Final thoughts on how Madison’s schools are losing our kids

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Ann of Althouse has picked up on my pick up of The Capital Times interview with Mr. Rob, the positive behavior coach thrown under the bus by the Madison school district. The irony is that the educator, Robert Mueller-Owens by name, was an expert practitioner of and proselytizer for classroom restorative justice and the district’s bureaucratic behavior education plan. 

What's left of Mr RobAs with the brigands of the French Revolution, Mr. Rob was devoured by the creature he helped create. He attempted to restrain a disruptive student who was whaling on him, they fell to the floor, the district attorney cleared him of any wrong-doing but the school district expelled their loyal teacher. The disruptive kid remains.

Now a pariah, Mueller-Owens said he is changing his appearance. 

“The most painful thing about this besides being betrayed by the school district, the people I worked with — I believed in the agenda that [Madison school superintendent] Jennifer Cheatham and (district administrators) Alex Fralin and Nancy Hanks established for us, and I promoted it and worked toward it as hard as I could — is the leaders in the community who have jumped on the bandwagon that I’m a racist c—, and have said that in their political messaging, their campaigning, their Facebook feeds and all of social media,” Mueller-Owens said…. “I never thought my career would end in disgrace, and it didn’t have to end that way,” Mueller-Owens said.

The commentary on Ann’s blog post is (as usual) delicious. A sampling:

“There isn’t enough racism in this country to meet the demand.”

Mr. Mueller-Owens thought he was part of the solution; instead he (still can’t see) he was part of the problem. The “Woke” virus renders Progressives powerless before primitive tribalism of the [fill in Identity here]. Civilization–education, art, politics, reasoned discourse, law–cannot endure in any tribal area. As well call yourself an “ally” of the Taliban, as these folks.

“I have been in several situations where students have kicked me, spit on me, broke my ankle, and I still did not conduct myself in that kind of manner,” Price said when no criminal charges were filed against Mueller-Owens.

If you’re being physically assaulted and don’t defend yourself, you’re part of the problem. My guess is that her daughter will end up in prison sooner rather than later. And good riddance to her when it happens.

The unstated goal of the public schools is to keep young people off the streets until they’re old enough to be tried as adults.

If [the mother] had severely punished her daughter for assaulting Mueller-Owens then the poor girl might have had a chance. But if she’s stuck in the “school to prison pipeline” then Mom can blame structural racism. Another basis for reparations. Call Ta Nehisi! Call Spartacus!

I cannot imagine hating a kid so much you’d send him to Madison public schools.

On my own Facebook page

Mara Clements — Mueller-Owens did wonderful things and really helped out my son while he was at West high school I have nothing but good things to say about him.

Sue Farkas — My daughter had him as a teacher at Shabazz High School and said he was such an incredible teacher. This is a very sad situation that should be directed back to the terrible behavior of the student.

Cheryl L Woodards — I would like all parents of school age students to spend two hours at a school their child attends. Do not let your child know ahead of time. I think many parents who would say “My child would never do something like that” would change their mind. I spent an hour at a middle school and was ashamed of the behavior in classrooms by students. No respect, completely disruptive, and the teacher informed me this was an every day occurrence. Do you really know your kids like you think you do. If children were taught respect and discipline at home, teachers could do their job far more easily.

Tom Eggert — That’s the problem isn’t it? No matter what a child does, they can never be in the wrong. Defy authority? Then authority was racist. Take away the learning from others? Failure of the teacher or school.

Rhonda Holliday —  I know of this little girl and her mother has no respect for anyone so why should the daughter? Children are a product of the environment.

Nausheen Qureishi — I have had a regular teaching license in my favorite subject, biology, for the longest time. But I do not to take up teaching although there is a scarcity of teachers here in Madison. It’s really scary to even think of teaching after you see such behaviors from kids. No respect, no responsibility. It’s a sad state of affairs.

Margaret Savides Benbow — Mueller-Owens did nothing wrong. The student was violently disruptive, endangering others and herself, and he had to use the last resort of physical restraint. He has been scapegoated, and the non-disparagement clause in his separation agreement is a backstabbing way of protecting Cheatham’s and the school district’s bad judgment.

