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Recent school rapes defeat Cops Out of Schools cause

‘We don’t feel safe!’ To whom did the victim report her gang rape? To the police officer assigned to East high school Real-world events keep contradicting the Cops Out of School narrative that police are the enemy instead of crime. … Continue reading

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The meeting will come to order

Legislative governance is not Kabuki theater Brother Mike Blaska was renowned for his expertise in parliamentary procedure chairing the Dane County Board of Supervisors. He later taught the subject to county boards across the state. “People appreciate a well run … Continue reading

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Straight White Man gets religion

Now that the April election is over and the Madison school board is more liberal than ever Glory, glory halleluja! A mere two days after Blaska called him out for ignoring THE central issue in the local Spring elections, former mayor Dave Cieslewicz … Continue reading

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Paging Mr. Rob! Fracas in Room 120! Please respond! Mr. Rob …?

‘We don’t have to listen to the police and you can’t touch us,’ part 2 What? a 12-year-old middle-school girl injured two police officers? Good thing Mike Koval is not Jen Cheatham or those two cops would be O.U.T.!  Their … Continue reading

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‘No surprise the school behavior plan failed’

A young man reached out to the Policy Werkes to relate his involvement in crafting the Madison school district’s Behavioral Education Plan. He asked that his name not be published as he wishes to have a career someday in Madison. … Continue reading

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Cap Times demands more school security while getting rid of cops!

Only in Madison! If The Squire’s forehead is reddened, it is because I have been smacking it all morning.  The object of Blaska’s pique: a Capital Times editorial headlined “Madison schools need to get serious about school safety.” Whack! Of … Continue reading

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