Keeping cool in a fiery Madison

sorry, wi closed
Blaska’s pronouns are as follows: he, him, his, his lordship. (Well, if Fauxahontas can …)

Madison’s isthmus is without electrical power due to a fire at MG&E’s East Main Street substation. Another fire broke out at a substation on North Park Street near UW-Madison’s Kohl Center. The Department of Health and 1 W. Wilson was shut down. The Capitol is closed. A university residence hall evacuated. Some 12,000 customers were affected. (More here.)

Not a good day to be without air conditioning. The NWS has issued an excessive heat warning for today (07-19-19) and Saturday, with temps expected in the mid-90s. 

Capitol closed.jpg

State Capitol closed (from Rep. Vos)

There’s a chemical leak at the Rock County Courthouse in Janesville and gas leak in Stoughton (and Khruschev’s due at Idlewild, Car 54 …). At least, Sun Prairie hasn’t exploded yet this year.

At Dane County Airport, “staff tweeted that the facility’s WiFi internet and flight arrival/departure information systems are malfunctioning.”

Blaska Policy Werkes has issued an emergency panic warning. It is time to bury your valuables in mason jars in your back yard. (If you have gold or silver, bury it in my back yard.)

Trump you're firedNever mind impeachment …

On The View, Joy Behar asked how come President Donald Trump hasn’t been “brought up on charges of hate speech” during Thursday’s edition of “The View.”

If the Joy Behars had their way, “hate speech” would be actionable under criminal law. Why not? It’s how progressives justify shutting down all speech with which they disagree.

“Why can’t he be sued by the ACLU for hate speech?” she asked later. “I don’t get it. How does he get away with this.”

We thank The Blaze website for the following:

Scott Shackford of offered an explanation for why the president could not be charged with “hate speech,” and why even if there were such a thing, the ACLU would not be the entity to sue him.

“Hate speech” is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Yelling for Omar to go back to Somalia (or to be forcibly sent to Somalia) is gross, but falls under free speech protections as an opinion.

In the event we did have laws against “hate speech,” they’d be enforced by the government, not by the ACLU. Given that Trump runs the branch of government that would enforce such laws, and that he regularly declares the media to be the “enemy of the people,” we should be reassured, not upset, that there is no law against “hate speech.”

About ‘send them back’ — Sen. Lindsey Graham is right on: “My beef is with policy not personality. All of these Congresswomen [A.O.C. and The SQuad] won their elections. They’re American citizens. This is their home as much as mine. I believe their policies will change America for the worse and that’s the debate for me.”

Make them play by their own rules

A little Saul Alinsky for you. According to The Daily Caller, Bernie Sanders’ campaign staff is agitating for the presidential socialist to make good on paying them $15 minimum wage he promises every American.

Across the pond, over 60 Labour Party members of Britain’s House of Lords have taken out a newspaper advertisement accusing leader Jeremy Corbyn of overseeing a “toxic culture” by allowing anti-Semitism to fester in the party. (More here.)

Blaska: “Labour lords?” Is that not a contradiction in terms? Like giant midgets?

A museum of our own

Over at Isthmus, former mayor Dave Cieslewicz makes a good point. We have no museum of purely Madison history. Sun Prairie has its history museum but not Madison. We have a state military museum and a state history museum, but no local museum. Mayor Dave gets off a good line:

Madison is often a brief stop on a person’s life journey. But there is such a thing as a native Madisonian (you can tell one by their inability to give directions that include street names).

There are, however, three excellent books on Madison’s history. The first David Mollenhoff’s Madison: a history of the formative years, which takes one to 1920. Two written by Stu Levitan are Madison: the illustrated sesquicentennial history and Madison in the ‘60s.

In Brief:

Watching the British Open this morning, veteran Irish golfer Darren Clarke hits his shot within feet of the hole, then returns to his bag for a quick smoke. 

