s tough.

      “Democratic elections addressed that aspect of so-called public safety… elections indicate that someone’s argument has prevailed.”

      That’s true, to a point. The question is, was the election swayed by the false innuendo and outright lies regarding the police? Remember, the police have falsely been called murderers, racist, and all sorts of other evil things; that kind of regular propaganda negatively affects the psyche of the community even when it’s demonstrably false.

      “Is the public safe with frightened police officers, trained by Koval, around?”

      Typically police officers are trained at an Academy. Are you implying that Koval trained police officers to be scared?

      You can ignore everything above if you like but answer these two questions for me Hank;
      1. Do you want all the police officers in Madison pulled off the streets so criminals can avoid suffering the consequences of their own actions?

      2. Do we as a society pacify loud-mouthed, ignorant, and lying social justice warriors and simply bow to their will thus putting our community at a much greater risk of violence and criminal activity?

      Other than individuals taking the initiative to protect themselves when confronted with a criminal or violence, police and the criminal justice system is our only real deterrent to crime and violence, and even then, people choose to be criminals and some choose to be violent criminals every day. There is no such thing as utopia.


    • George's Son says:

      Micro-manage much, Hank, ol’ bud? Stare into coffee cups, even tho Starbucks long ago eliminated the coffee grounds? The problem is not as bare and simplistic as you say it is. In yer tiny world, you can sit back comfortably and say, “Ah…. Ya, I gotta handle on this”. I’d envy yer smugness and self-satisfaction except that it is so small-minded and irrelevant. I don’t intend an “ad hominem” comment here at all -I only point out that YOUR problem is a major problem in Madison.


    • Sprocket says:

      Pro tip: When you’ve just dodged jail time for participating in a home invasion robbery, the smart move would be to avoid doing 7 grams of shrooms, xanax and pot, attacking random people in the street and jumping police officers.

      Bonus tip: If you feel like jumping a cop, be aware they are not going to let you win. If you win, it means you now have control of their firearm. They will shoot you before that happens.

      Tony Robinson was a grade A piece of garbage and the world became a better place when got a couple of bullets in the chest.


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        Re: Sprocket. Amen, brother, amen. The only problem is that there are 20 pieces of garbage waiting to fill the void left by Tony Robinson and others like him.


    • Paula Fitz says:

      No, Hank, no. He’s loved by MOST in this city. The problem isn’t him and never was.

      That Chief Koval maintained his professionalism and dedication and focus under the constant stream of hate and intense stress is pretty freaking amazing. I mean, the man was constantly dogged, harassed, and threatened – some of which I personally witnessed!.

      He’s an astute listener and one of the most honest people I’ve ever met, and he bent over backwards to reach out (successfully, I might add!) to every segment of this city.

      Yet it was never enough for the haters and it never would be. Nothing he could do or would have done would satisfy their lust for his blood

      He’s definitely passionate and definitely not an ass-kisser. He spoke the truth and defended his officers with all his might. If some people don’t want to hear the truth, that’s on them, not the Chief.

      The haters will only be satisfied if they find a chief willing to bend over to their ever wish. This person will be a puppet, subject to their every whim – which will be devastating for cops and law & order.


    • Paula Fitz says:

      And Hank, you all make it sound like the cops were acting maliciously. They use force when it’s necessary. Hope and pray that you are never placed in a position where you have to defend yourself and others.

      It’s easy to be an armchair quarterback, quite another to actually be in a life-and-death situation when stakes are high and adrenaline is running. The outcome you desire is not always feasible, and they vary depending on circumstances.


  11. madisonexpat says:

    Just wait.


  12. Mike Koval for Mayor!


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