Blaska Policy Werkes

Arrest the social justice brownshirts


“This is what democracy looks like,” the Derail the Jail mob chanted Monday night as they disrupted a scheduled meeting of the Dane County Board of Supervisors.

No, this is what the Bolshevik putsch 100 years ago looked like. This is what Mao’s Cultural Revolution looked like. This is what brownshirts do in banana republics.

For at least 40 minutes self-appointed social justice vigilantes chanted their mindless slogans and shouted their propaganda in an attempt to derail (if you’ll pardon the expression) the democratic process Monday night in Madison, WI. Their intent was to impose the will of the minority on the majority who were elected by the citizenry.

The mob attempted to deny the elected representatives of the people of Dane County their right — their duty — to speak on important issues. Those who tried to speak could not be heard. Votes were difficult to tally.

The Policy Werkes is being asked why were these vandals not arrested on the spot. Our opinion is that doing so would have created a war zone. Bodies dragged off the floor. Bad optics. Martyrs.

Others have suggested that board members should have decamped to another room. NO! The second-floor chambers is where the County Board meets. Monday’s budget meeting was officially noticed for that room. They will not be moved. In any event, the Che Guevara wannabes would have followed them into another room.

Credit to board chair Sharon Corrigan for going ahead with the jail vote despite the harassment (Only supervisors Hendrick, Matano, Wegleitner, and Killmer voted no. All are Progressive Dane.)

But the anarchists need to be held accountable. The ringleaders must be arrested. Today is not too soon but any time this week is fine. Even tomorrow. The community will give Thanksgiving that this assault on democracy is being set right.

Give the Derail the Jail mobsters a close-up tour of the antiquated 7th floor county jail — the one they contend should not be replaced.

Criminal conspiracy

It is clear that this so-called protest was planned and rehearsed. There was malice aforethought. Its leaders visibly led the “Houses Not Cages” and “Black Lives Matter” chants from the floor of the chambers. There is video evidence. (If black lives really mattered to these people, why would they allow their murderers to go free?)

To allow this attack on our democratic institutions to go unpunished encourages more mob rule. Think what would be Madison’s reaction if the Tea Party were responsible. Or if conservatives decide to drop the other shoe.

We get it that The Capital Times is saving its powder. The bullhorn shouters are their people, after all. But where the hell is the Wisconsin State Journal? Where is the outrage?

The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents adopted a policy protecting free speech on its campuses. A few days later, campus concealed carry advocate Katie Pavlich was allowed to speak AND dissenters held a peaceful protest rather than risk expulsion.

Actions have consequences. So does inaction.