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Paul Soglin ain’t in but he ain’t out, either.

Paul Soglin may not be in but don’t count him out. Mayor-for-life Soglin does not like the current cast of characters who have announced for mayor — seven at last count — particularly Mo Cheeks, a poseur if ever there … Continue reading

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Hateful liberal spits on grave of Gov. Walker’s father

If you doubted that the Left is motivated by hate, consider the reaction of this Madison liberal to the news that Gov. Scott Walker’s father died over the weekend. The reaction of one liberal-progressive-socialist hater to condolences posted by Lindsey … Continue reading

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The Squire of Blaska Manor will restore order

If they cannot defeat, they destroy. If they cannot debate, they disrupt. That is the modus operandi of the hard Left which, if you doubt, has taken over the Democrat(ic) party. Progressives and full-on socialists take over local government from … Continue reading

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