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Freedom Inc. will ride the crazy bus to Chavez elementary school

You can run, Madison school board; but can you hide? We see that the Madison Board of Education is going to take its show on the road next Monday, April 29, in a desperate attempt to evade the F-bombing mob … Continue reading

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Greg Humphrey, man of courage

Even school nurses want cops in schools! So why isn’t it happening? We explain Last week on her show, Our Ms. Vicki McKenna credited Blaska for possessing at least a pico-curie of courage in running for political office in the … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

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The party’s over for the Trump-crazed Left

Cue up Dandy Don Meredith. As he used to croon during a Monday Night Football blowout, “The party’s o-ver!” Or, as Gertrude Stein said of Oakland California, there is no “there” there. The Mueller report is definitive as in “case … Continue reading

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‘No collusion, no obstruction’ — not that CNN would admit it.

Attorney General William Barr this morning (with deputy AG Rod Rosenstein stand-ing beside him) stated, upon the release of special prosecutor Mueller’s investigative report: There was relentless speculation in the news media about the President’s personal culpability. Yet, as he … Continue reading

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Riding the vines of California; Part #2

Blaska put 438 miles on a Harley Davidson Sportster (the Iron 1200 model) in four days of riding from San Franciso north through Marin County to wine country in Sonoma and Napa Counties last week (4/9-13/19). (We began our story … Continue reading

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