Madison Mayor Soglin offers Cash for Plinkers

Mayor Soglin is offering a $1,000 bounty “aimed at generating tips about people who use or hoard illegal firearms.” (Read & Weep.) The mighty Meade calls it Cash for Plunkers.

Hizzoner is using funds from his own office budget, which is probably illegal. Budgets specify, to a reasonable degree, the purpose for which they can be used. Sorry, it’s government and you can’t take money intended for copier toner and use it for a new social/police program.

It’s also State’s evidence of liberal-progressive-socialism in action. Get their guns and all will be well. Only thing missing: a trolley.

Madison is a city that wrinkles its collective forehead into a meaningful frown if you text message I.C.E. at an illegal immigrant rally.

Stop the wrong car with an expired license plate and face civil rights litigation over Driving While Black.

So Hizzoner thinks the neighborhood is going to drop a dime on a home boy hoarding stolen guns? Me, I’m turning in Matt Phair. But it’s not going to happen. Moot. Soglin’s toner copier money is safe.

Of course, the City of Madison could pay for more cops instead of forcing the chief to apply for a federal grant. (Check off Paul Soglin as one more liberal secretly pleased that Trump was elected).

The Cash for Plunkers program is, in the real world, a snitch reward program — only dressed up in politically correct, anti-NRA prog-speak. Soglin was forced to pose for holy pictures this afternoon after a woman driving on Raymond Road just south of the West District police station got her car windows shot out and she was hit by flying glass. Not at 3 in the dark of morning but at 10:30 on a Monday morning! (Read & Weep.)

Madison’s new motto: “We may be wasting our time and a little bit of money, but I think it’s worth it.” — Paul Soglin, 7-11-2017.


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9 Responses to Madison Mayor Soglin offers Cash for Plinkers

  1. Sounds like the mayor and council are struggling, maybe even desperate, for a solution. If only they would listen the the MPD Chief. People must be ringing his phone off the hook. Maybe he’s afraid the bad PR will hurt his bid for governor? I doubt this mayor and most of the council are up to the challenge. I’d like to be proved wrong for everyone’s sake, but I think the current problems are above their pay grade and ability.Hire more damned police and stop fighting them. Here’s an idea, how about working with the police to solve problems? Stand with police showing a united front against crime and violence? Might work.


    • Meade says:

      “Might work”
      I’m sure it would work. To reduce crime and violence.
      But would it work to assuage the guilt of guilty Dems, Libs, Progs, and Soglinites? Doubtful.


  2. madisonexpat says:

    And of course its not about anything functional.
    Its about feelings.


  3. Dave, not B says:

    Please, Dave. Don’t mention trolleys. Soglin make actually do it someday.


  4. madisonexpat says:

    Madison HAD trolleys but the Progs and especially the CapTimes hated them because they were privately owned. The owner was F.W. Montgomery, nicknamed “Flat Wheels”.
    Progs preferred city owned buses.


  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I suggest an update on the success of the mayor’s proposal three months from now. In the meantime, let’s hold a drawing, First prize (a new city flag, certified 100% inoffensive to any minority anywhere on the face of the earth, signed by Paul Soglin) goes to the contestant who offers the most accurate guess as to how many bounties will have been awarded by that time. My guess: 0. (Sorry, I know that figure is guaranteed to be the winner, but it was my idea,)


  6. AdamC says:

    Is the “Always Making Excuses For Random Violence Coalition” or whatever it’s called, going to allocate money from that fund to the woman in question whose windows were shot out? Or is she not the “target audience” to cash in?


  7. Batman says:

    Blaska’s line:
    The Cash for Plunkers program is, in the real world, a snitch reward program — only dressed up in politically correct, anti-NRA prog-speak.
    is exactly accurate and likely a PR maneuver by Soglin because virtually all PDs already have their own compensated informants.
    The question is; will Soglin going public ultimately be helpful or hurtful?

    Will perps be increasingly paranoid and therefore more careful/secretive regarding all things related to their criminal activity?
    Will perps be more likely to resort to violent acts within their own neighborhood because of increased paranoia?
    Will increased suspicion overall result in more violence?

    It is also possible that Soglin’s approach here will be a deterrent to Madison gun violence.
    Time will tell, but Soglin could make a more meaningful positive impact by openly discussing the dangerous revolving door Madison courts and non-enforcement of gun laws already on the books, among other things. The lack of gun law enforcement is a national scandal but rarely addressed by anyone besides the NRA. A primary reason the NRA lobby is so successful with congress is because they easily demonstrate how every conceivable gun crime already has one to three strong laws in place. Those gun laws are significantly under-enforced however.


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