Mo Cheeks forced Soglin’s hand

The candidate for local government
who makes public safety an issue wins next April 

What did we tell you? The Stately Manor wayback machine reported over a week ago that Paul Soglin likely would seek re-election as mayor. Only we said he’d wait until after the November 6 general election on the off-chance that Tony Evers wins for governor, in which case Paul might expect a cabinet position. Which is still possible. (Paul Soglin change his mind? What day is today?)

Mo Cheeks mayor

Head start

The competition may have forced his hand sooner than intended. Soglin had to speed up his timetable because seven others have already announced. His stiffest competitor, Ald. Mo Cheeks, is already raising money.

Cheeks has only been running for mayor for the last two years as the choice of the anti-Soglin coalition on the Common Council. For his last alder re-election. Cheeks put together a steam roller of a campaign, staffed with many volunteers and paid professionals with experience running Washington campaigns. He raised record bucks. Local coffeehouse entrepreneur Lindsey Lee is raising cash for Cheeks, who figures to tap the identity politics vote. Madison lib-prog-socs are jonesing to elect their first black mayor.

paulSoglinSoglin is the business candidate

The business community, on the other hand, likes Paul Soglin. He returns their phone calls and (if you haven’t noticed) things are getting built in Madison. To his credit. 

Where Soglin is weak is on public safety — a carryover from his days as a campus anti-war protester — and his incessant need to virtue signal (see: removing a gravestone from an old burial ground). Police Chief But then, all the announced candidates are weak on public safety.

As we said Thursday (10-18-18), Soglin reflexively caters to the “public health” theory of crime fighting. The juvenile delinquents just aren’t getting enough services. Fair enough, to a point — that point being: while we’re busy healing, can we get them off the streets before they kill someone, including themselves?

Both Cheeks and Soglin threw $376,000 of taxpayer money to investigate … THE POLICE! For signs of implicit bias. None found. Soglin did lead the charge to remove the fake “homeless” beggars from busy street media strips. Anyone miss those scammers? Cheeks voted to keep them in business.

Mike Koval is asking for six additional patrol officers; Soglin’s budget only adds one detective and upgrades one patrol officer to detective.



Don’t count on Mayor Paul to show at Ald. Skidmore’s public safety listening session 6 p.m. Monday, November 5, at Blackhawk Church off Mineral Point Road. Don’t expect him either at Ald. Harrington-McKinney’s listening session 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.Wednesday, October 24, at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church,1701 McKenna Boulevard. Police Chief Mike Koval will attend both. He won’t make the same mistake that his predecessor made when Dave Cieslewicz attended Ald. Thuy Pham-Remele’s hearing at St. Maria Goretti a decade ago.

No longer just a Madison issue

Ironically, the six teenagers in two cars (stolen from Madison and from Fitchburg) who were arrested Thursday morning may have broadened Madison’s juvenile crime epidemic into a countywide issue. The young punks led three police agencies on an overnight chase throughout south-central Dane County, from Belleville and Paoli into Green County. On a school night!

Along the way they burglarized at least one home in the village of Oregon, which has not been reported by the mainstream news media. Wouldn’t be surprised if there were more. Spike strips on the roads stopped at least one of the stolen cars. Three of the teenage miscreants were captured by police dogs from Dane County, some of them well bitten, we hear.

This crime spree comes days after a 58- or 59-year-old woman (have seen it both ways) was mercilessly pummeled after leaving work on Odana Road and her car stolen and crashed by 13- and 15-year olds. (“I thought they were going to kill me.”)

In any event, we’re hearing similar woes from suburban cops in places like Verona, Sun Prairie, and Middleton.

Social media sites devoted to neighborhood issues is heavy with chatter on public safety. And indignant! Is anyone listening? Aside from Ald. Skidmore, what elected official is demanding action? The other 19 alders? The seven Madison school boarders? The 37 county boarders? Chairman Corrigan? (Who? Has a county board chairman ever had a lower profile?) County executive Parisi? Dane County’s large and Democrat(ic) legislative delegation? Who or whom?

For that matter, how about a little more leadership from the Wisconsin State Journal on the crime issue?! (They’ve been great on cops in schools.)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The candidate who makes public safety an issue wins, whether running for alder, school board, circuit judge, or mayor in next April’s non-partisan election. Paul Skidmore, are you listening?

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17 Responses to Mo Cheeks forced Soglin’s hand

  1. Dan B. says:

    What was the score when Mo Cheeks was challenged by a guy who made public safety not just the priority, but the only thing he talked about? What was the percentage difference in that alder race? Even with probably every member of the Midvale Heights nosy neighbor task force voting against Cheeks? I wonder who the guy who called in Shelia Stubbs for campaigning while black voted.


    • Steve Fitzsimmons says:

      Easy, Sparky. Your creative talents may have a place in Hollywood where you can buy a Creative License to distort facts, but it’s not needed in Madison where we already have too much of that misinformation. No one voted for Fitz in Midvale Heights. Did you see all the Mo signs in MH? Maybe you missed that. And no one called MPD on Stubbs, rather someone called on her car that the caller thought was suspiciously parked near a known drug house for hours. Perhaps you missed that too. Public safety is important despite what our intellectually challenged politicians think. People are leaving Madison because of public safety issues. Elected politicians and residents who care about Madison should care more about public safety. That was why I ran a campaign that focused on public safety, but it wasn’t the only thing I ran on, another fact you missed. Big Spender Cheeks won but I wouldn’t say it was a fair fight. He was afraid I might win knowing himself to be the alder that didn’t return constituent emails. I was by far the better candidate and would have made a positive difference here. I sure wouldn’t need a creative license to speak out on the real issues facing Madison.


