Deforest’s Norskies create hostile learning environment for Swedes

Madison Car Jackers, anyone?

Just as rust never sleeps, our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances never stop signaling their virtue. How can they, when there is so much in the world for which to take offense? — if only one looks hard enough! 

The terribly “woke” scolds of the Madison school board are now wagging their bony fingers at their less enlightened contemporaries in the rustic outback of Wisconsin. Trump country, no doubt.

Now that they have indoor plumbing, those hicks must cease forthwith the use of any and all Native American mascots, symbols, images, logos and nicknames. So sayeth the Board of Education in this capital city named after a slave holder. 

Identifying with our Native American heritage somehow, according to the MMSD resolution, “establishes an unwelcome, divisive and hostile learning environment for Native American students that affirms negative stereotypes that are promoted in mainstream society.” Or so says the resolution.

Mukwonago H.S.

“Mukwonago” is an Indian word for “divisive and hostile”

Home of the brave?

What could be more demeaning that the “Braves” as the people of tiny Belmont (Wisconsin’s first capital) call their student scholars and athletes? Or is it possible that parents are unlikely to describe their kids with pejoratives?  

There are said to be 31 of these unenlightened school districts out of 421 in the state. At least none are nicknamed “Cowards.”

When Jim Doyle was governor he signed a bill forcing school districts to justify their mascot names if just one single complaint was lodged. Scott Walker and the Republicans put the onus on the complainants and required more representation from the local community.

Mukwonago school district in the lake country of Waukesha County is a particular target. Boiling with Republican racism (SNARK ALERT!) they identify as “Indians.”

The marquee on entrance to the local high school evinces that disrespect: “Be on time, Be respectful, Be responsible, Be safe.” 

Suffice to say, the Mukwonago high school auditorium can forget about hosting Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s next campaign rally!

Dissing Chief Black Hawk?

Between there and Madison lies Fort Atkinson’s Blackhawks, one of nine school districts to identify with the Native American chief that young soldiers named Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis helped rout to clear Wisconsin for European settlement in 1832.

The north woodsy community of Tomahawk had better change its name but until that halcyon day, the team’s nickname “Hatchets” is a good fit. 

As a nickname, the term “Red” precedes various Hawks and Robins but, more ominously, some Raiders and Devils. Skin color? Then there’s the Rib Lake Redmen. Akin to the NFL’s Washington Redskins but, it would seem, preferable to the Whitemen? 

Schools in the heavily Norwegian city of Stoughton are Vikings (one of 16 schools around the state). Deforest has Norskies and Westby are Norsemen — those places also celebrate their ethnic heritage. These are not terms of opprobrium. 

Don’t pirates steal things?

Comment BlackWaterloo has the Pirates (with eight other schools). We’re not certain pirates are positive role models. Racine Horlick (like Johnny Yuma) are Rebels (“A fightin’ man, this rebel lad …”) Depends what they’re rebelling against, one supposes. If it’s against the Union, expect a visit from the Madison Common Council.

A Catholic high school in Milwaukee named after Pius XI are the Popes. (The girls’ teams are the Lady Popes, if that makes sense. Francis I, call the Vatican!)

Some names suggest themselves. Oakville has the Oaks, Saint Croix Falls are Saints (even when they lose?), Elk Mound’s teams go by the Mounders. Which raises the question: are these Indian mounds? 

Just as Green Bay’s NFL team are the Packers, many communities have chosen to identify with their principal industries. Thus, the school athletic teams in Kimberley are the Papermakers. In Mellen they are Granite Diggers. Waubeno has Log Rollers, Altoona has Railroaders. Clintonville manfactures fire trucks; their teams are the Truckers. Ashland (on Lake Superior) has Ore Dockers. Alma, on the Mississippi, are Rivermen.

CORRECTION: Madison Edgewood used to be REMAINS the Crusaders, even though some schools considered dropping the name for fear of offending Muslims.

Blaska’s Bottom LineHere’s suggesting Madison La Follette rename itself the “Progressives” and be done with it. Come to think of it, given the rash of car thefts and jackings, maybe “Pirates” is a better fit.

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29 Responses to Deforest’s Norskies create hostile learning environment for Swedes

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Mercifully, the ardently WOKE no longer have to worry about The Hurley (WI) MIDGETS, they were 86’d in a very cowardly and undemocratic manner.

    Glass half full? It cost the cowardly, undemocratic Hurley School Board members and other gutless municipal pols their jobs; GOOD!

    Aa there is no rest for the We Know What’s Best For You crowd, it’s necessary to begin ‘review processes’ for select other Wisconsin HS mascots: The Altoona Railroaders, Ashland Oredockers, Clintonville Truckers, and the Manitowoc Shipbuilders.

