High school kids will do anything for a hot dog

Even lead a Christian life

Speaking of the assault on order. Our good friends the Helbachs are expanding the Jesus lunches they began a few years ago, off-campus,  on a public park near Middleton high school. They’re now in Verona and across from Madison Memorial. Of course, the nanny left cannot abide the plurality in the public square; one size WILL fit all, comrade. Yes, Annie Laurie Gaylor is on her high horse. It’s so DIVISIVE!

Could we have some tolerance, liberals?

Only because the political Left knows not about Live and Let Live. These lunches are held a block or two off school premises, chaperoned by responsible adults, and are voluntary. You don’t want to hear the name of the founder of Christianity? Loiter somewhere else. Check a few parked cars for keys in the ignition until the class bell rings.

The Capital Times quotes Annie Laurie Gaylor (its PR client) this way: “What these mothers are doing is terribly divisive and opportunistic.”

Jesus was divisive, no question. Upset the apple cart and the lenders in the temple. Gaylor bleats that the Jesus Lunch organizers are taking advantage of a “captive audience” (“Captive.” It’s off campus!) by offering food to hungry students with the aim of pushing religion. Kind of like Jesus the Christ Himself. Lured the unwashed in by feeding them fishes and loaves. Next thing y’know — thus brainwashed — you’re ministering to the sick and elderly.

How education has been politicized

Three out of every four conservative college students take pains to hide their political views in order to protect their grades. Think of it this way: You made it to Harvard graduate school. Your doctoral professor is Jennifer Cheatham. Are you going to risk throwing away that doctorate in education by disputing her culture of victimization? “I’m a conservative but my essays are very liberal.” Read & Weep.

Coach Blaska’s Ball Five

The strange thought occurs that the Brewers could do this without Christian Yelich. Talk about a gut punch (or being knee-capped)! Next man up and all that but watching the Moose yank one out of nearly empty Marlins ballpark Wednesday night on the Philco, Boo-yah! Brewers do have a lot of tools, esp. when Keston Hiura returns. Brent Suter? Who knew?!

Can baseball survive in Florida? Admittedly, the Marlins are awful but trading away Yelich and other great young players made them that way. Result: attendance in the Brewer series is around 7,000 per game. Wednesday night, Lo Cain hauls in the last out of the inning and turns around to throw it into the stands, as is customary. Only problem, no one in the bleachers to receive it. Cain eats the ball.

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4 Responses to High school kids will do anything for a hot dog

  1. Kevin Wymore says:

    Lemme see… Madison has a real problem with a car-stealing demographic. And yet some in Madison will not abide the proponents of “Thou Shalt Not Steal?”

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  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “Could we have some tolerance, liberals?”

    Not exactly.

    Let’s toss it over to Marianne Williamson who, courtesy of unfortunately candid moment captured by a regrettable (to Lefty) hot mic, leaves little to the imagination:

    “What Does It Say That FOX News Is Nicer To Me Than The Lefties Are?”

    Oh my! Taken out of context, Lefties?

    This on top of Lefty heroine RPG telling Lefties that the Electoral College going bye-bye is, and I quote, a Pipe Dream!

    Poor Lefty, sad Lefty, eminently ButtHurt Lefty.

    Their hold yer hands back and beg to be pasted self-inflicted…um…comfort in losing just HAS to feel like winning, because if not…

    The Gotch


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Marianne Williamson On Hot Mic: “What Does It Say That FOX News Is Nicer To Me Than The Lefties Are? Are?”


  4. Batman says:

    “Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the [Freedom from Religion] foundation, said students complained that the Middleton event sowed deep divisions within the high school, causing tension between overtly Christian students and those with more secular views. The event also drew opposition from some parents.”

    “Deep divisions” What a load of crap!
    “A handful of student” snowflakes, probably the offspring of uptight Foundation parents, pretend to be offended by OFF CAMPUS Christians introducing students to scripture while simultaneously feeding them and try to justify their intrusive behavior by invoking the First Amendment despite not remotely applying. These misguided asshats protest the luncheons and then cry foul because of their manufactured “tension.”

    Haters gotta hate, they do require a target however and will seek one out if not conveniently available.



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