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4 sex offenders + probation + electronic bracelets = a Madison tragedy


“Tossed her around like a rag doll”

This is for all you social justice warriors whose mission in life is to Derail the Jail because … because … because?

Three men convicted of sexual assault were released early on probation to a Dept of Corrections halfway house on St. Paul Avenue just outside of Madison. Now all three have pleaded guilty to another sexual assault.

Two have already been sentenced; one will serve 15 years in prison, the other 20 years. But those sentences don’t start until after they finish serving sentences for their earlier sexual assaults, now that their extended supervision and probation have been revoked. Same with the third guy when he is sentenced for the latest assault.

A fourth man is accused of bringing the girl to the halfway home. Three of the four were wearing electronic monitoring bracelets at the time. More here and here.

The 17-year-old victim committed suicide about a month after the July 2016 incident.

Stately Blaska Manor invites comment from the Derail the Jail cadres and an explanation, county supervisors, for building a smaller jail with less capacity. And maybe how all you feminists can go #metoo but be down with catch and release.