What went down in Georgia (or deep sixed)

No, Mr. President. We’re not tired of winning yet

We learned these things from the suburban Atlanta congressional race last night.

Money does not win elections. By all accounts, the Democrat Jon Ossoff significantly outspent the Republican winner — by one account, $31 to $23 million.

Donald Trump is still not as toxic as Nancy Pelosi. Winner Karen Handel tied Pelosi and Ossoff together like a reverse Ben Carson surgery. How does a political party show it is captive to the status quo in a change atmosphere? By making Pelosi and Hillary Clinton the face of the party.

It’s the culture thing. Ossoff was an implant, a foreign body. Didn’t even live in the district. (The U.S. Constitution does not require it; individual state law can.) Republicans pointed out that Ossoff got most of his cash from California and New York. Just 14 percent came from Georgia, compared with 56 percent of Handel, a NY Times analysis showed.

Anti-Trump is not a winning message. As much of a hot mess the man may be, Trump wants jobs back in America, backs the police, shoots down Syrian aircraft, appoints a damn good supreme court justice, and a pretty good cabinet, and freaks out the culture elites.

Most of the news media remains Democrat-occupied territory. Sure, Fox was giddy that the Republican won. We quickly switched to MSNBC.

Just before the commercial break, Lawrence O’Donnell announced that Ossof had conceded. “When we return,” O’Donnell continued — no doubt reading a TelePrompTer programmed hours earlier, “Republicans are in trouble across the nation.”

James Freeman at the Wall Street Journal caught enough of the previous hour at MSNBC to note:

Rachel Maddow seems to have been so distraught over the emerging defeat in Georgia that she abandoned the subject and resumed “connecting the dots” among people President Trump or his acquaintances may have known. Your humble correspondent did not stay on the channel long enough to know if she made it all the way to Kevin Bacon, but found it useful to learn her unequivocal if unspoken statement about Georgia.

So, MSNBC is yin to the yang at Fox. But CNN purports to be down the middle. Except Don Lemon was even more ornery than usual. Most of his panel either fretted about what could save the Democrats or put on a brave front about moral victory.

CNN sad faces

Yes, it has been a Republican district since Newt Gingrich in 1978, albeit one that had given Trump only a 1.5% advantage. Not THAT Republican. So Karen Handel outperformed, beating Ossoff by four percentage points.

And no, Handel did not run away from Trump. The President campaigned for her in Georgia and tweeted his support.

It ain’t going to get any better for Democrats. They thought they had the wind at their back. The Trump administration is lawyering up, we’re hearing more from Trump’s personal lawyer than Sean Spicer. The mainstream media are scrambling over themselves to become the next Woodward and Bernstein. But in a year and a half, the nation will have found there is no there, there.

By November 2018, Congress may have actually reformed the tax code and lowered taxes. Who knows, it may have passed and the President have signed Repeal and Replace without it proving to be the mass extinction event predicted by Democrats.

They know that fear is always more powerful than fact.

Josh Kraushaar writes in National Journal:

Here’s why their math is more daunting today. Democrats need to net 24 House seats next year to gain a majority. Georgia’s 6th is the 28th most-Democratic district that Republicans hold (based on Hillary Clinton’s vote percentage in 2016). For Nancy Pelosi to become speaker again, Democrats would need to nearly run the table in more-favorable districts.

Democrats will draw the wrong lessons. The Ruckus and Act Up! crowd are breaking out their black Antifa masks. No more Mister Nice Guy, The Nation vows.

Corporate Democrats and the whole corrupt culture of consultants who suck the life and drain the principles out of any progressive movement need to be fought, not “friended”—even on Facebook.

The Nation’s prescription: more “economic justice” (aka: socialism).

Finally, we learned: Don’t screw with Paul Ryan.


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12 Responses to What went down in Georgia (or deep sixed)

  1. Meade says:

    ” like a reverse Ben Carson surgery”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AnonyBob says:

    How convenient of you to ignore the additional $18 million in dark money negative ads run against Ossoff, when comparing the spending by the candidates. Did you know he practically shot Scalese himself? You can take comfort in Handel winning by 4+% in a district Trump won by only 1.5% if you want, but the usual GOP advantage is 20-23%. The much-lower-key race in SC had the GOP holding that seat by only 3%. I bet Paul Ryan isn’t sleeping so well. (Hey, didja see that Randy Bryce ad? Hee-hee, I’m a happy warrior.)
    One thing I’m sure you’ll be surprised to learn we agree on: Pelosi should go. The Doyenne of San Francisco is a millstone. She may be a skilled House leader of her caucus, but more (and a younger face) is needed by the Dems.


  3. Tom Paine says:

    Agree with Mark Levin on this election……….as he noted in today’s podcast (21st-J). The election is basically irrelevant to the real agenda about the strangulation of individual liberty by the ministerial state.


  4. Dave, not B says:

    Sorry, dems. The public can see the Trump strategy is working. They saw 8 years of malaise under the tutelage of their king 0bama. Until you change your message, it won’t matter who your messenger is. You will continue to lose. And America will be the better for it.

    Most liberals would be better off with some surgery from Ben Carson to reverse the lobotomies their college professors gave them.


  5. AnonyBob says:

    “…strangulation of individual liberty by the ministerial state.”
    “…lobotomies their college professors gave them.”
    You guys sound as crazy as Trump and Bannon. “Hot mess” indeed, to quote the proprietor.


  6. Madison Expat says:

    Hi Bob. RAY-cism.


  7. Madison Expat says:

    ABob, did the Pants Suit Nation in GA. 6 vote for the woman or the Carpetbagger?
    You’re still a member, right?


  8. AnonyBob says:

    Splat, how you do go on.


  9. Patricko says:

    The libs talk big about how close they came to winning in a red district, but did you notice how wrong the polls were, AGAIN? This was not only the most expensive house seat ever, it was likely the most polled. And every poll showed a neck and neck race that was too close to call, while the actual vote comes in with a 5 point spread, NOT within the margin of error.


  10. Madison Expat says:

    Best computer models money could buy in near real time. Bad wrong.
    But trust our models for climate change in thirty years.
    Really. Trust us.


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