Green Cab ends service due to crime

Another canary in the coal mine just keeled over

From Channel 3000: After a string of armed robberies, a Madison taxi company is suspending service indefinitely.

Green Cab spokesperson Jodie Schmidt confirmed late Saturday night the company is pulling its drivers from the road for safety precautions after a taxi driver was robbed at gunpoint when responding to a request for a ride near North Mills Street.

“We are concerned for the safety of our drivers and passengers,” Schmidt said.

On Friday, another cab driver was robbed at gunpoint near the 500 block of West Shore Drive. Another driver was also robbed Friday while responding to a request for a ride near the 5300 block of Raywood Road.

Also, a Kwik Trip convenience store on E. Washington Ave. curtailed its late-night hours due to crime.

The series of cab robberies comes within a week of a string of carjackings in Madison.  Saturday morning (12-15-18) a teenager was robbed at gunpoint on the Southwest side and forced to drive to a credit union on the northeast side of town. (Story here.)

Also on Saturday night, two teenagers were allegedly getting into their car when two suspects approached them with guns. They didn’t get the car but they robbed them nonetheless.

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9 Responses to Green Cab ends service due to crime

  1. Batman says:

    Here is a comment taken from and following the Green Cab article.

    “This is what you get under total liberal control of a city. Invite the dregs of society to your city with generous handouts, don’t enforce drug laws, let the bums and vagrants sleep on the streets, don’t let the police do the job they know how to do, don’t prosecute minor crimes which results in more serious crimes being committed. This is what you liberals in Madison wanted and you got it. Madison is quickly becoming a sh!thole and it will only get worse under liberal rule. Of course now we will hear it is the fault of law-abiding gun owners, the concealed carry law and “lax” gun laws. You liberals have a criminal problem that you have created but you will now try to blame others for your mess.”

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:



    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      “Let the bums and vagrants sleep on the streets…” But only until there are enough taxpayer-subsidized domiciles for them to move into free of charge and free from any constraints on their bad behavior (how many times have the cops been called to the taxpayer subsidized flophouse on Tree Lane?) The liberal utopia of Madison is disintegrating faster from the harebrained policies of its clueless elites than planet Earth is from the effects of climate change. (Not quite fair, I’ll admit, since one side of the comparison is pure fiction.)


  2. I totally agree with Batman.


  3. Scott F says:

    It’s the culture, stupid…..


  4. madisonexpat says:



  5. Rich says:

    Hey, it’s jusy boys being boys; or I mean thugs being thugs.


  6. White Hills says:

    In the city of Chicago, did you know insurance companies won’t pay claims on vehicle thefts, robberies in the car, or vandalism if a car is contracted with Uber or Lyft, for this very reason?

    Diversity doesn’t pay. Insurance companies understand that.


  7. Tom Paine says:

    How many of city players actually have lived 24-48 hours shadowing representatives of PoC who comprise “the community” from which a disproportionate number of criminals live?

    Three cheers for how the application of “Restorative Justice” now is bringing forth a NEW UTOPIA in the County of Dane.

    Even as a blind duck, I saw the pernicious trend years ago and flew away. No sympathy for those idealize self-flagellation and remain. As The Great One said, “Yes We Can.” He was correct and the trend continues. Madison can become Milw-cago.


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