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Are Democrats beginning to smell the coffee?

Or is that incense and peppermints? Of Part #1, Round #2 of American Lacks Talent that aired on CNNTuesday night (07-30-19), the divine Ms. Vicki McKenna asks “Who watched this inane debate theater besides me? I lost IQ points—but I … Continue reading

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Deforest’s Norskies create hostile learning environment for Swedes

Madison Car Jackers, anyone? Just as rust never sleeps, our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances never stop signaling their virtue. How can they, when there is so much in the world for which to take offense? — if only one looks hard enough!  … Continue reading

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Defeated Trump haters vow ‘no more playing fair!’

‘Whatever we have to do; and we’re not going to necessarily play fair.’ — Democrat(ic) party insider on MSNBC Didn’t some communist write a folk song that went something like this: It takes a worried man to write a worried blog. … Continue reading

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Baltimore is the Democrats’ Ground Zero

Here’s the difference, Rep. Cummings: People are struggling to get IN to the U.S.; They’re trying to get OUT of W. Baltimore The genius of Donald Trump is that he forces the Left to defend the indefensible. (It helps that … Continue reading

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Rats! Trump says The Border is better run than Baltimore

Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances are hearing dog whistles Give ’em a bag of Purina! Is turnabout fair play? Is tit for tat legit?  Not when you are criticizing Donald Trump. You’re supposed to have a clear shot at the President in … Continue reading

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New Madison school board member defends heckler’s veto

Welcome news for Freedom Inc. social justice warriors Reprinted from RightWisconsin 06-22-19: Just when you thought the Madison School Board couldn’t get worse, it did. The board voted unanimously to add Savion Castro, formerly of One Wisconsin Now and currently … Continue reading

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