Whoever called the cops on Shelia Stubbs: cautious, paranoid, or just plain racist?

As Patsy Cline sang: who’s sorry now?

The Lovely Lisa, doyenne of the Stately Manor, has served notice that she will have a “discussion” with your Squire this evening over a glass of wine.

That’s spelled “Uh, oh!”

Apparently your Humble Squire had pressed legal tender into the outstretched hand of a young man at the door who was claiming to raise money for a basketball charity. Without the services of an attorney and unable to insist (like Kavanaugh’s accuser) that this evening just won’t work, Blaska must submit to the inquisitor’s hostile questioning of an event that occurred days ago — if it happened at all, which I won’t admit.

The young man, it is alleged, was “of color” and had no paperwork identifying the alleged charity. What was your Squire supposed to do, issue a swift boot to his caboose accompanied by a choice imprecation of the four-letter variety?

Perhaps it is the Squire who is the victim here. Having been of the Democrat(ic) dissuasion in his dissolute youth and remaining stubbornly male and identifying as irredeemably white, the troubling prospect occurs that perhaps your Bloggeur suffers from residual liberal guilt. 

Which is why Blaska will resort this evening, over sauvignon blanc, to the Iron Stache strategy: Hey, nobody’s perfect. Never promised you a rose garden. How ‘bout them Brewers! My glass is half empty.

This round-about prologue is how we back into an embarrassing affair hereabouts.


Doesn’t look too dangerous. But she IS a Democrat.

Is racism at work here?

Without a Republican opponent in November’s general election, Shelia Stubbs is the apparent successor to my state rep, Terese Berceau. Campaigning during the contested Democratic primary Ms. Stubbs was going door-to-door somewhere in the 77th District the evening of August 7. 

One of my neighbors called the cops. Ms. Stubbs, if you did not know, is “of color.” The story even made Newsweek.

Is racism at work here? That’s being debated as we write over on the NextDoor social networking site for our neighborhood and those surrounding.

The dispatcher’s notes from the call for service do not reference race but say: “FULLY OCCUPIED SILVER 4 DR SEDAN NEWER MODEL – THINKS THEY ARE WAITING FOR DRUGS AT THE LOCAL DRUG HOUSE – WOULD LIKE THEM MOVED ALONG.”

Brian from Orchard Ridge asserts:

It is a race issue. There is an ingrained perception by white people that black people are categorically more dangerous and are up to no good. Nobody is saying that someone is a racist for calling the police, but the fact is that police calls on black people “acting suspiciously” far outweigh those of any other race here in Madison.

Tim from Greentree counters: 

This is about neighbors being alert and looking out for suspicious activity.  That’s subjective but better to be safe than sorry. That’s what public safety and police are for. To determine if there is anything and if not then to let people on their way. Not doing anything wrong, then why worry? Police aren’t the enemy, you know. They are here to help keep things safe and serve our communities. …

A car parked with people sitting in it in front of a house for an extended period of time is suspicious if someone doesn’t know why they’re there.  No matter what color they are.  I’m sure you’re aware that thieves, traveling in groups, ring doorbells to see if someone is home and then breaks in. That’s what the police do to protect everyone in our neighborhoods.

Suspect the unfamiliar

It’s a sad postscript of neighborhood crime that the unusual becomes suspect. Post 9/11, especially, we’re all told to keep our eyes open for the unusual, the out of place. A lady in Midvale Heights posts: 

Cops being called on is traumatizing experience, especially when statistics shows it can end badly based on race. I doubt people are calling the cops on everyone walking through the neighborhood. It is the underlying racial/implicit bias of black people don’t belong in this neighborhood and black people are criminals.

Chris from Midvale Heights: 

The white guy I called the police on went through my neighbor’s car while she was in and out of her garage. That was not a race issue. There was a guy in my front yard a few nights ago going around to the back.  

Reginald from Dunn’s Marsh:

  it’s also possible that person was just worried when they saw an occupied car that had been there for a while. If there’s no actual evidence to suggest that racial bias was a factor, but that’s the narrative that you want to push anyways, then don’t be surprised when people don’t take it seriously when you try to point out actual legitimate examples of racism.

