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Sign up now for ‘White women facing their racism’

Sign up now, Jennifer Cheatham! And bring a notebook! Another triumph of identify politics and race-shaming. Swear to God, this is so NOT the Onion. White Women facing their racism It’s scheduled from 6 to 8:30 p.m. tomorrow, Friday 03-01-19 at … Continue reading

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Madison school super apologizes, vows to reform ‘racist’ teachers

It’s about behavior, Jennifer. Not race! Madison Metropolitan School District superintendent Jennifer Cheatham issued a mea culpa today for her racist teachers and principals and yet another “action plan.” That plan includes • Mandatory staff re-education “on racial identity, implicit bias, and … Continue reading

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‘Blaska created a near riot’ at the Madison school board?

So claims an anonymous on-line poster Actually, I  had left the building by the time the social justice warriors began their chanting that drove the school board to a locked room And I asked for calm until all the facts … Continue reading

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Madison school board’s chickens are roosting

Promote victimhood, get victimized Tony Gallli, dean of the Madison’s broadcast journalists at WKOW-TV27, asked our favorite candidate for Madison School Board Seat #4: Any concerns over using a live feed into the MMSD auditorium Monday evening to satisfy the … Continue reading

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Madison school board takes cover

Armed with half the story and an acute sense of victimhood, social justice warriors chase liberals off the stage My long-suffering wife, the beautiful Lisa, was watching on the telly as Blaska spoke from the podium at Doyle Administration Building … Continue reading

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Please do not endorse Blaska for school board!

At least The Capital Times is not institutionally racist because they said so! Enjoyed my visit Friday with the candidate endorsement panel at my old employer, The Capital Times. It was good to see my old boss Dave Zweifel, who … Continue reading

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