    Altoona Railroaders:
    -Railroads are made from steel, are powered by coal/gas/oil/electricity (ripped from the bosom of Mother Gaia**), and transport coal/gas/oil**. They also symbolize sprawling western expansion, environmental assault, and the displacement of Native Americans.
    -A+: Post-modern Neo-Lefties think choo-choos are the answer to, well, pretty much everything. (SEE: CA Bull$#!T Train)
    -A++: They transport critically important commodities like Brie, Chablis, Wheat Grass Tea, and BIKIE accoutrement.
    Ashland Oredockers:
    -Ships/Tankers (see: Manitowoc Shipbuilders) are made from EVIL steel/petroleum by-products**, are powered by evil coal/gas/oil/electricity** (sometimes EVIL Nuclear) and transport coal/gas/oil**. They also can be tied to the Slave Trade & U.S. Imperialism.
    -A+: If they’re involved in Eco-Tourism, they’re granted a pass.
    -A++: They transport critically important commodities like Brie, Chablis, Wheat Grass Tea, and BIKIE accoutrement.
    Clintonville Truckers:
    -Trucks are made with steel/petroleum by-products**, are powered by EVIL gas/diesel/oil/electricity**, and transport EVIL coal/gas/oil**.
    -A+: Funny mudflap designs.
    -A++ They transport critically important commodities like Brie, chablis, Wheat Grass Tea, and BIKIE accoutrement.
    -A+++: They deliver the Iron County Miner!!
    Manitowoc Shipbuilders:
    -Ships/Tankers (see: Ashland Oredockers) are made from EVIL steel/petroleum by-products**, are powered by EVIL coal/gas/electricity**/(sometimes EVIL nuclear) and transport coal/gas/oil**, can be tied to the Slave Trade & U.S. Imperialism, and are loaded at port facilities (see: Ashland Oredockers)
    -A+: They employ Union workers that earn a living wage and vote democrat.
    -A++: They transport critically important commodities like Brie, chablis, Wheat Grass Tea, and BIKIE accoutrement.

    ALL contribute to the Global Warming that’s here and worse than the models predicted!

    Anywho, The WOKE must see these names are EVIL personified and destructive to the ENVIRONMENT. As a pro-environment, organic gardener, Mother Gaia steward, and woke citizen, these sobriquets offend The Gotch.

    If I’m offended, everyone else that’s as nice as I think I am must be offended as well. They MUST be removed and replaced with something that won’t distress tender sensibilities; helpful alternatives include, but are not limited to:
    The Altoona “Save-The-Tunas.’
    The Ashland “Ore-No-Mores.”
    The Clintonville “Grifters.”
    The Manitowoc “Wokes.”

    The Gotch

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    • old baldy says:

      How can the vote of a duly elected school board be considered “cowardly and undemocratic”? Perhaps only in the fascist gotchland.

      PS: Stay up-to-date. They are now know as the Hurley Northstars. Great choice.


      • AnonyBob says:

        OB: Gootch’s personal, angry insults confirm he knows you won this one. Well played, sir!


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @AnonyBob & @hankdog/old baldy;


        The fact-based Universe sees it otherwise.

        Where ignorance is bliss…

        The Gotch


      • AnonyBob says:



      • old baldy says:

        And what facts would those be, herr goootch? The Hurley school board is still duly elected, the team name is still the Northstars, and you are still a thin skinned narcissistic verbal bully.


      • richard lesiak says:

        Reneging on a democratic process gotch? So Moscow mitch must be un-elected for blocking Garland. Blocking the bills to protect our elections. That process?


  2. GARY KNOWLES says:

    You missed my proud High School: The Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah “Resorters” – our unofficial mascot was a guy in a Hawaiian Shirt and shorts with a camera around his neck. “Resorters” didn’t throw much of a fear into teams we played, (emphasize “PLAY”)
    but we did enjoy golf, rowing, baseball and basketball.

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  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Here’s another tidbit to add to the already voluminous list of virtue signaling by the left. According to Queerty, a gay news/entertainment website, there’s now a push to ban performers in gay adult videos who sport “racist” tattoos, the Confederate flag being Exhibit A. (Which caused me to wonder who would notice the tattoos on naked men engaged in X-rated behavior given how much else there is to notice.) It does demonstrate, however, that the prissy schoolmar’ms of the left will never run out of things to stoke their outrage.

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  4. Fritzderkat says:

    Why is it not surprising that among the first orders of the newly elected members of the Madison School Board it is deemed necessary to pass a resolution affecting other school districts all over the state? A message to the Board: Most of the people living elsewhere don’t give a good damn what you think. The same might be said for most everything which comes out of Madison. If there are questions and answers about the existence of a political and cultural divide in Wisconsin, this is a good place to start.

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  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Gosh, why is the Seminole Tribe of Florida just fine and dandy with FSU using RACIST sterotypes?

    (bolds/caps mine throughout)
    ”The tribe helped university boosters create the costume for the Chief Osceola mascot, approving the face paint, flaming spear and Appaloosa horse THAT HAVE NO CONNECTION TO SEMINOLE HISTORY.”