I’m not even saying that call to the police was necessary, as it clearly wasn’t. But there’s a difference between someone who is overly cautious or paranoid versus someone who’s a racist.

Margit from Midvale Heights: 

As a white-haired Caucasian woman, I have done lots of canvassing, sometimes sitting in my car and reading lists. Nobody has ever, over many years, called the police on me. I don’t doubt that my skin color has protected me from suspicion.

Casting the second stone

Got to admit Blaska has darkened many of the doors of greater southwest Madison and parts of Fitchburg in his several quests for public office and never been confronted by responding gendarmes. Chased by dogs and two Progressive Dane supporters (in separate incidents), yes. But no cops. But then, he did not have an occupied car lurking at the ready, either.

Then again, he has never broken into anyone’s garage and stolen their bicycles, either. Or faked soliciting for a non-existent charity. But he has been accused of racism for asking cops be kept in our troubled high schools, for building a jail providing treatment services, and for requiring high standards of a fellow elected official who threatened county employees.

We don’t know if that particular, unnamed street actually does have an active drug house. We had one up the ways a bit on Hammersley road. It’s now been torn down.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Experience is an imperfect teacher. That works both ways.

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10 Responses to Whoever called the cops on Shelia Stubbs: cautious, paranoid, or just plain racist?

  1. Dan B. says:

    I’ve read a lot of mushmouth confusion on this blog over the years, but this might take the cake. I wonder how many of your neighbors surveyed on Nextdoor (an older, whiter, less curious Facebook) are of color (notice the lack of scare quotes there). The correct move here is not to rationalize or justify, it’s to apologize. We’re sorry, Rep. Stubbs. You did not deserve to have the cops called on you for participating in our democracy. If Blaska won’t apologize, I will apologize for him. If the 911 caller chooses to claim alertness rather than dim-bulbery, I’ll apologize for him, too. We are all sorry. So, very sorry. Such a sorry lot we are.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Dan B.;

      “We are all sorry.”

      Speak for yerself, you White Guilt suffocated Lefty!

      The Gotch


      • Bill Everley says:

        you are truly a cretin in the underbelly of society if you think this woman isn’t owed an apology.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          Poor @Bill Everley, sad @Bill Everley, eminently ButtHurt @Bill Everley;

          “if you think this woman isn’t owed an apology.”

          The only apology those inhabiting a fact-based Universe should offer would be being sorry there aren’t more monumentally imbecilic Lefties to ply.

          Anyone not in possession of a ca ca crammed cranium would take a closer look at a few externalities.

          First: this took place over 5 weeks ago, why did it take so long for Lefty’s Virtue Signalling to hit warp speed?

          Second, and pay VERY close attention to this.

          Notes _From _The_Call_For_Service, ~ 06:57 p.m. CDT 08/07/2018:


          Detect any mention of race, Black People, or raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism?

          I don’t either, it was an after-market add-on by race-hustlers sensing an opportunity.
          to work terminally White-Guilt-Suffocated idiot Lefties (forgive the redundancy).

          Life’s tough, it’s even tougher when you’s are a Lefty Moron Savant!

          The Gotch


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Besides “Newsweek,” this story also made the national evening news and “The Daily Show.” Whether or not the caller was justified in deciding to sic the cops on Sheila, it was a delight to see it happening in Madison, the epicenter of liberal self-righteousness, which now must bear this enduring shame. Equally shameful is the fact that Sheila (or any other Democrat) is guaranteed a political office simply by virtue of her party affiliation.


  3. We’ve had burglaries, car thefts and car break ins and drug deals in my neighborhood over the last few years. Neighbors on my street look out for each other and each others property. Better to be safe than sorry. If I see a suspicious person or vehicle, I don’t care what color the person or persons are and I am going to notify police on the non-emergency line. Last year I reported a WHITE woman that I felt was looking to do a drug deal on our street. It turns out the neighborhood officer told me I was correct and her husband also had major drug convictions too. I WILL protect my family and my property that I have worked hard to obtain. Color doesn’t matter.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    I’m pals with Carousel, who started that neighborsnextdoor thread, and Margit, who contributed to it.

