Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown

AKA: The Emerald City, where cops are the bad guys
and lawbreakers are so misunderstood

(kind of like Dr. Pepper)

Mike Koval visited Our Ms. Vicki’s radio show Tuesday (08-27-19) in the half-hour before Your Humble Squire’s star turn. 

Madison’s police chief told Ms. McKenna that Madison needs more cops on the streets but probably won’t get them due to the city’s indebtedness and (he hinted) antipathy. Tell you what Madison needs even more than additional blue uniforms, Chief:

More vocal support from the city’s elected and opinion leaders. 

Forget It Jake


Madison needs its mayor to stand before the TV cameras and put her arm around the chief’s shoulder and announce, “I support Madison police.”

⇒ Ain’t going to happen. Not when the mayor appoints Brenda Konkel to the Safety Review Board.

We need the alders to put an end to the endless second-guessing and vote down the proposed police monitor and civilian review board composed of ex-convicts, homeless, and other presumed police “victims.”

⇒ Probably will pass 16 to 4, at worst.

We need Madison Teachers Inc. to push back against professional race-baiters like Bettina Love, who denounce Madison schools as being rife with “systemic racism.”

“You look around this room, and there’s a huge amount of white folks teaching black kids,” she accused teachers to their face Monday morning.

⇒ MTI is too invested in identity politics to stand up for race-blind learning.

We need Zach Brandon and the Madison Chamber of Commerce to speak out against the grievance culture that indicts police for lawlessness. Or opinion leaders like Neil (Go With the Flow) Heinan to say “Quit bullyragging the police.”

⇒ Like that is going to happen.

We need voters to hold school board members responsible for middle school kids who trash Lakeview library and taunt “We don’t have to listen to the police.”

⇒ Dream on!

Megan Diaz-Ricks

Megan Diaz-Ricks

We need county and city government to quit funding public sector service agencies like Freedom Inc. that shut down school board meetings and bully dissenters.

We need taxpayers to question how the quasi-public Common Wealth Development could hire someone who thinks like Megan Diaz-Ricks to be its director of economic development. This is what she wrote this week on Muldrow’s Facebook page:

Students should be agents of their own learning trajectory and asking them to fit into a box and sit down, shut up, and learn is not what works. Maybe for you … but I like to think that children who reject the hypocrisy of mainstream education as an oppressive institution are highly intelligent and maybe we should be listening to them, not arresting them.

⇒ Instead, expect more car thievery.

We need Ali Muldrow to quit accusing school resource officers Justin Creech, Rod Johnson, Zulma Franco, and Tray Turner (left to right) of racism and sexism for “targeting” for unfair punishment every school kid except white, middle-class Boy Scouts.

⇒ But crying “Racism” is what got her elected!

Another frivolous complaint

Amelia Royko-MaurerWe need the Brenda Konkels and Amelia Royko-Maurers to quit afflicting Madison police with a thousand paper cuts. Amelia today is accusing Chief Koval of violating the city’s ambiguous lobbying law. 

Chief Koval has repeatedly, while using city resources such as his blog or while in uniform, engaged in grassroots campaigning in effort to sway you, the Common Council and the Mayor, on decisions that are before you.  This behavior appears to violate city ordinance 3.35(5)(b)3 which prohibits using city resources, including the Chief’s blog, uniform, transportation, for grassroots campaigning.

Among other examples:

On August 7th 2019, Chief Koval revisited Vicki McKenna’s AM radio show in what appeared to be an effort to lobby against the possibility of having mental health professionals be involved in responding to mental health emergency calls. … Chief Koval’s behavior on McKenna’s show was willfully dishonest and irrational.

Click to Sign the Petition!Royko-Maurer even blames Koval for personally thanking Blaska and Paula Fitzsimmons (by name ) for supporting police in our “Support Our Madison Police” yard sign campaign of three summers ago!

Chief Koval has degrees in law and public relations and he is one of the most privileged and powerful people in the city.  He knows what he’s doing.  Please hold him accountable.

Blaska’s Bottom LineForget it Jake, It’s Chinatown.

For extra credit read “Politicians in a political bubble.”

What do YOU think?

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8 Responses to Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown

  1. Paula Fitz says:

    You speak the truth! Watching the continued attacks (both blatant and less obvious) is making me kick myself for retiring the MPD advocacy group so prematurely!

    Here’s what I sent off to the Mayor, Alders, and Deputy Mayor Cameron McLay (the mayor’s appointee who resigned as Pittsburgh’s police chief after just two years, which you can read about online). I urge others to write in.

    Mayor and Alders,

    I ran the We Support the Madison Police advocacy group for three years, and although I retired the group this past May, I still deeply care about this department and the Chief.

    And I’ve been watching the continued attacks against them in utter disgust.

    It’s been painful to see members of this government body disrespect what is arguably the finest department in the nation. You’ve done this by way of any and / or all of the following, for example:

    a) publicly disparaging the department; b) remaining silent as elected officials in other government bodies disparage the department; c) assigning people with less-than-idyllic views of law enforcement to committees that exercise decision-making capabilities over this department.

    For the past five years, I’ve watched as a minute percentage of the citizenry have waged what I would call a sick obsessional war not only on this department, but on Chief Koval. And why is that? What has he done to deserve this level of disdain?

    Do you understand how deeply loved this man is by the majority of the citizenry and by his cops? You will never find a public servant as committed to policing, to his police officers, or to public safety than Chief Koval.

    Shame on you for treating this department and this Chief with such blatant disrespect. Despite any double-speak and word-mincing, your hostility is apparent and duly noted by those of us who are able to see with clarity.

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    • George's Son says:

      Thanks, Paula. You made a heartfelt and cogent note/plea to some very-outta-touch people. And timely. You have always gotten to the point and with irrefutable logic -sure wish those other folks would realize the harm they do. I’m glad you keep tryin’…


      • Paula Fitz says:

        George’s Son, that is so nice, thank you! That journey was aggravating, yes, but it was for an amazing group of people and I don’t regret it.

        Regardless of how much thought and research I’d put into an argument, some of these same outta-touch people would always manage to find ways to distort my words to mean something completely foreign.

        There are people with whom I will never engage because I see them as being manipulative, unable to grasp reason, and frankly, quite dastardly.

        On the positive side, we did have some nice wins, however, and for that I am grateful.


    • David Blaska says:

      Exactly. The message our elected leaders send, the silence of our so-called opinion leaders destroys the effectiveness of a dozen or more police on the street. (Altho kudos to Phil Hands for this a.m.’s political cartoon in the WI State Journal.)


  2. Tom Paine says:

    Equity………..and other themes of nonsense —

    Health food for being Politically Correct. Save a landfill……….throw it out the window.


  3. Paula Fitz says:

    Those messages have done A LOT of damage to law enforcement!

    Good for Phil Hands. We need more people who are willing to get out of their comfort zones and speak the truth.

    What we don’t need more of are ass-kissers, disingenuous bullshitters, and cowards who speak only when it’s safe or serves their own needs. These are the people who tend to do well in cocktail circuits, but I certainly don’t want them watching my back. And they certainly don’t have any business being in any decision-making positions.


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