Only ‘haters’ disagree with progressive Madison alders

The Emerald City has a bad case of progressive envy. If Berkeley shouts down a conservative speaker one can be certain the hecklers will heckle at UW-Madison. After Ferguson, the local Black reparations movement signed its e-mails “Ferguson to Madison.”

After Charlottesville, Mayor Soglin cast about for a statue to trash and found a memorial to the mouldering remains of the long dead Confederate soldiers at Forest Hill Cemetery who died at Camp Randall as POWs.

This petty little affront to the dead and defeated will no doubt solidify his status as a paragon of civil rights. But it saves no black lives, if that really matters. And if civil rights truly mattered, Hizzonner might have spoken out for the victims of the John Doe speech police raids, or kicked brutal dictator Fidel Castro in the cojones when the worshipful mayor met with him back in the ’70s.

Speaking of Communists, the mayor may wish to pull down Madison’s monument to that totalitarian ideology. That one squats at James Madison Park. It is dedicated to the Orwellian-named Abraham Lincoln Brigade, a band of Communists that fought for Communism in the Spanish civil war. Notable among their number was one Clarence Kailin, who never in his 90-plus years repented his Stalinism.

Let there be no mistake: no matter how benevolent the slaveholder, the “peculiar institution” could not have prospered without the whip and the chain. Communism survived as long as it did because of the secret police, barbed wire and brick walls. The same folks who cheer black-hooded Antifa terrorists wear Che’ Guevera T-shirts. They’re against hate, don’t you know.

Hate is the new term for that speech with which you disagree. If you hold that government-mandated affirmative action has run its course, you are a hater. If you believe the vote is sacred, you are a hater for requiring the voter to be a real person. If you believe porous borders are a threat … well, you get the drill.

So when a citizen of Our Town asked Madison’s uber-Progressive alders if they would hire more police to combat the largely black-on-black mayhem, guess the response she received from one alder:

“Why the hate?”

Here is the e-mail sent by neighborhood watch leader Paula Fitzsimmons on August 15:

You’ve all been rather quiet, lately. Does this mean you finally realize that Madison PD is not the problem, and that you’ll be funding more police officers? If not, can I call one of you late at night when someone’s breaking into my home and the cops can’t get there fast enough? Or when this freak of nature or others like him terrorize innocents?

Alder Matt Phair responds:

From: Phair, Matthew []
Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 1:36 AM
To: Paula Fitzsimmons
Subject: Re: Who will protect us against our worse nightmares?

Why the hate, Paula?

A citizen who was manhandled when she spoke at city council a year ago, who has legitimate concerns about the harassment of the chief and the police — you call that hate? I know Paula Fitzsimmons. She is not a hater. Frustrated by the council’s war on police, for sure. Angry? You bet. While the City was spending $400,000 to study the police, prosecuting the chief on trivial charges (he called a volatile person a name), and yielding the pulpit to the Black Lives Matter disrupters, bullets are flying in the city. Shootings are up 75 percent.

Object to the liberal agenda and you are labeled a hater just as Paula’s husband was smeared with the racist brush (wielded by Alder Dave Ahrens) for running against an incumbent alder who happens to be African-American.

So, yes, Paula Fitzsimmons is angry. Call it “justified anger.”


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24 Responses to Only ‘haters’ disagree with progressive Madison alders

  1. Scott says:

    “Small Paul” will leave no stone (monument) unturned in his quest to Virtue Signal….

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  2. Some of us are mad as Hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!
    Mayor Soglin and his band of Romper Room alders know only one way to lead, and that way is by complaining about others! Alder Ahrens told Paula to take his name off her mailing list. Apparently, he can’t stomach any criticism from Madison voters! Oh, cry me a river! The list Paula used is the one addressed to ALL ALDERS on the city website!!! Ahrens shows such incredible courage and leadership here once again – not! Arhens, like most Madison alders, needs to be babied and coddled. They are too sensitive, their skin too thin, to hear anyone speak out against them. But don’t you dare run for office against one of his fellow alders or his gloves come off!

    Mayor Soglin is another great loser who should feel ashamed for taking a pay check for the lousy job he does. He doesn’t reply to emails from tax paying constituents, he can’t see tax paying visitors at his office, oh, no, he’s much too important for them. He can’t fix problems either, like the ongoing emergency detention problem that pulls 300+ cops off Madison streets every year and costs taxpayer nearly $100,000/yr. But he sure can bloviate! He should shut up and listen for a change. And he’s weak, it took a national incident for him to pull down monuments? He’s been mayor a long time and now today spare no expense, tear down the monuments! Like the $400,000 study into MPD, spare no expense, take it out of the emergency reserve do it now! We don’t have leaders in Madison, we have infants with tiny brains and huge egos! And Madison media provide cover to these fools, they don’t hold them accountable! The God Damned media won’t do their job, but rather PROTECT these bad actors.

