Mike Koval takes off the gloves on Ms. Vicki’s show

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A parody done a few years ago by he late Col. Tim Donovan

Mike Koval, retired police chief of Madison WI, tells Our Ms. Vicki McKenna that City of Madison government is facing an $11 million deficit but he would not be surprised if there was money for an independent police auditor.

The retired police chief compares Madison to the Titanic. Hard to keep police officers in the current anti-cop climate. When progressives don’t want to debate the issues they call their opponents racists.

“My mom and dad didn’t raise any of their kids to be racists.”

Ald. Paul Skidmore leads off by saying “Mike Koval reached out to people who are victims of a crime and he is really loved. But we’ve had a change in climate; in the last several years it’s gotten very nasty. I think he’s been beaten bloody by the far Left, the cop haters, the people who do’t respect the police and what they do. And he’s come out swinging, he’s defended his officers and he is defending the public.  … You can tell it is wearing on him.”

Vicki McKenna: “They made it personal. … I think most citizens in Madison like the chief. … now with the rise in shootings, care thefts … I maintain the public is still on the side of law and order but we don’t have newspaper editorials. We have me and you, David Blaska’s blog, some good work by … citizens like Paula and Steve Fitzsimmons — but that’s pretty much it. It doesn’t appear that law enforcement will have enthusiastic support from the mayor’s office, where it seemed there did seem to be some support from Paul Soglin.”

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3 Responses to Mike Koval takes off the gloves on Ms. Vicki’s show

  1. Gordon Sussman says:

    How many MPD folks will follow Chief Koval out the door? Absent clear community and political support, the difficulty of the job is compounded. Folks… if you’re not familiar with it, Google and read Kipling’s poem Tommy. I think it articulates the situation of MPD as they seem to be kicked to the curb by Prog Dane fellow travelers.

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  2. madisonexpat says:

    Madison gets the government it deserves. God help ’em.


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