Madison’s black community divided on Focused Interruption approach to crime

One of the more insidious forms of racism is also the most politically correct form of racism. You may know this phenomenon as “identity politics.”

Identity politics as practiced by the Democrat(ic) party posits this: sprinkle your faculty, legislature, or editorial board with a black person here and an LBGTQ there and you have captured those identity groups’ immutable catechism. The fatal conceit is that all members of your identity group think alike. It’s the James Watt formula, ironically enough. Anyone who digresses from the expected stereotype is “not authentically [Name Your Identity Group Here].

Which puts me in mind of a black woman who had just been hired at The Capital Times shortly after Your Humble Squire left its employ 27 years ago. She had just been named to the editorial board of this Voice of Progressivism — presumably because of race and gender, she told me. The lady laughed: she was a deep red conservative!

I’ve said this before: the University of Wisconsin spends untold hours of expensive faculty time devising Diversity Plans for such ephemera as race and gender while perpetuating its Safe-Space-seeking monoculture of liberal-progressive-socialism.

Would it surprise you then that Madison’s African-American community in no way is in lockstep with the 15-point Focused Interruption plan that the Madison Common Council recently awarded $75,000 of $400,000 budgeted this year?

We excerpt here from a Facebook thread started by my old colleague on the Dane County Board, Richard V. Brown Sr. Having not sought the respondents’ consent, they will not be identified here. Judging from their Facebook pictures and/or my personal acquaintance with them, all quoted here are African-American.

Richard V Brown

Richard Brown

Richard V. Brown Sr. at  July 3 at 9:35am — More shootings in Madison WI. At what point do this city learn that what they are doing is not working. Throwing money at the problem just to say we are doing something. Poor leadership based on guilt and ignorance. No plan just listening to the loudest voice. This must change. No leadership from our Assembly. No leadership from our city council and worst of all no leadership for our community. I say replace them all or accept mediocrity and more loss of lives. 

D.D. July 3 at 9:32am — Why is it the city responsibility to give these bad ass kids home training?

N.C. July 3 at 9:48am — Hell the kids acting like they parents!!! And yes, lock’em down with absolutely nothing to do!!! I they want that life, then they deserve to be in prison or away from society along a possible!!! But America can’t keep making sure we turn to this lifestyle either!!

Richard V. Brown Sr. at July 3 at 10:13am — Yes, I had a plan when I ran for Mayor but nobody listened. A plan that put more officers on the streets using the community (reserve police force), a plan that created a link to the faith base community (they have the pulse of the community), and a plan that strengthens the council (similar to the position you guys want in the council chamber) this would require performance measures thus eliminating poverty pimp from exploiting our community. A plan that gives people hope – never seen anybody with hope shoot someone. A Mayor that wants to be mayor and not governor. Call me anytime; I answer.

C.P.A.P.P. at July 4 at 3:22am — and also be able to give a good whoopin and not have to worry about police being called and charged with child abuse.

R.H. July 4 at 7:57am — … some of our conditions are a result of our own actions. I mean just take Madison for example. 22 years ago 1 in 5 people in the store was non-white, the communities were clean and quiet, I don’t have actual stats but based upon what I can see with my own eyes, I feel that once an influx of more and more black people moved to this city crime has gone up, violence has gone up, the clean streets have changed to trash every where. I’m all for lifting up my own people. I personally seek out black on businesses to spend my money. I prefer to be around my people but people are allowing their children to run the streets unattended. In the malls stealing, fighting and all on the buses cursing and acting a fool. Now I’m not saying that black people are responsible for everything that has happened here. I am saying is that the dynamics of this city has changed since more black people have moved here. …

L.H. at July 3 at 10:03am — Talk to em’ Mr Brown ! Nothing is being done to effectively pull all the violence down ! The leadership who claims to be addressing the problem is weak and recessive ! The community is at unrest, many are scared, and even more of us are extremely angry and frustrated ! To say nothing can be done is a bunch of BS,cause that’s not a solution at all !

J.E. at July 3 at 10:26am — if the plan does not involve figuring out a way to give the youth hope and helping them feel they can rise out of poverty and also locking up gun offenders for a very long time to shield the community from the terrorism then we are just spinning our wheels. If you are caught with a gun not registered to you or you commit a gun crime with a gun not legally yours. the community should not have to see you again. time to take off the kid gloves

I.K. at July 3 at 11:08am — … Are we going to repeat what the federal government did in the War on Drugs giving the money to the gang leaders under the guise of job opportunities and programs which actually increase the community violence and crime? Look at the results in Chicago now! Wake up people. This glorification of the gang mentality is literally killing our community and our nation.

Coming up — The Blaska Policy Werkes is willing to acknowledge that the 15-point Focused Interruption plan may do some good but remains more palliation than regime change. Blaska’s 6-point plan first proffered May 9 will affect a paradigm shift, not palliation. In any even, we are meeting with Michael Johnson of Boys & Girls Clubs and Anthony Cooper, the exec director of Focused Interruption, Friday morning. I’ll report back.

NAACP branch says black cops are not really black.