    Speaking of a poor leader, it takes incredible gall for Mayor Soglin to criticize Governor Walker on the Foxconn incentive bill that creates thousands of new jobs in Wisconsin that pays for itself, while he himself failed to keep Oscar Mayer in Madison costing Madison 1,200+ jobs! Oscar Mayer isn’t the only casualty of this poor leadership, we also lost Spectrum Brands and Fiskars too. Maybe if Mayor Soglin listened more and talked less, he would lead better! He needs to listen to his constituents and fix ongoing problems like the emergency detention crises that I say again for our blind and deaf media pulls 300+ cops off Madison streets annually (endangers our public safety!!) and costs Madison taxpayers close to $100,000 annually! Again, I write Mayor Soglin, he ignores me. I visit his office, he ignores me. Mayors can’t lead by only criticizing others! They have to do more! Thank you for allowing me to vent here, God knows WSJ won’t publish any op eds that are critical of a bad Mayor Soglin. A bad mayor who fights against police whenever they need help. Soglin better think long and hard about running for Governor when he can’t even be a mayor! Message to Mayor Soglin – ANSWER you damned emails once in a while, listen to your constituents. I’m not going away by you ignoring me, I’m only getting angrier. Fix your emergency detention problem too.I’m tired of wasting my tax dollars on your big mouth and ego and weak leadership. Better yet, resign and let someone new lead for a change. I’m tired of you and your mismanagement.

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    • LMason says:

      The city alders are bullies at best. Their incompetence is astounding, and just when one thinks their performance can’t get worse — well, one simply should never think that! It boggles the mind to try to figure out how they can actually make it in the real world — as in, with a real job and real co-workers. How do they hold down a job? From my observations of them, I can say with certainty that they wouldn’t make it more than a week were I their supervisor. The incompetence, churlishness, total lack of dignity, and utter disdain for their constituents is astounding. But they’ve got the right people snowed, so it seems they’re golden. And for that matter, can a public “servant” (not that they are) tell a constituent not to contact them? Isn’t that a part of their job description? Let’s take that a step further — do the alders HAVE a job description? I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that, if it exists! I’m with you, Steve — Madison certainly does not have leaders.


    • Balboa says:

      Mr. Mayor for perpetuity,

      He only listens to a very small area of Madison, not the suburban Madisonians. Those districts have been hijacked by left wing loonies who care more about how Madison is perceived in publications than if their harebrained ideas actually produce the outcomes they predict. They also care more about identity politics and listening to whack-jobs. His constituents only care about the downtown and square areas and the areas that donate to his re-election campaigns.

      Personally I could care less about removing statues or memorials. If maintenance on them takes money from police, fire, and EMT and road construction & maintenance then remove them. So when is that new jail going to finally be built with proper facilities and a wing for ICE offenders to help deport or get them back in compliance status.

      It is hard to bring a company to Madison, heck it is hard to bring a company into the state in general. The mayor and anointed knights of the council shun anything that does not submit to their narrow view on reality for that moment in time. So employers just say to heck with it, I will go elsewhere, less hassle and for less money.


    • Cheezer McCheese says:

      Oh, he’ll resign.

      As soon as he takes up residence in Maple Bluff.

      He doesn’t serve you, silly. He serves his globalista handlers and always has. Madison is a financial and political outpost of Chicago and has been since the first crop of Baby Boomers arrived on campuses from NYC.


    • Sarah Hogoboom says:

      In his defense, he did meet with me in his office once and was cordial and helpful in responding to my questions. I do, however, disapprove of his action in the Forest Hill issue.


  3. Batman says:

    I bet that felt good Steve, righteous indignation.
    Apparently violent crime is going to have to get much much worse before Soglin and the alders realize their approach is not working. Sad…
    I am with you brother.
    Keep going…


  4. madisonexpat says:

    Madison often has to be reminded to sift and winnow conflicting ideas to arrive at truth. It is often necessary to remind Progressives what free speech means. They are fools.


  5. madisonexpat says:

    Paul Soglin says “Down the memory hole that goes, Winston.
    His (dis) Honor began by opposing tyrants to become one.
    Big Brother is alive and well.


