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  1. King has been rolling over in his grave since affirmative action was started and I fully “expect” him to walk out of his coffin and haunt the race baiting wackos for the enormity of absolute BS coming from their mouths.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Zoltar Speaks!;

      “King has been rolling over in his grave”

      That he has!

      When I was in 7th grade at JMM, we were allowed to miss class to watch his funeral, likely on a 19 inch/48.26 cm Sylvania B&W perched on a teacher’s desk, a little over 50 years ago.

      My gym teacher/Football Coach (John “Johnnie O” Olson) said, while informing us of our option:

      “You have the opportunity to watch Martin Luther King, Jr.’s funeral. If you do it just to get out of going to class, it would be an insult to a great American.”

      He couldn’t have been more right!

      The Gotch

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    • AnonyBob says:

      Sorry to spoil your meme, boys, but the “start” of affirmative action predates MLK Jr’s death.


      • AnonyBob wrote, “Sorry to spoil your meme, boys, but the “start” of affirmative action predates MLK Jr’s death.”

        You wrote that as if it makes some kind of difference when in fact it’s 100% irrelevant when affirmative action started.

        You have no logic.


        • AnonyBob says:

          “King has been rolling over in his grave since affirmative action was started…”
          He was alive when it started and, further, he supported it, contrary to current right wing revisionism. Your metaphor is flawed. You’re pretty exacting about the phrasing and language I use; just thought I’d return the favor.

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        • AnonyBob wrote, “You’re pretty exacting about the phrasing and language I use; just thought I’d return the favor.”

          Yes you’re correct and I don’t have any problem with you doing that.

          How does this phrasing work for you…

          King has been rolling over in his grave since affirmative action became a blatant reverse discrimination racist policy and I fully “expect” him to walk out of his coffin and haunt the race baiting wackos for the enormity of absolute BS coming from their mouths.

          What you don’t seem to understand is that King was against ALL forms of race based discrimination and affirmative action literally became institutionalized race based discrimination – period! Institutionalized race based discrimination is exactly what King preached against. You making claims that King would be pro affirmative action since his death is shear lunacy.

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        • AnonyBob says:

          Good job, Z, that makes more literal sense. Still a completely wrong-headed right wing revisionist view of King, though.

          King: “A society that has done something special against the Negro for hundreds of years must now do something special for the Negro.”
          “In 1965 the writer Alex Haley interviewed King for an interview that ran in Playboy Magazine. Haley asks him about an employment program to help “20,000,000 Negroes.” After expressing his approval for it, King estimates that such a program would cost $50 billion.
          Haley then asks: “Do you feel it’s fair to request a multibillion-dollar program of preferential treatment for the Negro, or for any other minority group?”
          King: “I do indeed. Can any fair-minded citizen deny that the Negro has been deprived? Few people reflect that for two centuries the Negro was enslaved, and robbed of any wages–potential accrued wealth which would have been the legacy of his descendants. All of America’s wealth today could not adequately compensate its Negroes for his centuries of exploitation and humiliation. It is an economic fact that a program such as I propose would certainly cost far less than any computation of two centuries of unpaid wages plus accumulated interest. In any case, I do not intend that this program of economic aid should apply only to the Negro; it should benefit the disadvantaged of all races.”
          Sure sounds like an affirmative action enthusiast to me. And not just for “Negroes,” he wanted it for poor whites, too. Thus, the reactionary right’s view of him as a communist. But, people like Paine seem to think the commies run SWIB, too.
          (Good Lord, so much cutting and pasting for me. Almost as bad as Gootch!)


        • AnonyBob wrote, “Still a completely wrong-headed right wing revisionist view of King, though.”

          You’re welcome to your opinion even when you’re dead wrong. Do you actually think that King was a racist because that’s exactly what affirmative action was promoting using race as a choice criteria that trumps all others.

          AnonyBob wrote, “Sure sounds like an affirmative action enthusiast to me.”

          No AnonyBob that’s not what is sounds like, however, it does sound a wee bit little like he leans a little towards Socialism.

          Personally I liked King a lot and just because he said some things in 1965 that you choose to twist into supporting pro modern day affirmative action doesn’t mean that King would trash his personal character and ethics to justify discrimination to the extent of what affirmative action has done, King was a far, Far, FAR better person than you are painting him.

          This was Kings driving force, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”, that my dear AnonyBob is not a person that would support the skin-color race-based affirmative action as we know it.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          Highfreakin’larious! @AnonyBob was SO rankled by @Zoltar Speaks! challenge that he just took the first click from his google search and went with it.

          Not only that, but he references race hustling LIAR Alex Haley.

          Don’t get no better than that, am I right?

          The Gotch


  2. John Marx says:

    I look to a day when Presidents will be judged by the content of their character, not their potential judicial appointments.


    • old baldy says:

      Exactly !!


    • Batman says:

      John Marx,
      Why stop at the Executive Branch. Apply your character principle to the Legislative Branch and unfathomably bloated bureaucracy.
      Bureaucracy would shrink by at least 80% and Congress would undergo a similar purge.
      But who would be the judge.


      • AnonyBob says:

        Who would be the judge? Voters. They won’t make the same mistake twice that they did with Trump. He’s been a big lesson for the country – take your vote seriously. But what’s your beef with public employees? Most are good people. Heck, Dave used to be one…


        • Batman says:

          LOL— voters?
          Ahh, you may want to think that one through again.

