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Subscribe to Chief Koval’s blog

Police Chief Mike Koval is the brightest political figure in Madison who doesn’t work at the state capitol. Putting out the day’s police log via his on-line blog is genius in a bottle. He had been sending the recap to … Continue reading

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How does engaging in revenge fantasies help our cause?

O.K., I’m as pissed off with Senator John McCain as anyone for his vote to sabotage the so-called skinny ObamaCare repeal. That doesn’t mean we go all Kremlin and rewrite history. (During Stalin’s periodic purges of former Soviet heroes, Russians … Continue reading

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The profane Unmaking of a President (or why words matter)

Now it begins. The great unravelling. Will there be an intervention in the White House, perhaps led by Chuck Grassley and Lindsay Graham? A palace coup led by Mike Pence? A mass cabinet resignation? Either you go or the rest … Continue reading

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Did Donald Trump and Foxconn just re-elect Scott Walker?

And Paul Ryan. And a Republican legislature? Not to diminish the role Governor Scott Walker and his cabinet played in landing Foxconn — in Speaker Paul Ryan’s congressional district, no less. That’s hard work on the ground and in the … Continue reading

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‘It worked’ but no thanks to these 8 alders

The Wisconsin State Journal deserves credit for fighting for an ordinance banning panhandlers from Madison’s busiest streets. But the measure faced resistance from the touchie-feelies inhabiting the Common Council, Indeed, had two alders switched votes, the measure would have failed … Continue reading

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Michael Johnson quits Focused Interruption

How many crime-ridden areas abut a large park? Welcome to Madison and the Elver Park area. A 29-year-old man was shot dead at 3 this morning while sitting in his car on Adderbury Lane, just south of Raymond Road and … Continue reading

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