    They’re both Whiteys canvassing White neighborhoods and they didn’t draw attention? There’s a shocker!

    To both of them I say, do what you’s did over on Allied Drive & Thurston Lane, or Fisher Street and see if you’s don’t raise some eyebrows or attract some unwanted attention.

    As someone whose skin color isn’t the neighborhood norm I’ve gotten that each time (~ 10 times in the last 4 years) I’ve visited a client who lives on Thurston.

    Approaching my client’s building as a well-dressed Whitey, I’ve gotten “what the F**K are youse doing here” any number of number of times.

    Same thing going to a funeral of a Black pal’s Mother on Fisher Street 2.5 years ago.

    A few years back I was early for a Black client meeting in Milwaukee (near N. 14th & W. Capitol Dr.) and was killing time doing a crossword puzzle a couple of blocks away in my car. Cops rolled up and inquired my business, I told them, they rolled on.

    Now, someone juuuuuuuuuust might have called the cops on me. Did I scream raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism?

    Not exactly.

    When I told my clients, they said : “Gotch, what do youse expect happens when we see some strange White boy in our neighborhood?”

    Did I scream raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism?

    Not exactly.

    But we all had a good laugh.

    Like @Carmine Giannattasio says, and I’ve done; I don’t care if you’re a paisley-complected, binary tri-ped, if I see something out of the ordinary, I’m going to do something about it.

    And I’m not going to let some “mushmouth confused” White Guilt suffocated Lefty (like @Dan B.) try (however weakly) to shame me out of it.

    The Gotch


  5. old baldy says:

    The Stubbs incident and the reaction of the majority of the commenters above is exactly the reason I choose not to live in that type of neighborhood. You tough guys are afraid of your shadow.

    Dan B was insufficient in his disgust for your ilk . Now go ahead, wear out the bold function on your keyboard trying to make fun of me with your juvenile and mis-spelled rants.

    Ms. Stubbs, please accept my apologies.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @hankdog/old baldy;

      “Dan B was insufficient in his disgust for your ilk .”

      Oh my, we don’t see the world the same way as you’s? The humanity!

      “trying to make fun of me”

      All I’m doing is sitting back in amazement while youse do all the work.

      “Ms. Stubbs, please accept my apologies.”

      THAT is the most seriously useless Virtue Signalling I’ve ever wasted time reading! The highfreakin’larious thing? Youse don’t even realize it.

      If youse think Stubbs will ever read it and validate your staggering White Lefty Guilt, I gotta bridge yer going to LUV. In a fact-based Universe, all yer doing is goosing yer endorphins while simultaneously engaging in feverish hand-wringing and deep furrowing of yer brow.

      Don’t forget the “Look At Me” bumper stickers, “I’m Dialed In” lapel ribbons, and “Gosh I’m Nice” awareness bracelets. They’ll do every bit as much; less than nothing!

      The Gotch


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    @Humble Squire;

    It’s déjà vu all over again. A young person of color rang the bell here @ ~02:00 p.m. CDT but the lovely and long-suffering Mrs. Gotch didn’t get there until he was walking away.

    I was walking my Good Golden Girl ~ 20 minutes later and waved to a passing LE vehicle. He circled the block and zoomed past again. Traveling east along Odana Road, I was almost run over by a young person of color running south across Odana, mid-block and toward the 12th tee.

    As a recovering Lefty (non-participating as we call ourselves at the meetings) I fought mightily the urge to let it go (his needs surely hadn’t been met) but I called 911.

    After they answered, two LE vehicles approached, I hung up and motioned one over, alerting them to his direction and possible whereabouts

    Later, I talked with a LE officer taking a statement from one of my neighbors; they’d found him and were holding him.

    Lo-n-behold, he’d been soliciting for some nondescript BB charity and ran when LE saw him; he even changed clothes during the pursuit.

    Now, if Lefty has an explanation for why someone doing nothing wrong runs from LE AND changes clothes, I’m all ears.

    Perhaps he’d heard that Madison LE is trained to kill Black children?

    The Gotch


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