Identity politicians: demand gender equity in the Dane County jail!

Tell us, Don Pardo, who is today’s “Housing, not Handcuffs” winner?

Squire David, today’s Derail the Jail poster boy is Cornelius Britton, age 21, for (allegedly) deliberately luring a cop to Russett Road on Madison’s southwest side on October 6 with gunshots for the express purpose of targeting said police officer. Also suspected in other shootings, felony retail theft, and a domestic incident in which he threatened to kill a relative: his own mother.

Thanks, Don Pardo. I know the competition was fierce. Sounds like our winner has a lot of “unmet needs,” as Stately Manor visitor “Allison” and her friends in the Left like to say. If the story checks out, Cornelius definitely needs housing — Very Secure Housing — AND handcuffs!

Cornie succeeds last month’s winner, Steven Pirus, the guy who killed his wife (Insert here the requisite: “allegedly”) and then blew up the house to cover up the deed. (As Billy Sol Hurok used to say, “it blew up real good.”) That guy (whoever done it) REALLY needs housing AND handcuffs.

Free the 350

If they have the right identities. Freedom Inc.’s banner

Allison, you had your hand up. What would you like to say?

Had MOST of the people who commit crimes grown up with their basic needs met, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

Thank you Allison. That was precious. You do know that one of these guys is white, the other black? I might differentiate which is which but what would be the point? But hey, at least they’re both men! (Those oppressors!)

Men jailIf David Blaska would return to the harness of elective politics, he would put up a binding resolution that would state:

It shall be illegal for any County of Dane entity to consider race, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity in ordinance, zoning, purchasing, contracts, hiring or employment. 

Hmm. Doesn’t that sound like anti-discrimination laws already on the books?

When that resolution goes down to defeat, Blaska proposes that the county add gender equity to the toxic brew. 79% of the inmates held at the Dane County jail are men. That is unacceptable and inequitable.

Socialism in law enforcement

Derail the Jail is part of the socialist movement. Indeed, many of its sponsors are avowedly socialist, the remainder are by inclination. The great leveling project of socialism demands that the number of, say, incarcerated Samoans match their proportion in the general population.

This is where the Dane County Board is at today.  Because this august body views everything through “a racial equity lens.” (“When race is all you see …”)

“Racial equity.” The races must be equal. Not treated equally for the same standard of performance but to demand an even racial scoreboard.

It is not distant ground to go from demanding that goods attained by achievers be stripped and redistributed to those who did not achieve to demanding that consequences for anti-societal behavior be apportioned just as equally.

“If you want to stop that violence, you’ve gotta stop people from not having enough. — M. Adams of Freedom Inc.

‘Identity politics death grip’

Dane County and City of Madison government are in what City Journal, that essential publication of the Manhattan Institute, calls “The identity politics death grip.”

When identity politics provides the lens through which one sees the world, changing the perspective is regarded as self-blinding.

Identity politics … presuppos[es] that the most important thing about us is that we are white, black, male, female, straight, gay, and so on. …Identity politics supposes that we are our identities, politics does not consist in the speech, argument, and persuasion of normal politics but instead, in the calculation of resource redistribution based on identity — what in Democratic parlance is called “social justice.”

… As for the poor, a half-century of federal payouts, introduced with Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society, has not eased their burden. These government programs proved so unsuccessful, in fact, that Democrats have needed to create new narratives to explain their failure: perhaps the real reason for poverty in America, they came to conclude, has nothing to do with money, which politics can presumably fix, but with fault and guilt.

The poor are poor because of their identity, the Democrats now say: they are innocent, finding themselves in adverse circumstances because of the irredeemable fault and guilt of others.

… It may be that the only way that the Democratic Party can rise, Lazarus-like, from its deathbed is if African-Americans call out identity politics as the disaster that it has been — for them and for the country.

Stop the War on Men!

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3 Responses to Identity politicians: demand gender equity in the Dane County jail!

  1. Sprocket says:

    There’s a few things at play here. First is the leftist orthodoxy that people who make bad life decisions do so because whitey made them do it. Inability to figure out education, birth control and social norms, or make it through the day without killing, stealing or assaulting people, is not a personal failure, it is the result of white oppression. To the leftist, these people are without agency and exist only as moral foils to facilitate angst ridden navel gazing.

    The second is more cynical and pathological. Crime is a useful tool to clear out the wrong sorts of people, the sort of people who vote the wrong way and don’t have that all important ethnicky urban cachet. Self loathing white lefties have a high tolerance for crime and seem to enjoy inflicting it upon their less enlightened brethren. There’s a reason you don’t see government housing and section 8 in the Whole Foods and yoga studio neighborhoods. If you’re in Madison government and have a pesky pocket of white working class folks, there’s nothing like a little ghetto bomb to clear them out.

    Finally there is the scramble for public dollars. At the bottom of most of these initiatives is bureaucratic nest feathering and community hustlers looking to create patronage fiefdoms. These are the least useful segments of our society looking for a way scam some unearned money in exchange for racial grievance tithing.

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    • Batman says:

      A little obscure, but still quite good analysis.
      Perhaps next time; present your message in easier to follow verbiage for a more powerful impact.
      I had to read three times to solidly ascertain your meaning. Not everyone will do so.


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Does anyone doubt that if the biggest, gooiest wet-dream of Democrats before last November’s election–Hillary becomes President, Democratic majorities in the House and Senate–had come true, we’d now be waiting for Congress to pass the Slavery Reparations Bill? (Never mind that we’ve been paying reparations for decades under the guise of Affirmative Action and welfare.) The all-too-predictable outcome of identity politics. Minorities get paid off, guilty white liberals get to feel a little better about themselves, everybody’s happy, at least for a while … till the next round of grievances, demands, and payoffs.


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