Is it really September already?

Why are the Chinese speeding up Earth’s rotation?

What did they do with August?

Too nice a day to stay inside. The indentured servants are headed for the New Glarus art fair and/or the Rock River Thresheree in Edgerton (the latter runs through Monday, Labor Day).

We see the Brewers are batting Yelich third like we suggested. They quit circling the drain long enough to beat the Cubs 2-0 Saturday but still went 1 for 11 with runners in scoring position. Not good. Not re-signing Wade Miley was a mistake and we see Eric Sogard is batting over .300 for the Rays. Craig Counsell was right to hook Zach Davies one out before he qualified for the win. Gio Gonzalez is on the mound today (09-01-19) against the Cubs. If he struggles early like he did last Monday in a 12-2 loss to the Cardinals, pull him. Gio either has it or he doesn’t.

Got to remember to drive out of town and look northward tonight for the Northern Lights. God thank our planet is magnetized so it bounces off those evil death rays, thereby preserving our precious bodily fluids, as General Ripper would say.


Can you see this on upper State Street, Madison WI?

When in Slovenia …

Say this about the failing New York Times, it does go above and beyond. We learn that tiny Slovenia, population 2 million, honors its native daughter, the current First Lady, by carving Melania Trump’s likeness into a tree “rooted deeply in a river bank.” The folks in village Sevnica also make a special salami in her honor.

But in another part of Slovenia (which lies b/w Italy and Croatia), a wooden statue, 26 feet high, is being erected of Donald Trump, complete with “jutting blond hairstyle” and “pouting, mechanized mouth, which swings open to reveal spiked teeth.”

Note to my heirs: Squire Blaska would prefer to be memorialized with a special salami but will accept a 26-foot high wooden statue if its mechanized mouth can be made to spout “I told you so!”

New York Times reviews a book just outBuzz, Sting, Bite, “Why we need insects.” Says one type of swallowtail has an eye in its penis, to help guide it when mating. Explains a lot. The review claims insects contribute nearly $577 billion to the world economy through agricultural activity. We got to get some of them things!

How do you spell ‘Legitimacy’?

Another book reviewed is Because Internet, “Understanding the new rules of language.”

“Even the meanest [i.e. most average] on-line conversationist writes more in a day than most 20th-Century folk did in a week,” the reviewer claims. Learned something new (so it IS possible at my age!): a phenomenon called “keysmashish.” Apparently it is random smashing down on the keyboard. the Policy Werkes promises an entire blog devoted to keysmashish to express our profound frustration at politics in The Emerald City.

koop;w [0kwj[o poj 8 243oi 0 o4e9 u900PUbub776G; ‘8I4O8 H9UNnklnowoiem ji __ ]wljwiojn

If you know what I mean (and I think you do)! But the key takeaway is this:

Where does the sense of linguistic correctness come from? … It is social agreement all the way down. There is no ultimate authority, no unambiguously appropriate form, no way an outsider can correctly say other people are doing it wrong. … This pattern is as old as dictionaries.”

It is why people stop at stop signs in the middle of nowhere. Because it is the right thing to do. Which is why the chaos in Madison’s public schools is so worrying. (You just knew it had to come back to that, right?)

Blaska Policy Werkes likens language rules to baseball’s rules, written and unwritten (like not showing up the pitcher when you hit a home run). Those shared values are even more critical to our democracy. Erode the Senate’s two-thirds rule on court nominees, Senator Reid? We can play that game, too, countered his Republican adversary. Is it constitutional? Who says? A 5 to 4 verdict from the Supreme Court?

“John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!” President Jackson once said (perhaps apocryphally). But we abide. So far. In many ways, John Adams set the finest example. He left town when the Electoral College provided in America’s written Constitution chose his adversary, Thomas Jefferson.

The NY Times worries (is there a more wearying worry wart?) that “Britain’s unwritten constitution looks fragile” under Boris Johnson, the new P.M. who exiled Parliament, with the Queen’s blessing. (One of these days, QE2 is going to withhold her assent and then watch the beefeaters’ fur fly.)

Yes, the U.K.’s “constitution” is unwritten — at least, as one complete document. Parts of it are written — the Magna Carta, for one. The 1701 Act of Settlement as another. But what our democracy comes down to is playing by the rules, mutually agreed upon. Not antifa counter-revolutions in the street. In one word: “Legitimacy.”

‘Juicy Smo-LAY’

We were talking up Dave Chappelle the other day. Here is a sampling thanks to the good folks at You Tube, wherein the comedian skewers one of the more prominent identity-politics, wannabe victim whose name, however pronounced, will always be the two-word rebuttal of identity politics and its culture of victimhood.

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  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Insects? From everything we’ve been hearing from the Warmalista Alarmacysts, bees are on death’s Doorstep.

    The Gotch’s late blooming cannas, panticle hygrangea tree, and bush, and Dentata Desdemona, King Kong, & Britt-Marie Crawford ligularia are providing a nectar extravaganza that will hopefully contribute to them bees making a comeback.

    Not flying into my brown-bagged 40 or untended Tall Boy would be meeting me halfway…

    North-facing Whitecap Mountain (Anderson TWSP/Iron County) sugar maples are teasing that brilliant palette of fall tintage, which neither film nor pixel ever seem to adequately capture, can only mean one thing:



    The Gotch


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