Good news & bad news & good news on Madison school board race

UPDATE: Together we forced Dean Loumos out of the race! Story here.

The good news is Kaleem Caire is running for school board. No one has done more for education in Madison. Kaleem advanced the Madison Prep charter school that would have done much to close the achievement gap. His bold initiative was shot down by the proponents of the status quo: the Madison school board and by former teachers union chief John Matthews, who pulled their strings.

Rather than throw in the towel, Kaleem started One City Early Learning school to get kids in their most formative years.

The bad news is Kaleem just called and said he is running for Seat 3 on the Madison school board against Dean Loumos! That is the same seat I announced for Thursday (12-06-18).


Kaleem Caire (Madison 365 photo)

In Madison, you have to pick a seat for the citywide election. I could not convince Kaleem to change his mind and run for either of Seats #4 or #5. He said he had set in motion his plans for Seat #3 and was too locked in to change.Kaleem reaffirmed his support for Cops in Schools and most of the things you and I believe in — including personal responsibility and charter schools. He would be a great ally on the Madison Board of Education. So I told Kaleem that I would fall on my sword.

The good news is that I am now running for seat #4 — currently held by James Howard, who — best anyone can tell — is not seeking re-election. (Hasn’t returned phone call but said three years ago this would be his last term.) Ali Muldrow, a far-left activist, is the only announced candidate so far. If you notice, the Isthmus story did not bother to get her position on Cops in School or that of the Seat #5 candidate.

That means all our work gathering signatures so far has been for naught. I had no way of knowing that Mr. Caire would run for school board.

So, we’re picking ourselves off the ground and going for NEW signatures on the new nomination papers for Seat #4.

Please contact me here if you can help me get those signatures, which are due by the end of the month.

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20 Responses to Good news & bad news & good news on Madison school board race

  1. jeffsimpson7 says:

    Since when did you stand up for personal responsibility?


    • madisonexpat says:

      Get someone to explain the concept to you Jeff. (Hint: it does not involve a group.)


    • jeffsimpson7 wrote, “Since when did you stand up for personal responsibility?”

      Oh my, the implied innuendo about Dave’s character in that comment is thick. It’s just another one of Jeff’s psychologically projected trolling fishing expeditions.

      Jeff Simpson seems to be the epitome of a political attack dog addicted to the typical political antiology that Progressives suffer and outwardly express in their constant morally and ethically bankrupt attack the messenger projectile vomit rhetoric. Jeff might be able to find help at the Madison chapter of Progressives Anonymous, and if nothing else, he’d be immersed in yet another Progressive hive minded subculture devoid of actual reality.

      Jeff you’ve trolled this blog and falsely called Dave and this blog racist multiple times and accused this blog of lying and you haven’t provided one shred of evidence to support any of your lying hit & run internet troll claims. You’d think that a person publicly elected to a School Board would at the very least make it evident that you have an inkling as to what integrity is, but you’ve shown no evidence of that personal character trait here. If this is the example of your character that you set forth in your work, personal life, and school board duties I think it’s time for the people of Monona to remove you from the School Board.

      In my opinion, what Jeff has made clearly evident in this particular blogosphere is that Jeff is an unethical political hack

      By the way Jeff; you can troll Dave’s blog and associated threads all you want but you and your fellow troll cohorts aren’t going to entrap Dave in your idiotic Progressive gotcha fishing expeditions. Unlike what you idiotic Progressive trolls imply in your psychological projections, Dave’s an intelligent, respectful, and an honorable man of good character and, based on what I’ve seen and read from you, I can’t say the same for you Jeff.


      • Bill Everley says:

        oh the irony, when the great character assassin Zoltar complains about…character assassination! Keep eating your own tail, your head looks better back there.

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        • More of the usual Animal House School of Thinking ad hominems from the moronic Everley attack dog. Sit Boo Boo, sit.


        • Bill Everley wrote, “great character assassin Zoltar”

          Character assassination is an attempt to tarnish a person’s reputation. It may involve exaggeration, misleading half-truths, or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person. It is a form of defamation and can be a form of ad hominem argument.

          That’s an “honor” that I simply haven’t earned. People like you and Jeff are they’re own worst enemy, they are assassinating their own character by what they write in blogs such as this. Jeff assassinates his own character in a public way when he spews his Propaganda nonsense innuendo, publicly lies by calling Dave Blaska a racist, publicly lies by calling this blog racist, and publicly lies when he says this blog lies; you assassinate your own character slowly piece-by-piece privately when you spew your moronic Animal House School of Thinking ad hominems.


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Philosophical thought experiment:

    “If a comment is posted to Jeffy’s traffic-bereft blog, does anyone notice?”

    The Gotch

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  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    GREAT news from the Weekly Insert website:

    Dean Loumos Will Not Seek Re-election To Madison School Board

    Translation: “I don’t want to get my @$$ PUBLICLY handed to me by Caire and the voters.”

    ”(Luomos) described wanting to add an ‘A’ for arts to the common acronym ‘STEM.’ ”

    What he’d REALLY like to add is a deliciously ironic BS for Bitterness Studies.

    C’mon, without new entitled, coddled, I’m Told I’m A Victim That Can’t Make It On My Own blood in the pipeline, the perpetually offended/terminally whiny The Resistance will shrivel up.