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10 Responses to Final thoughts on how Madison’s schools are losing our kids

  1. coolkevs says:

    I filed my vote for you Dave in the belly of the beast this morning.
    Kind-of disappointed in some of Caire’s comments, but he has to be an improvement, so I voted for him.
    Held my nose for Mertz because Mirilli with her rainbow friend Muldrow (talk about yard signs that make me want to throw up) is not my cup of tea. Here’s hoping for some reason.
    Free beer and food?? I don’t want to cry in my beer.
    Good luck – you’ve run a great campaign! Hoping for a Trump-like upset!

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  2. Batman says:

    This just in:

    21,230 clear thinking common sense citizens voted for Dave in uber-Lefty Madison.
    It will have to get considerably worse (every one suffers) before people wake up, not unlike our southern border.

    Soglin received 29,150 votes.

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  3. Batman says:


    21,230 clear thinking common sense citizens voted for Dave in uber-Lefty Madison, impressive.
    Status quo Muldrow received 48,975 votes.
    Things will have to get considerably worse (every one suffers) before enough people wake up to take back our schools.

    Soglin received 29,150 votes.

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  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Kudos Dave! you fought the good fight against a nearly vertical uphill obstacle.

    For those of us still around in two years, we’ll see how “feel good” status quo ante school board members have fared with:
    *the achievement gap,
    *student/classroom/school violence,
    *teacher recruitment/retention, and
    *mass exodus of students & their funding and property taxpaying families/parents from MMSD and the 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality.

    One silver lining?

    The FreeDUMB Inc., et al, feral adults, and their guilt-suffocated White Lefty useful idiots, will no longer be shouting F**K White Supremacy/F**K White Liberalism at the entire school board.

    The Gotch

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  5. Today Madison voters voted to maintain the ignorance status quo and continue to enable the Individual Responsibility Loophole.


    • P.S. Chaos has already ensued, it will now get worse unless the social justice warriors on the Madison Metropolitan School Board choose to maintain discipline in the schools and do something that effectively addresses the Individual Responsibility Loophole.


      • Batman says:

        “P.S. Chaos has already ensued,it will now get worse unless the social justice warriors on the Madison Metropolitan School Board choose to maintain discipline in the schools and do something that effectively addresses the Individual Responsibility Loophole.”

        The Board has already done something Zoltar; the 82 page BEP that provides the warm fuzzy guilt reducing high that Leftys crave.

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  6. Eric Z says:

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong? The hate filled, privileged,raaaacist, sexist, no doubt guilty of something, white MALE supremacist has been eradicated from the board. Art will now be part of the core curriculum. We will have countless studies paid for with taxpayer monies. More restorative JUSTICE! No more ERO’s. There WILL be results!!!
    Hang onto your hats folks. it looks like a rough ride ahead!

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  7. madisonexpat says:

    I think David has just earned the right to say “I damn well told you so” as more classes and ever more teachers get Mau Mau’d.
    And they will because……. real racism.
    As in “old white folks are RAY-cist.”
    Not gonna end well.
    On the bright side Hagenaur ascends to the state supreme court even though no one in Dane County voted for him.
    Attaboy David.


  8. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    So; we all hop on/in our non-Union-made TREK BIKIES/EcoBoxes, descend on the Capital Square, block traffic, $#!T on police cars, swear at children and old people, brandish hysterically mispelled (sic) signs, and take over the Rotunda SCREECHING in the Key of Me (H/T @Norwood44)…right?

    Wait a minute.

    We’re NOT weenie-whiny, puerile, coddled, safe-space-inhabiting, infantilized Lefties; we’re self-respecting Conservatives.

    Never Mind

    “Winners secure all-female board.”

    The absolutely staggering irony? Were that to be “Winners secure all-MALE board,” the events of my first paragraph would have already been set in motion.

    Ah Lefty; so MUCH hypocrisy, so little time!

    The Gotch


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