The 2020 Corvettes are out and for the first time since the quintessential American marque was introduced in 1953 their engines are placed behind the driver but not at the rear bumper; i.e. they’re rear mid-engined like European exotic cars Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Lotus. No manual tranny. Affordable (relatively) just under $60,000. (More here.)

Ate our first green beans grown here at the Experimental Work Farm Thursday (07-18-19).

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19 Responses to Keeping cool in a fiery Madison

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Joy Behar, who once brilliantly opined that Black Friday was RACIST, is one of the most imbecilic Lefties (in a VERY crowded field), of all time!

    Another nice book about Madison is the Wisconsin State Journal’s Madison In Focus: A City’s Story Told Through Photography.

    Congrats on the first harvest! Nothing like walking out your back door and retrieving the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor, am I right?

    The Gotchberg Organic Gardens & Lefty Conversion Therapy Emporium has been culling Daikons (wrestled a 17 inch/43.18 beauty out this a.m. that I may enter in the County Fair), Pak Choi, cucumbers, & Kale for ~ 10 days now. The first Sweet Banana & Gypsy Peppers this morning.

    The first Black Beauty & Golden Zukes are ready for the lovely and long suffering Mrs. Gotch to press into her signature Cold Grilled Chicken Tortellini Salad.

    The tomatoes and peppers are LUVING all the rain, over 2.5 inches/6.35 cms here) the past few days; this heat & sun has them them both stretching skyward.

    The best part? The intoxicatingly fragrant Stargazer Lilies are in bloom, and wafting that magnificently powdery aroma makes pulling our land office business in weeds in this searing heat almost bearable.


    The Gotch


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “manual tranny?” Shame, Dave. Transgender persons consider “tranny’ a derogatory term probably bordering on hate speech. If only we lived in Berkeley, where the city government has officially re-designated manholes as “maintenance holes,” we wouldn’t have to worry about our sensibilities being affronted by such flagrant displays of toxic masculinity.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. dad29 says:

    All of these Congresswomen [A.O.C. and The SQuad] won their elections. They’re American citizens. This is their home as much as mine.

    Maybe. It appears that Omar may have entered the country fraudulently, ‘on the card’ of another family altogether. See PowerLine.

    Would be historic to not only remove a sitting Congress-slime, but also to deport same with prejudice, eh?


    • richard lesiak says:

      Powerline????? BBBBBBBAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAA. Hinderaker is a RWNJ who also claims she was married to her brother and another guy at the same time. And the earth is flat on one side and cavemen had saddles so they could ride dinosaurs.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @richard lesiak;

        The reliably Lefty site rates Omar’s VERY close Family Ties as UNPROVEN, which is tantamount to a resounding YES!

        And why the squawking, Lefty won’t judge any of their own, quite the opposite I’m loath to report.

        Shoot; Lefty’s ALL IN on any-n-all…um…non-traditional behavior being mainstreamed (cover-to-cover tattoos, piercings, $#!tting in public, dropping tide pods, snorting condoms, etc.); the stranger/sicker/goofier, the better.

        Heck, just one look at who they prop up as their HEROES is enough, am I right?

        The Gotch


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      You may want to consider allowing @richard lesiak some slack, he’s had a real real tough time of it lately.

      His mega-fave 4 Stooges (the Jihad Squad [H/T @madisonexpat]) are immolating VERY publicly and in real time AND his hero, the poorly toupee’d, fake Mexican Beto O’Dorke is dropping like a millstone.

      It gets worse.

      Beto & wifey are BOTH descended from SLAVE OWNERS, just like Hopey Changey.

      Using Lefty illogic, all three should be immediately purged from decent society and denied its protections, comforts, and immunities, just like what was done with VA Governor BLACKFACE Northam and VA Lt. Governor RAPIST Fairfax.

      Wait a minute.

      VA Governor BLACKFACE Northam and VA Lt. Governor RAPIST Fairfax are still in office because they’ve been issued the craven, unconditional Lefty Pass?

      Never mind.