  2. David Blaska says:

    And since April 2017 crime has gotten a) better? b) worse?


  3. THIS JUST IN (because Lefty’s keeping it tightly under wraps)

    Lt. Gov. Candidate Mandela Barnes Responds To 2009 Lingerie Party, Says Theme Was ‘Immature’

    The theme (how can we degrade womym even more) was a mere 9 years ago, thus well within in the 36 year look-back period established by Lefty for HS students seeking higher office.

    Trouble is, Barnes was 22 years old at the time and FAR more responsible for his actions that a guilty-as-sin 17 year-old.

    To wit:

    “Pretty In Pink A Vicky Secret Affair.” The lingerie party details explain there will be prizes “FOR THE GIRL GOIN’ THE HARDEST IN HER VICKY’S!!!”

    This is incredibly insulting to X-Chromosomal Units, especially in the #MeToo milieu, so it is IMPERATIVE that Barnes withdraw his eligibility as Ichabod’s running mate EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY

    Otherwise the pink-pussy-hatted kettle-banger-brigade will assemble and protest his every venue.

    Wait a minute.

    Barnes is a Lefty AND a protected minority, ergo, immune to any-n-all Feminista Furor?

    Never mind.

    Ah Lefty; so MUCH hypocrisy, so little time!

    The Gotch


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Funny how those forward-looking, wave-of-the-future Madison progressives have no qualms about voting for old white guys like Evers and Soglin while making snarky comments about old white guys who watch Fox News and voted for Trump. Must be one of those nuances of identity politics that only the initiated can detect.


  5. “He won’t make the same mistake that his predecessor made when Dave Cieslewicz attended Ald. Thuy Pham-Remele’s hearing at St. Maria Goretti a decade ago.”

    Ahhhh, what splendidly satisfying warmth the memory of BikeShorts getting his @$$ handed to him brings!

    That picture of him there (be still my heart!), blindsided by an unforgiving fact-based reality, with no obsequious toady VIVA La SPANDEXTERS in the crowd to bail him out. (DISCLOSURE: in all fairness, St. Maria Goretti had not yet been assimilated into the BIKIE Trail/Lane/Path/Boulevard/Bridge System)

    That hilariously hapless, pasted-on, goofy dip$#!t smile on his puss while dying a death by a thousand paper-cuts inside?


    It gets better.

    Topped ONLY by the talented Ms. Pham-Remmele’s 2011 write-in votes (including one from The Gotch) sinking that insufferable prick, with extreme prejudice, while at the same time, in a cruel twist of fate, throwing it to the incumbent.

    Oy; the ignominy!

    Speaking of the incumbent; Soglin will wipe the floor with Cheeks, who’s another personally-anointed Lefty Self-Made Man that worships his Creator.

    The Gotch


  6. President Trump: “democrats produce MOBS. Republicans produce JOBS

    @AnonyBob; that what youse mean by your still-waiting-to-be-explained face the appalling-for-us-all present comment?

    The Gotch


    • AnonyBob says:

      You’ll have to remind me about my comment and its context; it’s impossible to tell from your rambling jabberings.


        • AnonyBob says:

          It meant quit fighting yesterday’s political battles. Clintons are yesterday’s news. And to his point, Trump manages to turn every arena crowd into a big, dumb, chanting mob.
          Today you need to focus on the Big Orange One who has you bent over your makeshift desk In your mother’s basement and is furiously having his way with you, grinning like a monkey in the zoo while you keep telling yourself hopefully “he really loves me!” Newsflash: he doesn’t.


        • @AnonyBob;

          It’s painfully clear yer still singed BIG TIME for my identifying yer highfreakin’lariously hypocritical sliding scale approach to the validity of a #MeToo accuser’s accusations being based on somesuch crap about the tenure of the job applied for by the accused.

          That ’bout sum it up?

          Anywho, not that I blame youse.

          Had someone pointed out some embarrassingly inconsistent aspect of my existence, and for all the world to see (stupidly walked into, actually) because of my manifest cluelessness, I’d feel the same way.

          Let the healing begin…

          The Gotch


        • AnonyBob says:

          Blah, blah, blah.


  7. Bill Everley says:

    I think Soglin wipes Cheeks and Konkel off the map…Rhodes-Conway might stand a chance with her Prog Dane backers.


  8. madisonexpat says:

    ABob @ 5:32. That is homophobic as was your reference to teabaggers. It’s strange how you have such a sensitive dog whistle ear for RAY-cism but are deaf on your homophobic references.


    • AnonyBob says:

      You’re right. I lowered myself to Gootch’s level; nothing to be proud of there. The question, however, is when do you ever criticize him for crude homophobia? You don’t; which just makes you a plain ol’ hypocrite, which is why I’ll give your criticism all the respect and consideration it deserves. None.
      As for teabaggers, I didn’t come up with that label, that was what they called themselves. I found their ignorance of this, and SO many other things, emblematic.


      • @AnonyBob;

        “when do you ever criticize him for crude homophobia?”

        Cite or STFU!

        And lemme get this straight; yer a homophobic POS Lefty who’s come to the painful conclusion that both his ideology-n-world view are an EPIC FAIL and it’s The Gotch’s fault?

        Got it!

        Regressing at warp speed in real time, yet blissfully unaware.


        The Gotch


        • AnonyBob says:

          I’ll be happy to start pointing out your crude homophobia to you and Splat. You can’t go long without doing it.


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