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Striking the Confederate Rest stone is cheap moral preening

Madison’s Me-Too movement The board of directors here at the Blaska Policy Werkes unceremoniously demoted the chief fact-checker here at the Manor, stripped off his epaulets, and canceled his subscription to Guns and Garden magazine. For the first time in … Continue reading

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Madison Ald. Matt Phair: ‘Whatever’

Ald. Phair’s virtue is far superior to the one-armed veterans of the Union cause who shed blood so that all Americans could be free A Madison citizen e-mailed Ald. Matt Phair, urging that the memorial stone to the Madison woman who cared … Continue reading

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Confederate Rest memorial stone meant to heal wounds of Civil War

The band played ‘Dixie’ as Confederate POWs were marched to Camp Randall What a spectacle it must have been that Sunday, April 20, 1862! The Civil War had been raging for a full year, Wisconsin boys had mustered out of Camp Randall … Continue reading

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Anti-Trump news media blames itself for not being more partisan

Hey Mark Pocan, does your offer to hire Andrew McCabe still stand? The Resistance is certain Trump Must Be Guilty of Something. But what? Conspiring with Vladimir? Hiring hookers? Firing Jim Comey? Developing real estate? The Left’s We-Know-Who-Dunnit novel appears … Continue reading

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Diversity in the Madison Hive means ‘all in favor, fall in line’

Spring arrived at the Stately Manor on Friday, which explains the slowdown at the Policy Werkes.  The indentured servants installed crash bars to protect the Squire’s Moto Guzzi and its 90-degree, horizontally opposed twin fire pots. Only took all afternoon … Continue reading

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Lighten up, guilty white liberal

The joke is on you! Heard that canard about our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances having no sense of humor. That canard happens to be true. As proof, we present Carousel Andrea Bayrd, county supervisor from Madison’s West side and aggrieved white liberal. … Continue reading

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