          Pernicious bloated redundant bureaucracy filled with (good) people suckling the teat of mommy government.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


          “They won’t make the same mistake twice that they did with Trump.”

          The mistake of historically low Black and Hispanic unemployment?

          Gosh, only a RACIST would believe something like that, am I right?

          The Gotch


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          @AnonyBob has his own MAGA hat: Make America Grovel Again.

          It gets worse.

          “Voters. They won’t make the same mistake twice that they did with Trump.”

          Just a smatterin’ of President Trump’s pro-growth policies:
          *Real gross domestic product (GDP) growth exceeded 3 percent over the last four quarters.
          *Real GDP grew at annual rates of 3.4 percent in the third quarter of 2018 and 4.2 percent in the second quarter.
          *More than 5 million jobs have been created since President Trump’s election and the unemployment rate remains below 4 percent.
          *This is the eighth time this year that the unemployment rate has been below 4 percent.
          *Prior to this year, the unemployment rate had fallen below 4 percent only five times since 1970.
          *Unemployment rate for African Americans in May fell to 5.9 percent, the lowest rate on record.
          *Asian and Hispanic-American unemployment rates have reached record lows this year.

          @AnonyBob wants us to believe this is bad news.

          @AnonyBob wants us to believe that any GOOD news is because of Hopey Changey.

          @AnonyBob wants to Welcome Back Carter and 20-20; 20 % inflation and 20 % short term interest rates.

          Don’t be like @AnonyBob!

          The Gotch

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  3. Tom Paine says:

    King’s famous statement had universal appeal for most college students at the time of his death. However, within a few years, informal “quotas” or statistical associations were errantly used to define institutional wascism. The notion gained traction because the Troglodytes could not understand.

    I was among the few members of the WSA who thought we could assuage “white guilt” by starting the MLKing, Jr. Scholarship Fund to provide funds for qualified blacks who needed financial assistance to attend Madison. At the time, perhaps a noble goal, but within a few years, “quotas” and numerical associations became the central theme. Racial imbalances = institutional wascism.

    Of course, that was (and is) totally absurd. In the late 60’s/early 70’s, there simply were too few PhD minority candidates to meet the demand of institutions who needed to “prove” their anti-wascist sentiments. Within a year, the trend expanded to “gender discrimination.” Every college department was “seeking” qualified women applicants. Many who were not PoC or women, had no hope of employment since the a priori requirement was race/gender. Academic achievement, or intellectual promise had no value to those educrats who sought to prove “their institution” was not wascist or sexist.

    Unfortunately, statistical association still REMAINS sufficient in the public mind to “prove” wasism or sexism. Notion to me goes a long way in explaining how a UW administrator could justify/dismiss shop-lifting as no crime at all.

    Decades since MLK, Jr.’s death, pursuit of his ideal remains as distant as when he first announced it. The “race card” will remain as an eternal weapon against those who are racial minorities. Viva Robert Mugabe. Viva Che. Viva Papa Doc.


  4. Batman says:

    Published on Apr 4, 2018
    In 1967, at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Martin Luther King spoke with NBC News’ Sander Vanocur about the “new phase” of the struggle for “genuine equality.”
    Eleven months before his assassination — an insightful interview.

    While the entire 27min. interview is interesting; listen at the 13:45 to 17:10min. mark for a clear, succinct explanation of historic systemic/institutional racism and why generally blacks struggle more than other minorities.

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  5. Batman says:

    The origin of affirmative action according to Wikipedia:

    “The term “affirmative action” was first used in the United States in “Executive Order No. 10925”,[9] signed by President John F. Kennedy on 6 March 1961, which included a provision that government contractors “take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin”.[10] It was used to promote actions that achieve non-discrimination. In 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued Executive Order 11246 which required government employers to take “affirmative action” to “hire without regard to race, religion and national origin”. This prevented employers from discriminating against members of disadvantaged groups. In 1967, gender was added to the anti-discrimination list.[11]
    Affirmative action is intended to promote the opportunities of defined minority groups within a society to give them equal access to that of the majority population.[12]
    It is often instituted for government and educational settings to ensure that certain designated “minority groups” within a society are able to participate in all provided opportunities including promotional, educational, and training opportunities.[13]
    The stated justification for affirmative action by its proponents is that it helps to compensate for past discrimination, persecution or exploitation by the ruling class of a culture,[14] and to address existing discrimination.[15]”

    Affirmative action has morphed into emphasizing quotas (because of white guilt) more than being about non-discrimination and is consequently incendiary to the society and insidious for the involved minorities.

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    • Oh Batman, stop presenting facts they will only confuse people like AnonyBob because facts don’t fit progressives narratives. See above where AnonyBob implies that Martin Luther King would support the blatantly racist bastardized versions of affirmative action as we know it today. Martin Luther King was a man of integrity, a towering hero of equality and he would never support the racist policies that affirmative action has morphed into.

      Modern day affirmative action is a cancer eating away at equality in our society. Of course progressives care nothing about equality.


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Move over Rachel Dolezal, Shaun King, Elizabeth “Fauxchahontas-Lieawatha” Warren, et al.

    At long last, a definitive Engame/Final Solution for guilt-inundated, self-loathing White Lefties!

    The Gotch


    • Cornelius Gotchberg wrote, “At long last, a definitive Engame/Final Solution for guilt-inundated, self-loathing White Lefties!”


      That’s got to be a farce; otherwise those two are genuine imbeciles and that kind of stupid can never be fixed.


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