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I have seen posts about such an event before this, but I want to alert my neighbors to the fact that it is now happening right here, across the street from the Ridgewood Pool.  Monday night, about 10:50 pm,  my doorbell rang.  A young-looking black woman in shorts and a jacket, in tears, stood there, asking for money to get a hotel room for her and her granddaughter for the night.  She went on to talk about her mother recently dying and her being thrown out of that house and having more and more problems.  I interrupted her and told her that I would call the police to take her to a shelter, which she declined.  She asked me what time it was and then left.  I did call the police and spoke to an officer a few moments later.  This officer said that she had not heard of such an incident before, and suggested that perhaps the woman was looking for drug money.  She also suggested that I should not have opened the door at all. Which suggestion I will follow.  Especially since someone got into my car and ransacked the glove compartment and console compartment during the daylight hours while I was in the house just a few weeks ago.  Thanks to the many warnings on this network, I no longer had my garage door opener in the car.  I no longer leave the garage door open for even a few minutes while I go inside either.  I hope this helps someone else avoid a scare.

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  1. Thanks Dave! We have the same problems on the East side also. East Buckeye and Elvehem and other neighborhoods. Basically all over Madison. If I am not expecting someone to come over I answer the door Well prepared with the security storm door locked.

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  2. BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!! says:

    Are his needs being met now? 3 hots and a cot? oh yeah that is crime of poverty so we should just release him back right away.


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Seriously! Who the F**K goes out at nearly 11:00 to tell their sob story?

    Reminds me of the first (and last) time The Gotch got played.

    A few years back at Christmas, some guy came to the door, dropped some accurate neighborhood references, piqued me with an impassioned tale of considerable woe, and left with $20. As he was driving away, I observed a smug “I sure f***ed him” smirk to his passenger.

    Overcome by second thoughts, I called a street-wise pal who, while barely suppressing an audible guffaw, informed me that I’d just “made a donation.” To add insult to injury, her mother, laughing her ass off in the background, says: “You tell Gotch I’m on my way over, and he ain’t gonna get rid of me for less than a Fiddy.”


    Upon alerting the Madison Gendarmerie, a less-than-sympathetic chuckling LE officer gave me a similar offer.

    Ouch 2.0!

    Later that day, I went up the block to the house we were refurbishing and told my story to the carpet guy.

    Sez he: “You know, that same guy stopped by here too. I told him to set aside some of his haul for acting lessons.”

    Ouch 3.0!

    That neighbors thread conspicuously lacked the usual Guilt-Suffocated White Lefty anguished spittle-flecked slobberings of raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism that similar earlier posts showed in abundance.


    The Gotch


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