Madison’s median strip grifters proven a scam

Since we are in a good mood on this sunny Friday, let’s count our blessings. We’re not at war, the stock market is soaring, the economy is booming, tax cuts are coming, the Badgers are winning and … and … and those median strip grifters are off Madison streets!

Gone, forgotten and not missed! One can actually stop at the traffic light and not have to avert eye contact with an obviously healthy scammer posing as homeless in an attempt to guilt-trip the gullible for some tax-free loot. The backdrop: “Help Wanted” signs posted on all the surrounding retail stores.

After an early education campaign (complete with city attorney-approved leaflets listing Madison’s abundant “resources”), Police Chief Mike Koval updates the citizenry on the first six months of enforcement. (If you are not subscribed to Police Chief Mike Koval’s blog and daily crime report you are missing some of the best reading in town. Go ahead and bookmark it now. We’ll wait.)

Got it? Let’s proceed. Chief Koval reports “the safety concerns about those hanging out on or about the busy medians were largely addressed and the incidents have dropped considerably.”

Only eight people were issued misdemeanor citations. And what is the bottom line? It is as the Chief, Hizzoner the Mayor, and the Squire of the Stately Manor have told you all along: these people are not homeless. Only one of the eight arrested for median strip scamming proved to be homeless. (And begging on median strips is NOT suitable means to acquire a bed and breakfast.) The other seven all or most of the time admitted to having home addresses. (As we have learned, most of the scammers were dropped off at their assigned intersections from their motel rooms.)

Even the one guy arrested 15 times (one Gary Alexander, last jailed Sept. 23 and released 24 hours later) listed a home address the majority of the time. One other rebuke to you social justice warriors: they’re mostly white. Here are the results:

median scammers

Here, again, are the eight alders who voted to make the median strip scammers a permanent blight on the city of Madison.


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2 Responses to Madison’s median strip grifters proven a scam

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    In light of the success in clearing the median strips of these scammers, city officials might want to turn their attention to Library Mall, where hordes of “””the homeless””” have set up camp (as usual, most are young, able-bodied, and perfectly capable of holding up a cardboard sign with one hand while stretching the other imploringly toward passers-by. (Couldn’t they at least get one of those jobs that entails holding up a sign pointing to new condos or cash-for-gold stores?). As for the Madison liberals from Central Casting who voted to allow panhandling anywhere and everywhere, they’re always motivated more by virtue-signaling than by any desire to provide a safe environment for all citizens.


  2. The ingrate eight! No surprise here.


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