    The Gotch


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Adios, Dean. Never was the phrase “good riddance” more apropos. Dave, if the School Board gig doesn’t work out, there’s still the mayor’s race.


  5. jeffsimpson7 says:

    Just an FYI to all of you anonymous trolls…..

    1. Oh my, the implied innuendo about Dave’s character —- Do you have problems reading? There was not a thing implied there at all…i was making a factual observation. Ive read his blog on occasion and his perpetual defense of anything righty. His perpetual appearances on Ms. Hate talker shows me that he could care less about personal responsibility.

    2. falsely called Dave and this blog racist multiple times — every single time i called him racist, i meant it and it was based on his writings and speech. Nothing false about it.


    • David Blaska says:

      Leave ol’ Jeff Simpson alone. He’s just parroting the Progressive Dane party line and his allies at Freedom Inc. When you cannot debate facts, cry “Racism!” douse the lights and run for cover. It’s not the first time Jeff has cheapened the public discourse.

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    • Jeff,
      If you want to tango with me you better bring your “A” game, this nonsense you’re posting isn’t going to cut it.

      jeffsimpson7 wrote, “Do you have problems reading?”

      No, I do not have problems reading or comprehending what’s actually written; however, you do seem to have problems conveying in writing a complete thought.

      jeffsimpson7 wrote, “There was not a thing implied there at all”

      Yes Jeff, you were clearly implying that Dave does not stand up for personal responsibility which would be a character flaw in any adult person.

      jeffsimpson7 wrote, “i was making a factual observation.”

      An English major you are not. This statement of yours “Since when did you stand up for personal responsibility?” is NOT a “factual observation”, a factual observation statement would have been something like “I’ve never seen you stand up for personal responsibility.” If you don’t fully understand the subtle differences here you’re not alone in the world, just swing by Monona Grove High School and have one of the English teachers explain it to you.

      jeffsimpson7 wrote, “I’ve read his blog on occasion and his perpetual defense of anything righty. His perpetual appearances on Ms. Hate talker shows me that he could care less about personal responsibility.”

      That’s not one but two irrelevant and unethical rationalizations that do not support your apparent argument that Dave doesn’t stand up for personal responsibility.

      jeffsimpson7 wrote, “every single time i called him racist, i meant it”

      Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, “I meant it” is an unethical rationalization and is not supported by anything other than the thoughts in your mind.

      jeffsimpson7 wrote, “…it was based on his writings and speech.”

      Balderdash Jeff! You have been asked by at least three people right her on this blog to provide your evidence/proof that Dave is a racist or this blog is racist but you’re a rhetorical coward and you haven’t provided anything whatsoever to support your accusation – nothing! Making a racist accusation without providing one shred of evidence, as you have done, wreaks of the tactics of a drooling partisan attack dog chasing their morally bankrupt tail with race baiting BS accusations!

      You have been challenged by at least three people on Dave’s blog to support your racist accusations and you’ve done nothing. You made the accusation, it’s up to you to prove it, otherwise you will continue to suffer the rhetorical consequences of your rhetorical cowardliness.

      jeffsimpson7 wrote, “Nothing false about it.”

      Until you’ve actually supported your accusation with facts, you will be considered a liar.

      You really are your own worst enemy. You and President Trump suffer from the same affliction, Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @Zoltar Speaks!;

        Yer wasting yer time, Jeffy’s probably swamped with moderating (HEH!!!) his blog…

        But I will attest, from my lengthy personal experience, if anyone wants a piece of youse, they damn well BETTER bring their A game.

        The Gotch

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        • Cornelius Gotchberg wrote, “if anyone wants a piece of youse, they damn well BETTER bring their A game.”

          I had a sidekick for a couple of years with whom we shared a lot of conversation and learned a lot from each other. You know who I’m talking about.


    • Jeff,
      Do you support personal responsibility?

      That Jeff was a direct question with absolutely no innuendo, no accusations, etc. All it requires from you is a simple yes or no answer.


    • By the way Jeff, I’m not anonymous to everyone here, there are at least three individuals that frequent this blog, including Dave Blaska, that have met me personally.


      • AnonyBob says:

        So, Dave and Gootch have met you? You’re still anonymous as far as this blog is concerned. As am I. If you think you’re not, then start using your real name. Take Richard’s challenge.


        • AnonyBob wrote, “So, Dave and Gootch have met you?”

          Like so many other things you’ve failed at , you also fail math; I said I’ve met three; I’ve also met personally Batman.

          AnonyBob wrote, “You’re still anonymous as far as this blog is concerned. As am I. If you think you’re not, then start using your real name. Take Richard’s challenge.”

          Thanks but I’ll remain anonymous to some as far as this blog goes. I have no problem with people choosing anonymity in discussion blogs, in fact I’ve openly encourage it. The words people type in discussion blogs are all that’s needed to represent them, their name or pseudonym is not relevant unless they are using a pseudonym that is intentionally hateful to troll others.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


          A number of regular contributors have graced The Gotch Family Picnic with their presence, @Zoltar Speaks! is an esteemed veteran attendee.

          Send me an address, I’ll see if I can’t squeeze youse in.

          Better yet, forward yer banking information & I will guarandamntee an invite…

          The Gotch


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