A truly decent man has died

That would be George Bush Sr. Resquiat in pacem. 

George Bush

The Werkes lowers its flags to half-mast as we pause to reflect on a kinder, gentler President. Doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the thrust and parry of political combat. We have an adversarial system here in this country — unlike, say, today’s Russia or … California. My kind of conservative fights back with the best of them.

But we hope to do so with a certain grace, which Mr. Bush defined more than any president of our memory, and a certain elan, which President Reagan best employed.

George H.W. Bush (we never called him that before W) led a blameless personal life. Loved his Barbara, married for 73 years, a presidential record. Wore his noblesse oblige well. (Something to be said for family fortunes.) Wrote thank you notes. (We used to call them bread & butter letters.) Credits his mother teaching that you don’t get to heaven by bragging on yourself. Maybe he should have, more often and more forcefully.

This president brought down the Berlin Wall, demolished Communist Soviet Union, and defeated Saddam Hussein. His cabinet and advisers were all-stars in any league. Was a greatest-generation, World War 2 fighter pilot, a hero shot down and plucked from the waters. Saved the world from Mike Dukakis.

The grand poobah of the Policy Werkes was thrilled to witness President Bush’s thousand points of light, first hand, in press row at the 1988 GOP convention in steamy New Orleans. Yes, we regret that he did not read his own lips. He did enact new taxes. There IS a time to go negative.

Tommy Thompson will be invited to George Herbert Walker Bush’s funeral. Donald Trump can watch on the big screen in the over-flow area.

For all that, we forget how the Left hated the man.

Tommy T

That’s Senator Bob Kasten and his missus on the right. Tommy and Sue Anne were personal friends of Barbara and George Bush.



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8 Responses to A truly decent man has died

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    The last time a grown-up was in charge of the country.


  2. Batman says:

    Sue Anne is a looker


  3. old baldy says:

    And the last R of any stripe to give a rats patoot about the environment or our natural resources. He got my vote twice.


  4. madisonexpat says:

    I do not forget the Lefties hatred for him, his son or his predecessor.
    Let the crocodile tears commence.


  5. Bill Everley says:

    GHWB is a great example of why career civil servants should be Presidents, NOT businesspeople. He knew the systems, he knew how to comport himself, he knew all the international players personally, and he cared about people and the Office of the POTUS.


    • David Blaska says:

      I don’t know that one would call Abe Lincoln a career civil servant. He served exactly one two-year term in the House of Reps, aside from some experience in the state legislature. As for business people, Donald Trump is an extreme example of the breed. Normally, they’re pretty button-down.


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