Former liberal school board member and ex-teachers union boss support EROs

Let’s end this madness BEFORE the 6 p.m. Monday, July 30 meeting
of the full Madison Board of Education.

This citizen of Madison has asked each of the seven school board members these questions:

  1. Will you assure the parents and citizens of the Madison Metro School District that the bullying behavior exhibited at the July 18 committee meeting will not be tolerated in the future? And how will you do so?
  2. Will you introduce or support a resolution to retain the educational resource officers in our four high schools beyond the 2018-19 school year, when the current contract expires? 
  3. Will you also entertain proposals to extend that service to our middle schools? 

Madison Board of Education: L-R: Mary Burke, T.J. Mertz, Nicki Vander Meulen, Dean Loumos, Gloria Reyes, Kate Toews, James Howard

While we await a response from just one courageous member, a former school member whom I once accused of residing in the pocket of the teachers union has come out foursquare for educational resource officers in the schools. 

She is Marj Passman. This is what Marj wrote on the same NextDoor on-line thread at which Blaska was accused of being a white supremacist perve:

‘Teachers want EROs’

This in reply to an email I received from Freedom Inc.: 

Marg Passman


Dear Progressive Friends,

I rarely differ from you on major issues but this time I must. Until there is major gun legislation in our country we must try to protect the most vulnerable in our society, our children. 

We live in a period of time when any disturbed person can amass weapons, walk into a school and start killing anyone in their sights. Not only have children been killed but teaching staff as well. When there is no one skilled nearby teachers have selflessly stepped forward only to lose their lives as well. 

The vast majority of teachers want EROs and I support their needs. 

Yes, each ERO must be trained in dealing with children of all needs and if doing a poor job, must be replaced immediately. I also would like as many men and women of color to be recruited as possible. 

In my many visits to schools as a Board member I have seen students gathering around their ERO to chat and to get to know one another. They are seeing, perhaps for the first time a non-threatening police officer. 

It is a reflection of out times that we need these people but need them, we do. Please be assured that this is not the inception of a Police State but to reassure ourselves that we must do whatever we can to be there for our students. 

It would be criminal to do otherwise. — Marj Passman

One more educator chimed in on our NextDoor social media site, the legendary Paul du Vair, one of the founders of the statewide teachers union and once its president.

Keep in mind that police officers in our schools are there to protect kids from themselves more than from outsiders. Taught at East for decades.

Brain teaser quiz

Which local black leaders are calling for expelling EROs? Tyrone Bell? Wayne Strong? Richard Brown? Kaleem Caire? Isaac Knox? Mo Cheeks? Coach Assad? Michael Johnson? Alex Gee? Marcus Allen? Anthony Cooper? James Howard? Jerome Dillard? Aaron Hicks?

The answer: None of the above.

e-mail icon  Tell the Madison school board you want cops in the high schools, the middle schools, and at future school board meetings.


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  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    The people listed in The Brainteaser Question; has FreeDUMB Inc tarred them as racist/White Supremacists yet?

    Or will they be ascribed the labels reserved (Uncle Tom, Sell-Out, and far worse) for minorities that don’t think the way they’re supposed to think?

    The Gotch


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