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Did the bed break?

Why aren’t you watching the Brewers game? And drinking beer with your friends, like Judge Kavanaugh! Did the bed break?  Is that a fair question? Wish the Republican senators’ designated questioner had asked the Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser last week. Christine … Continue reading

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Are you [now or have you ever been] a gang rapist?

[ UPDATE: Sen. Flake says let the FBI find out what it can in one week and then vote. Sen. Lindsay Graham is asked if that will make America feel better about the nominee and the process. He answers (to … Continue reading

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The troublemakers should sit in review of school police

Madison school board committee buys into school-to-prison pipeline theory School police must be restrained from harassing kids; students should be taught their criminal justice rights and — unbelievably! — the  troublemakers will sit in review of the cops’ actions! They’re … Continue reading

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Student shot near La Follette H.S.

Kids! Where do you stand on cops in schools, Ald. Hall? A car just driving through the area at the time of the shooting was hit by a bullet, and police spokesman Joel DeSpain said the driver was lucky. “A … Continue reading

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Shelia Stubbs wants her pound of flesh

Refuses apology, blames citizen — not active drug house  State Rep.-elect Shelia Stubbs, D-Madison, is milking the Madison-is-racist narrative for all it is worth. She is demanding that the fearful resident who reported a neighborhood drug house show himself despite … Continue reading

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The Squire blew off Monday’s school board meeting

‘Can’t stop people from disrupting’ The Squire observed the Madison Board of Education at the safe remove of the Manor’s ancient b&w Philco. His positive behavior reinforcement coaches are marshaling the Squire’s diminishing energy for the confrontation sure to come at … Continue reading

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