No more saving for a rainy day

We’re inundated with too much weather 

The white lab coats are wearing hip boots at Stately Blaska Manor today. Our sensitive instrumentation (an ash pail left outside) recorded 9 inches of precipitation Monday, four of which settled in the subterranean caverns below the manor where the vast right wing conspiracy holds its satanic rituals.

Seemed like every time we looked at the weather radar, western Dane county was one roiling red blob. It rained long and it rained hard. The indentured servants report hearing emergency vehicles throughout the night. A Madison fire truck stopped outside the manor at 1:40 this morning to check out the lake that had grown from the small pond on the south side of the Beltline, across from Odana Hills golf course. Water was gushing up through their basement drain like Old Faithless.

At that, Orchard Ridge was lucky. The basement seems to be draining and, given a few months, will flow past the French Quarter in New Orleans after flooding several states along the way. We got out easy.

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Mazomanie appears to be underwater; there’s no way in or out. A hundred people are sheltered in the fire station. The Highway 14 bridge at Black Earth is washed out. Cars are stranded in Middleton. 

An automobile dealership in Cross Plains is flooded. 

Mineral Point Road between Grand Canyon Drive and Gammon Road on Madison’s far west side is under water. 

To make matters worse, the global climate change scolds are making clucking sounds.

Our gay liberal friend Greg Humphrey decided to “experience” the flooding and is lucky not to become a casualty. His account is here.

Indict John Brennan

What’s this? The New York Times actually permitted a Trump supporter to weigh in on the eternal Russian meddling investigation that has managed to ensnare actual Russians but no Trump figures.

One Chris Buskirk writes that  former chief CIA spook John Brennan, “and a self-declared supporter of the Communist Party candidate for president in 1976 …”

claims that he knows that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. To my mind, in making this claim, he provided ample evidence of why he should not possess a security clearance. Because if he does actually know this — and if his knowledge is based on information gained through the use of his clearance — then he is guilty of a grave security breach. If not, well, then he’s just a windbag. … Perhaps Mr. Brennan will describe for us, under oath, the source of his information about the alleged collusion. That would be interesting. 

The news media wants us to think for ourselves?

No good deed goes unpunished

We reported that local government’s experiment with permanently housing “wet” alcoholics on Tree Lane was attracting fights. The contracted social services agency operating the housing tried to counter by restricting visitors. In stepped Brenda Konkel to assert all kinds of rights without, of course, any responsibility. So the fighting continues.

Sunday, August 12, 3:24 p.m. Police officers responded to Tree Lane for a disturbance and located two juveniles/suspects involved (15-year-old AAF and 16-year-old AAF). The 16-year-old complied with officers’ orders but the 15-year-old attempted to walk away/resisted contact.  The 15-year-old’s behavior escalated – she kicked at officers, pulled away from officers, refused to ID herself, etc.).  She was placed under arrest and conveyed to the Juvenile Reception Center for resisting.  Investigation continuing.

Tuesday, August 14, 1:06 p.m. Police officers responded to Tree Lane for a vehicle parked in the lot that was reported stolen.  Officers observed a juvenile/suspect (13-year-old AAM) walk towards the stolen vehicle.  The juvenile was instructed to stop and he did not.  The juvenile fled on foot.  The juvenile was apprehended.  A second juvenile/suspect (15-year-old AAM) was also located/identified.  Both juveniles were transported to the Juvenile Reception Center on multiple charges (13-year-old charged with operating a motor vehicle without consent, resisting and possession of marijuana; 15-year-old had a pending capias/warrant).

Saturday, August 18, 11:05 p.m. Multiple callers were reporting a fight occurring in the 7900 block of Tree Ln (Madison Supportive Housing), involving approximately 30 individuals.  During the fight, someone possibly got pepper sprayed by other people involved in the fight.  Subjects had fled as officers arrived on scene.  Those remaining on scene did not want to speak to officers and anyone who may have been pepper sprayed did not come forward.  Officers remained on scene thereafter in order to ensure stability.  Investigation continuing.

Remember this when you see Brenda Konkel’s name on the ballot for mayor of Madison.

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2 Responses to No more saving for a rainy day

  1. westsidesue says:

    Tree Lane…it’s like a malignant tumor these days…ish like that will just spread and meet itself at Raymond, Schroeder and McKee Road. Soon it will be a no-go zone.


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Alder Matt Phair & The Gotch probably couldn’t agree on an ice cream flavor, but he (and his wife & someone else) deserve the ultimate shout-out!

    They did what we all like to think we’d do; put our @$$e$ on the line & into harm’s way to help another that’s in grave danger.

    They were able to rescue two of the three in a car stranded in the rushing water off Chapel Hill Road yesterday. The third was ripped from their grasp by the surging currents; his body was found this morning.

    H/T Mr. Phair, you’ve earned a chip in the Big Game!

    The Gotch


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