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Biden, Booker, Bernie, Beto, Kamala et al: ‘Vote for Trump’

They’re making Hillary look good We said last time that Democrats’ time may be up (Joe Biden, Joe Biden) sooner than they think. The Democrats’ presidential debates Wednesday and Thursday (06-26/27-2019) constituted an audition for that new talent contest show, … Continue reading

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Hey Democrats, your time may be up sooner than you think

How much more ‘free stuff’ before we become Venezuela? The thousand clowns are making even Donald Trump look good

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Can’t anyone run a civil meeting in this town?

Blaska is asking all 20 members of the Madison Common Council and Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway the following:   Can you keep order at your own meeting? The Policy Werkes e-mailed this to our elected city leaders yesterday (06-27-19) and copied … Continue reading

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Court says hands-off on gerrymandering

It is a typically biased CNN headline: “Supreme Court allows severe partisan gerrymandering to continue.”  The case was brought out of North Carolina but has to be a crushing blow to Democrats and their allies (such as the League of … Continue reading

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Your hoax doesn’t have to be believable if it fits your narrative

People who believe in nothing will believe anything — after G.K. Chesterton How many people will believe Jean Carroll, the woman who alleged Donald Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the 1990s? As many people as … Continue reading

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Good riddance, Shirley Abrahamson

Den mother of the speech police Matt Kittle for MacIver News adds some much-needed balance to the saccharine idolatry showered on retiring Wisconsin supreme court Justice Shirley Abrahamson, champion of the regulatory state and den mother of the speech police.  … Continue reading

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