Riots at the food court? Madison plays identity politics

Still don’t think social order is breaking down in the Emerald City? Madison’s two largest shopping malls are considering banning teenagers unaccompanied by an adult after certain hours.

East Towne and West Towne malls are considering whether teenagers should be allowed in shopping malls on weekends after 4 p.m. without parents who are 21 or older.

This is giving the vapors to our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances, for whom every business person is a barely disguised Ku Klux Klan kleagle.

Mayor Soglin is quoted as saying, “We have raised some very serious concerns about its legality and our reservations about how its going to be equitably managed. We’re raising questions about whether or not it would be in conformance with current ordinances regarding (racial) equity.”

City officials also have concerns about being asked to enforce such a policy, the mayor said.

Get it? Our liberal … acquaintances can hear this (non-existent) conservative dog whistle! The mall policy is aimed at minorities! Just another corporate scheme to oppress the underclass! Donald Trump! Koch Brothers! ALEC! Bradley Foundation, oh my!

Or, maybe maybe maybe, the malls just want to stay in business. Malls everywhere are scrambling to counter Amazon and on-line commerce in general. Does it help that the bricks and mortar shopper must dodge unsupervised teenagers “wilding” at will?

You remember Genele Laird, right? The gal that took a butterfly knife to store employees a year ago, then resisted arrest and became a cause celebre for the racial arsonists? That  incident is an outlier only in the sense that it was well publicized.

Retailers who insist on No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service  — store owners who ban law-abiding permit holders from carrying their firearms —  are not allowed to regulate roving gangs of unruly kids?

“Racial equity?” That’s the mayor saying the problem is largely black kids. Ten-four, we copy that. Only to our … acquaintances would it logically follow that innocents must suffer mayhem today to atone for the sins of the past.

We get the concept of disparate impact. But this is not the grandfather clause, that Jim Crow law that allowed the illiterate to vote if their grandfathers could vote.

Because more women embezzle than men (look it up) does it follow that laws against embezzling have a disproportionate impact? If so, is that the motivation or merely a side effect?

Unsupervised teenagers can be trouble anywhere. If you don’t believe it, read Lord of the Flies or (for that matter) West Side Story.

Indeed, lack of parental authority — particularly paternal — is a recognized pathology in the black community. Other than among elected city leaders, anyway.

Minnesota’s Mall of America has enforced such a ban since the 1990s. And we know  Minnesota is the Mississippi Burning of the North!

Officer Tamara Valle of the Fort Worth Police Department received a call on Monday: A fight had broken out in the food court of the nearby Hulen Mall, and 200 teenagers were running, screaming and fighting. Shopkeepers were going into lockdown, slamming their gates shut with customers still inside.

As Officer Valle drove to the mall, she received another message: At least four or five similar scenes were unfolding hundreds of miles away, on the East Coast.

By night’s end, at least 15 fights had broken out in shopping centers from Connecticut to Arizona. Videos posted to social media showed throngs of teenagers twisting like tornadoes through malls in Tennessee and Ohio as bystanders uploaded the images to the world. —New York Times.


Support our Madison Police.


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7 Responses to Riots at the food court? Madison plays identity politics

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  2. Instead of under 18, I think it should be 16 and under.


  3. Lynn Mason says:

    Strange — I haven’t read anything stating that CBL Management intends to enforce this policy only with “people of color” or otherwise “disadvantaged” youth. But it seems the Mayor MUST have heard something like this! Why else would he and other “city leaders” be posturing so vehemently? Terribly confusing! (Or not)

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  4. AnonyBob says:

    The concept is disparate impact, not disproportionate.

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    If Madison intervenes in any way, watch the malls disappear.

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  6. Steve Bernd says:

    If it’s “acceptable” for black youths to start fights at Brat Feast, I see no harm in roving bands of thugs trolling the malls. Actually, they can have Madison, we don’t set foot in it anymore.


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