Madison Needs To Elect Intelligent People In Spring Primary–Regardless of Race


I have been rather taken aback by the allowance of a narrative gaining traction in Madison that we are a racially divided city.  Listening to some of the candidates running for mayor, or those who have hopes for the school board, would have us think we are just shy of having drinking fountains being labeled by race in this place we call home.   We are told that to show true leadership concerning issues of race requires minority candidates prevailing at the ballot box.

This blog has not been shy to cast light on those who pedal racism, or use bigotry to run races, or shape public policy.  This blog has also been very supportive to the high calling of those who seek office and work with gusto to make a difference through the electoral process.   I champion those who use their civics education to make a positive difference.  I am…

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4 Responses to Madison Needs To Elect Intelligent People In Spring Primary–Regardless of Race

  1. Mark Porter says:

    Dave, curious if you talked to any students in Madison schools? Teachers? Administrators? I’d like to hear from those in the center of all this.


  2. madisonexpat says:

    Racialism pays well in Madison. What you subsidize you get more of.
    Freedom Inc. has a $900,000 budget. Ms. Pettaway is another good example.
    What has changed in the last twenty years? The Chicago exodus.


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    What determines the most qualified candidate(s) in LaLaLoopyLoonyLeftyLand?

    Take a wild guess.

    The Gotch


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