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Monday’s school board meeting — the cop haters will be there. Will we?

SHOW UP BEFORE 6 P.M. TO REGISTER TO SPEAK. (Time limit: 3 minutes) Isn’t it about time the Madison School Board heard from us citizens? The cadres from Freedom Inc. (FI) Youth Brigade and the International Socialist Organization will hector … Continue reading

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Let the sun shine in!

Man that sunshine sure feels good today! Disasters are something that happens elsewhere until it happens here. The Stately Manor and its denizens were lucky. Our basement drain actually drained once the crud was scraped off! Except for a few … Continue reading

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Madison’s Left needs enemies to explain its failures

The Left needs enemies to explain its failures.  When Stalin’s latest five-year plan failed, as inevitably it would, he rounded up the usual suspects for show trials. The Kulaks (wealthy peasants) were rounded up beginning in 1929. Millions of Ukrainians … Continue reading

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No more saving for a rainy day

We’re inundated with too much weather  The white lab coats are wearing hip boots at Stately Blaska Manor today. Our sensitive instrumentation (an ash pail left outside) recorded 9 inches of precipitation Monday, four of which settled in the subterranean … Continue reading

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Our tax dollars financed ban on cops from Madison Gay Shame Parade

‘Simply pathetic’ Still waiting for that first elected official to denounce the cop hate The City of Madison, Dane County, and the State of Wisconsin are major funders of Outreach, the organization that caved to the International Socialist Organization and … Continue reading

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Guilty white liberals are their own parody 

New York Times gets pranked! ‘I’m riddled with shame. White shame. … I feel like my literal existence hurts people …’ — Whitey This is a letter to an actual advice column published August 14, 2018 by the terminally Trump-deranged New … Continue reading

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