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In this too-chaotic and bumptious city there are few times, it seems, when both ends of the divide have reason to come together.  Each end fights mightily for what they see as the just way to proceed.   Seasons come and go but many of the issues that create headlines, and deep divisions, persist.   Such is the reality of Madison schools.

There are many candidates this year who are vying for election to the school board.  All should be applauded for taking time and using lots of energy to stand for office.  But among the names that will appear on the ballot there is one which stands out, and in my estimation, deservedly so.

David Blaska has a message, that at first blush, may not sit well with the vested interests in the city who believe they speak for what is best when it comes to the education of our youth. …

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  1. LARS says:

    Could not have said it better myself.

    Having been born, and raised in Madison.
    Graduating from James Madison Memorial H.S.
    It has been disheartening to know, I would never want to attend JMM, or send a child there, when I was there, it was a good place to learn.
    JMM, and most other schools have disintegrated into chaos.
    DB’s common sense is sorely needed.
    Vote for Dave Blaska



    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      Copy that!

      I’ve had my differences with the talented Mr. Humphrey/DekeRivers, but he certainly deserves a genuine H/T for this.

      It would have been much easier to take the path of least resistance, a direction FAR too often chosen in the 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality, and been a hyper-partisan tool.

      But unlike a certain member of the Monona School Board who consistently regurgitates incoherent, spittle-flecked slobbering points, he weighed the facts, put need ahead of ideology, and executed a more difficult, though ethically consistent, right than an easy wrong.

      Let’s hope it’s contagious!

      JMM/Class of ’73 (GO SPARTANS!)

      The Gotch


      • Fritzderkat says:

        One of the few instances of which I’m aware when a candidate for public office is calling it like he sees it, and how he sees it is right.
        Voting Blaska to the board is good policy–not only for the schools, but for the city as well.
        A little more diversity, which Dave represents, would bring a semblance of balance to a system in which ideologically the usual things are usually done.


  2. I knew there would eventually be something that the author at CAFFEINATED POLITICS and I would agree on; however, it did surprised me that this would be one of those things. It was refreshing to see that dekerivers aka Gregory Humphrey setting his usual partisan rhetoric and endorsing a candidate for the Madison School Board that really does have a common sense approach to making sure classrooms are safe for students and teachers alike and can help inspire students to learn. Unsafe classroom environments have been “teaching” the wrong message to students.

    Education and safety of our children should always transcend partisan politics and common sense, something in short supply these days, should reign supreme in our school boards and education policies. Keep the partisan political nonsense out of our schools!

    I personally commend you for your effort to help Dave Blaska’s candidacy.

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