      The Gotch


      • dad29 says:

        Lesiak deserves sympathy b/c he is a few cans short of a 12-pack. You are very kind to put up a defense for the poor creature.


        • richard lesiak says:

          Defended? By two old cranks who hide behind fake names and constantly post nonsense? Too many years of spraying Roundup around your yard gotch?


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


          “You are very kind to put up a defense for the poor creature.”

          Bill-n-Melissa Gates build hospitals for the needy, The Gotch does what he can…

          @richard lesiak;

          “Too many years of spraying Roundup around your yard ”

          The Gotch Organic Gardens & Lefty Conversion Therapy Emporium is just that: 100 % organic! The many-splendoured/much ballyhooed Garlic Harvest begins today.

          Curious; you ever find yourself trying to cut the plastic flowers you have in that old tire planter…?

          FTR; both @dad29 AND The Gotch are FAR younger than the unequivocal Blog Idiot!

          The Gotch


  4. dad29 says:

    It seems to me that a curious reporter would be following the MG&E fire story VERY closely. MG&E has a reputation for reliability and (unlike PG&E) good maintenance practices and expenditures.

    And of course, MG&E lives smack in the midst of a large number of WonzoGreenWarriorWackjobs.


    • richard lesiak says:

      Here we go!!! The RWNJ’s are on over-time because of this fire. Soon we will have the fake pics of Mexicans climbing the fences and setting bombs.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @richard lesiak;

        “Soon we will have the fake pics of Mexicans climbing the fences and setting bombs.”

        Let’s go at this from another angle:

        Howse about REAL pics of a Fake Mexican?

        A Fake Mexican descended from Slave Owners; that’s what The Gotch calls Going From Bad To Diverse!

        The Gotch


        • richard lesiak says:

          Update; A USAF drone has video of a group of Iranian special forces disguised as Grub-Hub delivery drivers climbing the fences at the MG&E substation with explosives hidden in several orders of egg-rolls. A WH spokesman confirmed this with a tweet saying; “we know it was an attack by Muslims because the egg-rolls were only veggie and shrimp. No pork egg-rolls were found at the scene. A local Proud Boy chapter is now searching all Asian eateries for evidence. The MPD is also looking for a white Chinese food truck seen on the Square. Anyone with any info should post it on the Alex Jones web-site.”


        • richard lesiak says:

          You forgot to add “I don’t have a racist bone in my body. It’s all in my brain.” AMIRIGHT?


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          You want racism? We got racism, courtesy of a Fake American:

          Ilhan (“Somalia Is My [$#!THOLE] Country”) Omar Suggests Obama Was A ‘Pretty Face Who Got Away With MURDER–The Independent

          Lefty’s DEVOURING their own (no wonder @AnonyBob’s in such a terminal snit), it’s almost too painful to watch.


          The Gotch


  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Must confess to having mixed feelings when seeing that panoramic shot of great plumes of smoke rising at both ends of the Isthmus. First the shootings and chaos at Shake the Lake, now this. Madison finds itself in the unfamiliar position of confronting reality in all its pernicious forms–how long will it take to sink back into the warm bath of its own flawless image?


    • dad29 says:

      “There is no such thing as coincidence.”–Jack Ryan, Cardinal of the Kremlin

      But if you believe in coincidence, then two failures at the only two downtown MG&E facilities on the same day at near the same time, taking down all of Downtown including the Capitol….well, that’s really unfortunate, eh?

      Personally, I’d call it “proof of concept.” And no matter what the racist Muslim-hater Lesiak says, I think it was a group of nice white suburban yout’s with a very fine UW-Madison degree or two.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


        “no matter what the racist Muslim-hater Lesiak says”

        For Lefties, (most, not all) WAR, DEATH, HATRED, & RACISM are default settings; ask any Veteran, Conservative, or Conservative minority.

        Anywho, it’s possible @richard lesiak’s focus on this isn’t…um…mainstream, but rather on the unconscionable disruption of critically important isthmus donut-making endeavors during the power outage.

        The Gotch


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