  6. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Yes, Dave, it was only a matter of time before Madison added its squeaky little voice to the howls of the alt-left anti-Confederate crusaders. What I never expected was for them to move beyond iconoclasm to desecration. How grateful Soglin and his minions must have been to realize they had a genuine (well, sort of) Confederate monument of their very own to obliterate.The dead who lie in Forest Hill were common soldiers, not generals or plantation owners; they died in captivity in a cold land far from home and family. How could they have known that 150 years after their death they would become the target of a pack of sanctimonious cowards interested only in celebrating their self-awarded virtue? Why not dig up the bones of the POWs and toss them into the nearest landfill? Think how righteous that would make the liberal Puritans feel. The fact that the offending monument said nothing to glorify the Confederacy, let alone slavery, is, of course, beside the point. Madison liberals, once again, indulge in an act of pious posturing that allows them to stick their snoots a little higher in the air–assuming that’s humanly possible. Mission Accomplished!

    If anything good can coms of this disgraceful act of desecration it might be to give at least some on the left pause: if even the final resting place of common soldiers isn’t safe from the fanatics, maybe it’s time to take stock before erasing the next piece of history.


    • Sprocket says:

      Well stated.


    • Cheezer McCheese says:

      “What I never expected was for them to move beyond iconoclasm to desecration.”

      I take it you don’t have daughters in public school being taught confusion about their gender and that anal sex is normal.


  7. Sprocket says:

    The Civil War was a national tragedy, of which slavery was only one of several causes. Allowing the vanquished to mourn and honor their dead was part of the process that healed our nation from it’s most horrific war. The notion that memorials to the dead are somehow monuments to slavery is ahistorical at best or cynical position motivated by favor seeking and ideological dogma at worst. Since we are already seeing the leftists agitating for the removal of monuments to Washington and Jefferson, I think we can safely assume the latter.

    Given that it cost the Union 360,000 odd dead to end slavery, I would suggest our bill for slavery has been paid in full. Anyone still crippled with guilt over this period in our nation’s history is more than welcome to provide restitution to the best of their ability, up to and including humane self-euthanasia.

    I wonder if anyone on the left has asked themselves where the road of normalizing political violence to suppress unpopular views winds up? More pointedly I have to wonder if the cravens in the Republican establishment (Rubio, McCain, and Romney) were thinking jumping on the Antifa train? Given that Antifa and fellow travelers consider anyone to the right of Che Guevara a Nazi, who is fair game for violence, emboldening these idiots is the last thing they should be doing. Once you open the door for this sort of thing, everyone feels justified in making their own determination of who gets beaten with a bat for voicing their opinions. The potential for things to get violent and out of hand is very real.

    Finally, it;s been interesting observing the difference it the way the media has covered Charolettesville compared to the coverage of the Bernie Bro that shot up a bunch of Republicans. One was apparently just a one off nut job with no ideological motivation, the other proof Trump voters are neo-Nazis who want to bring back slavery…


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    The latest bit of lunacy from the left is the vandalizing of a bust of Abe Lincoln that’s stood for nearly 100 years in a Chicago neighborhood that’s home to much of the city’s black-on-black violence. A city official is investigating–not to find out who committed the vandalism but whether the statue should be considered “offensive” and “worthy of action” (i.e., removal). Why Lincoln? True, he wasn’t a Confederate or a slaveholder, but he was certainly a racist who was willing to let the South keep their slaves if they would agree to reconcile with the North, and who believed that blacks should be repatriated to Africa after the War.

    At this rate, the left will be consumed by its own fanatical lunacy without any help from neo-Nazis or Donald Trump.


    • Cheezer McCheese says:

      There is no such thing as “neo Nazis” except in the minds of the Propaganda Class.

      Which has apparently installed them in yours.

      Good job, Madisonians! Weak minded Cheezers who vote for the likes of Paul Ryan…but feel superior so long as they are still allowed the privilege of dumping hundreds of billions of income tax dollars on Israel.


  9. AnonyBob says:

    Jeezus. What a bunch of whiners in high dudgeon. Dave, it’s what you always accuse the left of. But then again, I’m just a hater.


  10. madisonexpat says:

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

    George Orwell. “1984.”

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Yikes! Could be the manifesto for the liberals’ latest crusade to realize their perfect little fantasy world. Just change “Party” to “Resistance.” The right should start a drive to replace all the destroyed Confederate monuments with plaques inscribed with this passage.


  11. Dave, not B says:

    How sad that Madistan leaders want to join in on the rot that is consuming this country. I guess being a progressive means flushing anything that is good down the toilet.


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