    “The N.C.A.A. executive committee continues to believe the stereotyping of Native Americans is wrong,” Bernard Franklin, the association’s senior vice president for governance and membership, said in a statement. “However, in its review of the particular circumstances regarding Florida State, the staff review committee noted the UNIQUE RELATIONSHIP between the university and the Seminole Tribe of Florida as a significant factor.”

    Unique relationship? I imagine you just caaaaan’t put a price on a “unique relationship, am I right?

    Wrong, actually you can; the “price” of “unique relationships” starts at right around 10 % of the GROSS merchandising swag; a figure determined on the net would be racist!!!

    “It’s not about an effort to be politically correct,” Myles Brand, the president of the N.C.A.A., said in a statement when the ban was announced. “It is about doing the right thing.”

    Brand gets paid the big buck$ to say things like that with a straight face.

    The only mascot that was developed specifically to denigrate a certain demographic was the ‘multi-racial’ University of Northern Colorado Intramural team; the “Fightin’ Whities/Whites

    From the Denver Post:
    “The name made national news in 2002 when a multiracial intramural team at the University of Northern Colorado lampooned it. The UNC crew called its team the Fightin’ Whities, which featured a caricature of a middle-aged white guy with the phrase ‘Everthang’s gonna be all white!”‘

    WTF; no protests, no shakedowns, no spittle-flecked tirades by evil ‘Whities?’ If you’re ‘multi-racial’ is there a different set of rules? It’s just one big yuckfest when you sanction racism against evil ‘Whities?’

    Hey; could that be why a racist, anti-semite, homophobe, sexist like the Reverend Al Sharpton has a voice on MSNBC and the ear of the 1st Post-Racial President?

    FTR; The Gotch has Native American blood AND high cheek bones! Not much, but a heck of a lot more than the 1/1032nd Elizabeth “Fauxchahontas-Lieawatha” Warren claims, whom a 1997 Fordham Law Review article listed as “Harvard Law’s First Woman of Color.”

    That her Great Grandfather had “high cheek bones” was enough for Hahvahd to claim the pretense of diversity, because pretense is all that’s required by emotional truth seekers.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Lefty!!

    The Gotch

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  6. George's Son says:

    At some point, someone/somewhere will write a brief (because it sure happened FAST) on Political Correctness and it’s ultimate waste of time and resources. Think of ONE positive outcome. Whoops, other than costing huge dollars and revisiting history (BTW, I’m hopin’ history cannot be re-written) what’s the benefit other than self-congratulation (these “Woke” days, it’s self-flagellation) ? Yoiks…..


  7. Tom Paine says:

    Humor continues… however, in deference to the collective wisdom of the mental midgets on da school board, consider their resolution

    “establishes an unwelcome, divisive and hostile learning environment for Native American students that affirms negative stereotypes that are promoted in mainstream society.”

    Now, with multicultural consideration of da white oppressors, replace a few words as WE CONSIDER white students and false claims of white supremacy –>

    the MMSD resolution, “establishes an unwelcome, divisive and hostile learning environment for WHITE students that affirms negative stereotypes that are promoted in mainstream society.” by the constant references to white supremacy and white privilege

    MMSD — intellectual pygmy’s whose struggle for VIRTUE hopelessly employs imperialist tropes.


  8. Mark Porter says:

    So what are the names of the teams for the schools serving Wisconsin’s Indian populations?


  9. richard lesiak says:

    Rand Paul has declared the Tea Party is dead. I guess the tax cut and spend Goobers On Parade finally got to him like a neighbor mowing grass.


  10. old baldy says:

    Speaking truth to power always gets you in trouble.


  11. LindaS says:

    So it appears like the resolution is specifically talking about mascots – not necessarily the school name. But if it is talking about the school name – they need to only look at their own schools – Blackhawk Middle School, one of the feeders to East High School. I don’t know if there is a mascot – but clearly it is named after the Indian Chief!

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    • David Blaska says:

      Excellent point! Some history, BTW: General Atkinson and his troops chased Chief Blackhawk through Madison’s isthmus. Sorry times. Five years later, in 1837, settlement began in Madison with construction of the territorial capitol. The construction crew worked their way through the forest from Milwaukee. When they came to a clearing and the rain finally stopped they carved the words “Sun Prairie” on a tree across from the farm I grew up on. (The tree came down in the 1890s.) Railroad came along that trail in 1859 and still runs just a few rods north of Highway 19 east of Sun Prairie.


  12. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    It’s letters like THIS that give me hope, and why I add the disclaimer (most, not all) to my even-keeled, middlin’, non-partisan, non-judgmental, centrist observations of Lefty INC.

    Richard S. Russell: Wisconsin Has Plenty Of Mascots To Bother People Determined To Be Offended

    Mr. Russell is as reliable a Lefty as you’ll find in the 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality, and someone with whom The Gotch had many…um…spirited discussions over at the now-all-but-defunct

    The Gotch


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