D-Day 1944: ‘We were frightened, all the time’

On this 75th anniversary, a very simple but incredibly moving remembrance of how it was on D-Day by a participant, the late, great character actor Charles Durning, recorded on anniversary in 2007. (He passed away five years later.) Something you might not have seen. (I had not.) But captures the incredible heroism as well as anything.

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3 Responses to D-Day 1944: ‘We were frightened, all the time’

  1. George's Son says:

    I had NOT seen that -we learn something every day about that remarkable generation. Ike’s speech to troops before D-Day was short, to the point, and inspirational.

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  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    ALL gave some…SOME gave all.

    The Gotch


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