How does engaging in revenge fantasies help our cause?

O.K., I’m as pissed off with Senator John McCain as anyone for his vote to sabotage the so-called skinny ObamaCare repeal.

That doesn’t mean we go all Kremlin and rewrite history. (During Stalin’s periodic purges of former Soviet heroes, Russians would bitterly joke, “never before has our history been so unpredictable.”)

But that’s what the Trumpsters are doing with McCain. Never knew that Navy pilot John McCain, shot down over Vietnam, enduring 5½ years in the Hanoi Hilton, much of it under torture, heroically refusing to trade on the fame of his four-star admiral father and grandfather — never knew that John McCain was a cigarette and a blindfold away from being SHOT BY AMERICA FOR BEING A TRAITOR!

That’s what the Trump-Can-Do-No-Wrong crowd is spewing, perhaps taking a page from The Mooch and a cue from his boss (“I prefer heroes who weren’t captured.”)

I’ll believe retired Marine Corps general John Kelly is truly White House chief of staff when he fires Anthony Scaramucci.

The Stately Manor’s Facebook page is polluted with the following crapola:

Fake McCain news

Not “Fact”

McCain was convicted of treason and sentenced to death by firing squad until he was pardoned by Nixon. As a POW, McCain spilled his guts about everything and helped the NVA by telling them the flight patterns of U.S. Fighters which led to a 64% increase in fighters being shot down.

How did the Left-leaning lamestream news media keep this bombshell news from Americans all this time?! How did they leak pictures of Jane Fonda posing with North Vietnamese anti-aircraft guns that shot down McCain (and my old county board colleague Col. Donald Heiliger RIP), but news of McCain’s perfidy was buried, especially from the voters in Arizona?

Stupid, gullible, and foolish is no way to go through life, fellow conservatives. I do not need to post that this revenge meme has been thoroughly discredited.

John McCain is wrong on ObamaCare. He was wrong to geld the First Amendment by teaming with Russ Feingold (that should have been a clue) to write the execrable Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act that made it illegal to release a movie criticizing a presidential candidate (Hillary in 2008). (Thank God for Citizens United v Federal Elections Commission 2010!)

Let me lay down this marker. I was a conservative Republican never-Trumper who voted independent and am over-joyed that Hillary lost. I want this Republican presidency and Congress to succeed! But engaging in revenge fantasies does not focus our eyes on the prize, people!

Unfortunately, the McCain urban myth is a natural result of this White House. And maybe, just maybe, John McCain thought it was payback time for the Trump insult, which disparaged a lot of brave Americans, including the memory of Dane County’s own Don Heiliger.

Sure, McCain should have risen above that campaign taunt. But you’re my campaign counsel. Do you advise your candidate to taunt members of your own party! Is that leadership?

‘A fighter, not a leader’

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Former state assemblyman Evan Wynn echoes many of my Trump supporter friends who excuse the inexcusable. Evan defends miscommunications director Anthony Scaramucci on Facebook this way:

Evan Wynn He (Trump) needs someone who is a brawler not a nice guy. At times like these you need a Patton not an Eisenhower.

David Blaska Eisenhower was a successful president. Prosperity? Security? Infrastructure? (Interstate Hwy system). Trump? Jury is still out. And don’t forget, Eisenhower sidelined Patton when HE veered out of his lane.

Evan Wynn But my point was Eisenhower was a leader not a fighter. … What we need and why Trump was elected he wasn’t a statesman. If we wanted that we would have picked one of the other 16 also rans — we wanted someone who would fight, who would throw punches, not just take punches.

David Blaska Mr. Wynn, if you wanted someone who would throw punches, we should have elected Mike Tyson. But I take your point: Trump threw a punch at John McCain and now Senator McCain punched back. Meanwhile Republicans suffered a defeat of historic proportions with the triumph of Pelosi and Obamacare. Forget Eisenhower or Patton: Trump is General Custer. Political Science 101: A leader gets other people to follow him. A fighter gives everyone a black eye, none more than himself.

I might have added that Ike was a leader and a fighter!

And Scaramucci directing your communications is like having Foster Brooks as your AA sponsor.


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4 Responses to How does engaging in revenge fantasies help our cause?

  1. Top says:

    Well said.


  2. AnonyBob says:

    Kelly just had Trump fire the Mooch. Dave, you are so prescient!


  3. Plopasaourass says:

    Thank you Mooch for your service. Spicer Quit and Reince who was way over his head was replaced. (yes yes I know he was not in charge of firing Reince) hopefully General Kelly will get things in line again.


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