Cue up Hank Williams Jr.  Are you ready for some politics?


The answer to our poll: stand with hands over heart

UPDATES: Green Bay police to increase security at Thursday’s Bears game. Makes you wonder Why Bother? since the players are protesting the police, right? The Policy Werkes suggests to the police: JUST TAKE A KNEE!


What does it tell you that the Castro-loving, Antifa-boosting Nation magazine uses this as its front cover?

Ol’ Sparky, our Eisenhower-era mainframe, predicted that Judge Roy Moore would win Alabama’s Republican primary over the establishment’s candidate for U.S. Senate. Judge Roy is a fundamentalist Christian, gun-nut right-winger that makes Donald Trump sound like a National Public Radio commentator. Even Trump couldn’t endorse him!

Unfortunately, the aged computer’s prediction was frozen on its screen, which the white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes did not see until this morning when they ventured into the garden shed where Ol’ Sparky is stored.

Now in a fete of prestidigitation that would amaze Penn and Teller, the Squire will link that off-year election to the Take a Knee phenomenon now roiling pro football.

Maybe second only to Texas and Green Bay, Alabama is football ground zero. Think Roy Moore voters are going to applaud millionaire football players for dissing America’s police officers? For that is what the Colin Kaepernickers are doing.

Will fans at Lambeau Field Thursday night join hands as star quarterback Aaron Rodgers is urging? Will they boo? Or stand at attention, hats off and hands over heart? Take the poll next door.

The Squire gives Mr. Rodgers a pass (so to speak). He is trying to unify protestor and patriot. At least, that’s my read. Although he could use his UC-Berkeley degree to educate his teammates about what is really happening.

Now if you do stand for the Anthem, you’re a Klansman. An idiot finds a willing audience at the Puffington Host: “White Athletes Still Standing For The Anthem Are Standing For White Supremacy.”

Want to show unity? Stop being divisive

Facebook friend Tom Bode says: “Hey Aaron Rodgers: I urge you and the Packers to join me in showing ‘unity’ while visiting the Southern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery…..see you there Sunday?”

How about NFL players demonstrate against domestic violence? Denounce the degradation of women inherent in rap music and the thug culture? Support the veterans of armed conflict returning to civilian life?

This is a league that wouldn’t allow its players to show solidarity with the police killed in Dallas, Texas. Worse, the Kaepernick caper genuflects to the Great Lie. The Ferguson urban myth: “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Never happened. The Ferguson kid went for the police officer’s service weapon after he strong-arm robbed a convenience store. Some hero.

Last time here at the Stately Manor, we highlighted a National Review must-read: “Police violence against black men is rare.” Here is another out-take:

Last year, according to the Washington Post’s tally, just 16 unarmed black men, out of a population of more than 20 million, were killed by the police. The year before, the number was 36. These figures are likely close to the number of black men struck by lightning in a given year  … And they include cases where the shooting was justified …

Here is another must-read: “Police aren’t targeting and killing black men.”

With a few notable exceptions, violent criminal attacks are the best predictor of whom police might shoot in America. …

In 2015, two-thirds of unarmed people of any race killed by police had been in the process of committing violent crime or property destruction. Fourteen percent were engaged in domestic violence. Ten percent were committing a robbery, 20% a burglary or vandalism, and 21% an assault on another civilian. More important, cops don’t usually initiate their contact with the person who is shot. Three-quarters of fatal encounters start with someone contacting police and reporting the suspect.

Tony Terrell Robinson Jr., anyone?

Football players are entertainers

Even the Pittsburgh Steeler who ventured alone from the tunnel to stand at attention during the National Anthem is walking back his show of patriotism, to some extent. Alejandro Villanueva, a former Army Ranger and West Pointer, did not mean to show up his teammates. That’s something we have to remember: these guys play as a team.

When a back-up Chicago Cubs catcher criticized a pitcher for not holding men on base, the manager released the catcher. Team unity is important element of success. (Just ask Sen. Mitch McConnell.)

