Madison losers: cops, public safety; Statewide winner: religious freedom

‘Candle of freedom’ is sputtering but still is lit

That did not take long.

The WI State Journal reports this morning that cops in schools have one foot out the door of Madison’s four troubled, public high schools. That’s thanks to the election of three new school board members, two of them endorsed by Brenda Konkel’s anti-cop Progressive Dane political party.

When newly elected board members Cristiana Carusi, Ali Muldrow and Ananda Mirilli are sworn in later this month, a majority of the seven-person body will have either expressed opposition to or previously voted against a new contract to continue the program. … 

“We’ll potentially eliminate the program,” said Mirilli, who defeated Seat 5 incumbent TJ Mertz on Tuesday.


Over at city hall, mayor-elect Satya Rhodes-Conway is repaying her endorsement by the police union by vowing to add no more officers to the force, despite Chief Mike Koval’s entreaties.

Channel 3000 reports: “She is more interested in the addition of extra mental health and addiction services to the city. “I don’t think we need necessarily more officers …” 

Satya is also Progressive Dane. And was endorsed by The Capital Times, whose editor emeritus is up today with a column defending socialism. Rhodes-Conway further embellished her A.O.C. credentials by naming Mary Bottari as her chief of staff. Ms. Bottari sees Koch Brothers under every bed. She’s the wife/partner of socialist provocateur John Nichols. 

For his part, Nichols ballyhoos the election Tuesday of a Democrat as mayor of Green Bay. “His win is …another sign that progressive ideas are gaining traction in cities well beyond Madison and Milwaukee.

That’s a similar message to the one that former state Rep. Cory Mason, another progressive Democrat, carried into his winning campaign for mayor of Racine in 2017.

Conservative takes back Badger state

Except that former Walker legal counsel Brian Hagedorn won both Brown and Racine Counties on his way to a narrow win for state supreme court. Racine county is his liberal opponent’s home county. That’s akin to Al Gore losing Tennessee 19 years ago.

“Al the more surprising since Badger state Democrats last year rode the anti-Trump tide,” the Wall Street Journal remarks.

Hagedorn replaces the lioness of the Left, Shirley Abrahamson, putting Wisconsin’s high court at 5-2 conservative.

Smarter minds than mine — Judge James Troupis, Vicki McKenna, and the Hon. Brian Schimming are three — attribute Hagedorn’s victory to his ringing defense of religious freedom in the face of virulent P.C. attacks from the same people who defend Muslims wearing the hijab in the U.S. military.

“The Left vilified him for giving speeches to the “hate group” Alliance Defending Freedom, which represented the Colorado cake baker in a winning appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court,” political reporter James Wigderson observes.

Winners & Losers

Wigderson’s RightWisconsin labels as winners of Tuesday’s election: “Christian candidates.” 

Apparently believing that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead is not a disqualifier to serve on the state’s highest court. When nearly everybody else was running for the hills, social conservatives in Wisconsin Family Action, Wisconsin Right to Life and Pro-Life Wisconsin rallied to Hagedorn’s defense.

Another factor is voter revulsion at the Democrat(ic) party’s turn toward infanticide and full-on socialism and the collapse of the Russian collusion narrative.

A principal of the Alliance Defending Freedom writes, in today’s read: “We were smeared by the Southern Poverty Law Center.” 

The SPLC insists on vilifying rather than debating its ideological opponents. Its method of choice is the “hate group” label — hurled at peaceful groups that disagree with its far-left worldview.

RightWI also labels as Losers: Planned Parenthood, Eric Holder and all that “outside money.” And yes, WMC and WI Realtors — cowed by the crowd into turning tail rather than standing and fighting for their values.

Is Dane County redeemable?

Dane County GOP chair Scott Grabins reminds us that the conservative in last year’s Wisconsin Supreme Court race (Screnock) “We finished with 19% of the vote in this county. This spring we finished with 21%.

“That two percent meant about 6,400 votes more for Judge Hagedorn yesterday than last year’s race.  Looking at the final numbers, no one can say the vote of Republicans in Dane County didn’t matter to the outcome.”

Ms. Vicki insists that Blaska for Safer Schools encouraged conservative and moderate voters to get to the polls, thus proving the value of down-ticket races in spurring turnout.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: RightWI names one other “winner.” 

David Blaska. Given the mayoral race, his race for school board probably never stood a chance. However, he has lit a candle of freedom in the howling winds of Madison socialism. May the flame continue to glow bright until one day sanity is restored to the city.”

Aw, shucks.

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8 Responses to Madison losers: cops, public safety; Statewide winner: religious freedom

  1. Dan B. says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but you are paid a likely handsome pension due to your years spent working in state government, right? I hate to break it to you, comrade, but pensions are socialist.


    • David Blaska says:

      That is A.O.C.-level absurd and full-bore crazy! My pension is based on what I earned. All pensions are based on what the worker earns and how that saved money (i.e. capital) does invested in stocks and bonds.

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    • madisonexpat says:

      You are badly in need of correction. Have you never paid into a pension?


  2. Danny says:

    We gotta call a duck a duck… State Government is socialist. Taxes are socialist. They’re a lesser degree of socialist than Canada/Scandinavia, which in turn are lesser degrees socialist than USSR/Venezuela, but still socialist.


  3. Kooter says:

    I’m sorry you lost the election as Madison moves even further left (and into further irrelevancy) but the highlight here is the Supreme Court election! Mark P., Tammy B. and Regressive Dane are too high on kool aid currently to comprehend the situation.

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  4. Sprocket says:

    I think that we’ll be able to look back at this election as the point were things really started to go off the rails in Madison. Rhodes-Conway is already telegraphing her intentions to promote the interests of criminals, junkies, and other vermin ahead of those of the average citizen. The school board and alders are similarly aligned.

    For many years I lived in places where the results of the policies championed by our new mayor and school board played out. If you live in Madison you can count on public safety and quality of life steadily declining. You can also expect the city to have it’s hand in your pocket more often to pay for enriching your life in this manner.


  5. A Party of One says:

    Just as the 8 years of the turgid Obama regime led to the election of a surprisingly conservative Donald Trump, perhaps the election of a regressive mayor and school board will lead to a conservative resurgence in Madison and Dane County. Unfortunately, we need to get through the next four years of SR-C, more violence in the schools, and a lackluster Evers administration before that can happen. Let’s hope there is some light at the end of this depressing tunnel. At least the Court is in good hands (local Madison courts excepted, of course).


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