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Police apprec KovalPolice Chief Mike Koval is the brightest political figure in Madison who doesn’t work at the state capitol.

Putting out the day’s police log via his on-line blog is genius in a bottle. He had been sending the recap to the mayor and common council members ever since the night from hell April 27 when his troops responded to six gunshot incidents in one night. I’ve long subscribed.

Now he’s making that same police briefing available to the citizenry. Informed is fore-armed!

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8 Responses to Subscribe to Chief Koval’s blog

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    One of my favorite pastimes when reading the local daily is spotting the weasley ways reporters finesse certain facts related to major crimes in Madison–when the perpetrators of said crimes are minorities (i.e., the vast majority of the time). Just today the two suspects in Madison’s latest homicide are described as “frequenting the area of State Street nearest the Capitol.” Translation: they’re homeless. But, of course, explicitly stating that fact is unacceptable in a city where bums, including criminal bums, are members of a protected minority. How a city like Madison, whose “leaders” thwart law enforcement at every turn, managed to get a Chief as principled and level-headed as Koval is a mystery to me. I applaud your efforts to support him and his troops.

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  2. Kevin Wymore says:

    Not long ago, the city wrote a federal grant and called SW Madison a “Safe and Beautiful Neighborhood.” That rather Orwellian title may be put to scrutiny now that real-time crime facts will be out there for everyone’s consumption.


  3. Scott says:

    What are the chances of drafting Koval to run for Mayor? What would be his chances of winning?


    • David Blaska says:

      Drafting Koval to run for Mayor? Funny you should mention that. What are his chances of winning? 45% to 55% I would say, as I’ve told the man himself. Not that he asked, which he did not. Yes, it would take a draft. A cool, refreshing DRAFT!


      • Scott says:

        Watching from a safe distance, it certainly seems like my old home town is in dire need of a top to bottom political shake out. With the body count growing weekly, it just might be time for it to produce some results. I still own some real estate in Roselawn, so I’d sure like to see a positive change before my inevitable return.

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  4. Scott is spot on! Koval for Mayor, I second that! Top down shake up, great idea, but could never happen in Madison. I tried and was called a racist! I love what Chief Koval is doing and if I like it that must mean the alders and mayor hate it. BTW, ever try writing your alder or mayor? Ever get a response? Constituents are apparently not important enough to listen to, respond to, answer to. This blog helps keep the information going at least from the MPD side. You’d never read about it in the paper or hear it from your elected officials who’d rather keep we the people in the dark.


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