Let’s clear up one misconception. The government is not forcing football players to stand at attention. They have a constitutional right not to put hand to heart. The players are, however, employees of a private enterprise engaged in the entertainment business who serve, while on the job, at their employer’s direction. The NFL, for instance, banned certain touchdown demonstrations (which it somewhat eased this season).

  • Finally, will every sporting event become a political contest? Will the umpires yell “Play ball” followed by “Justice4AnthonySmith”?
  • Will the thespians at America Players Theater take a knee before launching into their soliloquy?
  • Will the woodwinds at Overture Center kneel before they toot Rossini?

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Just as the Dixie Chicks were free to diss George W. Bush, football fans are free to pass their own judgment. And we are not employees; we’re the customers!

In any event, taking a knee does show some measure of respect. A knee is not a middle finger. Taking a knee is not as disrespectful as the clown shown doing limbering exercises during the National Anthem. That guy SHOULD be fired!

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8 Responses to Cue up Hank Williams Jr.  Are you ready for some politics?

  1. Dave, not B says:

    Rodgers sold his soul so he could chum around in Hollywood with former gal pal and liberal ho Olivia Munn, I’m not sure if she left any of his brain behind when they split.
    The leftists like to call conservatives Nazis, yet is is they who disrespect the flag of the country that defeated the Nazis. Liberals are once again Hypocrites.


  2. Well said! I too thought about NFL players being like entertainers, on the job, making political statements. It’s one thing to make statements as a citizen and another to do it on the job. But what makes the NFL a little more troubling is these entertainers are people we respect. If players lead a country to show disrespect their country and law enforcement, what good does that do anyone? At the same time we have elected leaders like mayors who don’t respond to citizen complaints and concerns, who fail to solve ongoing problems like emergency detentions and who proudly protest against hiring more cops who get a pass. The power of the biased media, the weakness of political leaders to stand up for what’s right and do their job and the scapegoating of our police and country is demoralizing and wrong.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    Rush Limbaugh is brilliant on this. A beloved sports team is unique in emotional relationships in that you can invest a lot of passion and know they’ll never leave you, from child to adulthood it will be a constant companion.
    Now the Left politicizes the NFL regarding love of country. Do you or don’t you? OK, if you don’t then take your ball and go elsewhere. But you’ve broken our hearts when we believed you wouldn’t.
    Goodell and the other useful idiots have put owners in a lose/lose choice between their employees (players) and their customers.
    The Left has politicized everything else and lost. This will be no different.


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Unfortunately, that image on the cover of “The Nation” could just as easily have been on the cover of “The New Yorker.” It’s disheartening that what used to be the country’s best magazine has devolved in recent months into a serial anti-Trump screed. And what makes it worse is that all the bright, talented people who write for it have cheerfully succumbed to leftist groupthink. Following up on a hunch, I went through every article in a recent issue and discovered at least one anti-Trump reference, overt or covert (mostly the former). That includes book reviews and movie reviews whose subjects had nothing to do with Trump or politics in general. (In other words, it’s become a classier version of “The Capital Times.”) I’ve subscribed since the 1970s but won’t be renewing my subscription.


  5. may miko says:

    I think it’s a little wrong to assume that Alabama players are millionaires, since Alabama is a college team, and the players don’t get paid–as “amateurs”, they get scholarships and aren’t allowed to do commercial endorsements. The New Orleans Saints, on the other hand…


  6. madisonexpat says:

    Had a Progressive friend tell me the NFL protests became a free speech issue once President Trump voiced his opinion. They’re still clueless and still digging because the president can’t have an opinion.
    I hear CNN is showing Trump’s cabinet and asking if it looks like America. Let’s do that with the NFL.
    Look at the NFL web site, lots of ‘I was born a poor black child, now I’m all about diversity all the time.’
    ‘Never played football though, I’m a marketing major with a minor in Womens Studies and hope to be a feminist lawyer and serve the NFL in that capacity.’
    Because unity through diversity is our strength.
    Adios Goodell.


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