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15 Responses to Madison’s black community divided on Focused Interruption approach to crime

  1. Dan B. says:

    Nothing white conservatives like more than black parents beating their kids up.


    • David Blaska says:

      Nothing guilty white liberals hate more than discipline and responsibility.


      • Meade says:

        Unless it’s Western Civilization itself. Western Civ seems to have a way of sticking in the craw of guilty libs.


      • Dan B. says:

        You didn’t deny my shot, but I’ll deny yours. It’s B.S. and a cliche crutch conservatives like to lean on. Wasn’t the shot at Hillary that she was scripted and predictable? Not authentic enough? Meanwhile your Republican White House leaks like a sieve and can’t stay out of trouble for 24 hours. Maybe someone should smack them around.


    • Batman says:

      Dan B. is trolling, and not the first time.


  2. madisonexpat says:

    Meade. Agreed. Its because a guilty lib can only (albeit deservedly) loathe himself so much. Then it must be turned outward on society and put on his opponents, his community, his nation and his race. (Hi ABob.)
    Few things are more telling than an accusation.
    A thief is the first to cry, “I’ve been robbed.”
    Look at DanB’s accusation as Exhibit A.


    • Dan B. says:

      I’m a big fan of me. Of you, Expat? Or Meade? Not. Western Civ? What does Meade like better, the genocide or self congratulation? As a privileged fellow living today, it’s doubtful he did a thing to get America where it is today. Leaving blog comments is great, but not exactly falling at Chickamauga.


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “Western civilization.” A phrase guaranteed to get liberals red-faced and sputtering in an instant (almost as fast as “personal responsibility”). Their credo is that Western civ.. is nothing but an uninterrupted saga of conquest and exploitation. One of the many facts their reading of history ignores is that Western civilization didn’t invent slavery butt took the lead in abolishing it. When you see everything–and I mean EVERYTHING–through the lens of identity politics, the world becomes a melodrama in which helpless minorities must be rescued from the brutal forces of oppression, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, etc. And who gets to play the role of Dudley Dooright? You guessed it. Liberals to the rescue, armed with plans for reparations, restorative justice, focused interruption, safe spaces, etc., etc. etc. to slay the dragon of white privilege. Sound like a story for children? I guess that’s my point ….


    • Dan B. says:

      Your point is that liberals are children? Who did you vote for, Gary? How’s that working out for you in the grown-up department? Your president is a fraud, an egotist and an adolescent. Instead of putting country before party, you voted to piss off liberals. Great job, Gary. Be very proud (Proud Boy proud) about your Western Civ now. It’s not as exceptional as you’d like to brag on July 4. Denmark is Western, too.


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        My point is that liberals have a touching, child-like faith in the perfectibility of human nature and in the efficacy of government to lead us to an earthly paradise purged of all human flaws–if only we can tear down the last statue of Robert E. Lee and fling wide the doors of middle-school bathrooms to students of every gender. And to suggest that Trump’s election is an eradicable stain on Western civilization is a stretch even for an unhinged liberal. What makes me hang my head in shame for Western civ. is seeing all those sanctimonious European “leaders” urging their countries to commit cultural suicide by opening their arms to millions of “refugees” from places that have nothing in common with Western values (and in many cases demonstrate undisguised hostility to those values). One of the network newscasts last night was lamenting (for the umpteenth time) Trump’s decision to abandon the Paris climate agreement; the graphic accompanying the story showed 19 European flags on one side of the screen, the American flag on the other. Of course, the message–so simple a child could grasp it–is that we should hang our heads in shame because our flag stood all alone, like a third grader whose classmates hadn’t invited him to join their dodgeball game. I wonder how many people, besides myself, were heartened rather than dismayed by that graphic?


  4. Batman says:

    The Top 5 Issues Facing Black Americans, by Taleeb Starkes


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  6. Batman Lives says:

    Dan B.
    A Troll with poor historical knowledge. Gee, what a surprise from a provocateur Troll!
    I am on to you; you little worm. Now go away, unless you have something of intellectual significance to contribute.


  7. madisonexpat says:


    Your opinion of me would only matter if I respected it.
    As to how the election is working out for me, I’m glad you asked. I am delighted with it. I was an early Trump supporter because I hoped for change from the incompetent, corrupt, western civ hating Obama.
    Now, every morning I can wake up to liberal heads exploding. Yesterday was Kelly Anne Conway humiliating Chris Cuomo.
    The Dems can’t find a message or win anything. Gorsuch is on the Supremes, illegal immigration is over, felons are being deported, Kate’s Law is in the Senate, economy is good, big government is being cut back like the Syrian air force, NATO is paying its military budget, Putin-Assad-Iran are on notice.
    Trump has exceeded my expectations. That he stands for those who love liberty, the law, free markets and the Constitution is a bonus.
    That you, and your ilk seethe in hatred is on you and will give you something to do when you tire of loathing yourself.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Well said, sir. I wonder what would have happened if some Harvard professor of cultural theory had come up with the concept of “alternative facts” rather than Kelly Anne. One thing we can be sure of: liberals would be gushing over it. As far as I’m concerned, K. A. is the real Wonder Woman–using her superpowers to hold the entire mainstream media at bay!


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