The news media isn’t biased, it’s just liberal

As another Father’s Day approaches, I think of the Old Squire, who tilled the soil and fought a war.

Sunday, after Mass and the noon chicken dinner, he piled mom and the six kids into the Chevy Nomad for a Sunday drive. If a neighbor was in the driveway, he’d stop for a chat while we kids petted their dog. Just as often, he’d pull to the shoulder of the road to inspect a corn crop.

If that corn stood shorter than his own, he’d exclaim, “Why this man is no farmer!” But if another field grew taller, he’d speculate that “they must have got a rain that we didn’t get.”

So, it can be difficult to determine who is or is not a farmer. I say the same about journalists. In the age of tweets and twitters, who is and who ain’t?

Monona Grove school board member Jeff Simpson is pretty sure he knows. 

Why, that man is no journalist!

Jeff is sorely vexed that The Capital Times has invited an interloper to a panel discussion Tuesday* on whether Wisconsin’s news media is biased. (* The panel discussion is Tuesday, June 20, 6 p.m. at the High Noon, 701 E. Washington Ave.)

I can make the case that it is (Gallup Poll: “6 in 10 see Partisan Bias in News Media.”) But without a doubt Jeff Simpson is biased. Simpson vents his bile on Madame Brenda’s blog, Forward Lookout.

How can you have a panel discussion on the media biases, when they have far right wing blogger and Bradley Foundation employee Matt Kittle on the panel? He is neither a reporter nor does he work for a news service. The closest Kittle has gotten to news in his life, is sitting down in the same chair that Robin Colbert sat in in the [WIBA] studio, while filling in for hate talk shrew Vicki [McKenna].

No hate in Jeff Simpson, is there? It matters not that uber-Leftist Bill Lueders is on the panel, for Jeff continues:

The Question the Cap Times should be asking is – Is there a better example of “fake news” than MacIver News Service?


“They printed my letter”

Your Squire responds,

You want fake news, Jeff? How about Rolling Stone on the rape culture at U of Virginia fraternities? How about Dan Rather on George W. Bush, “draft dodger”? How about “Hands up, don’t shoot”? How about James Comey calling out the NY Times for its fake story on a Trump/Russia connection? Brian Williams, anyone?

Simpson wants Matt Kittle off the podium! In the same way, black-mased Antifa goons intimidate campus speakers. Or, on a more refined level, Obama’s IRS hectoring conservative organizations. In Wisconsin, runaway district attorneys siccing the speech police in pre-dawn raids on the homes of private citizens, whom they accuse of “colluding” with others of like mind on issues of their own governance.

Chris Rickert calls victims who complain about this intimidation, “Whiners.” 

Quit your whining; that’s our job!

Chris is free to cavil because no district attorney would dare toss the offices of the Wisconsin State Journal, press freedom and all that. In fact, my Comrade John Nichols contends that journalists have extra special constitutional rights not granted to other mortals.

Nichols insists that the First Amendment’s reference to freedom of the press singles out for-profit newspapers — “the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution,” as he wrote Feb. 21.

Which begs the question, must one own a press or may one rent? Say, Page 2 of the Capital Times? How often must I publish? Daily? Weekly? How about the Tuesday before Election Day and only then?

Yet, no Wisconsin newspaper, radio or TV station — “the mainstream media” — has condemned the speech raids.

Again, because their ox is not being gored. The notorious McCain-Feingold Act bestowed a generous carve-out for the news media — corporations, all. Until Citizens United v. FEC decided in 2010. Every other corporation had to shut the hell up about politics for six months (!) before a general election.

The Capital Times (“Your Progressive Voice”) wants that law reinstated and Citizens United overturned. (One example here.) Mark Pocan and Tammy Baldwin are on board. So, too, the Democrat(ic) party itself.

Again I quote Floyd Abrams, the free speech attorney who defending the New York Times’ publication of the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War: “the real news about the First Amendment was that increasingly its attackers were coming from the Left.” He wrote that in his book, Speaking Freely; Trials of the First Amendment, 12 years ago!

The irony is that no Wisconsin journalist has done more to expose the secret John Doe assault on conservative speakers than Matt Kittle, a real journalist. Read his archives.

As for “biased,” The Capital Times (“Your Progressive Voice”) and the New York Times have vowed eternal enmity toward the Trump administration. Even Jeff Simpson acknowledges that MSNBC is biased. “MSNBC is for sure biased, any station that gives Charley Sykes a forum is far right leaning.”

Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC is “FAR RIGHT LEANING”!!!! What it comes down to is credibility, Jeff. Matt Kittle has it. Vicki McKenna, too. You, Jeff Simpson, not so much. And that’s the real problem with journalism today.


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6 Responses to The news media isn’t biased, it’s just liberal

  1. Tom Paine's says:

    Media Bias? #1 Example is Cap Times, both the regular edition and the Lite Edition, aka State Journal. #2 is Wisconsin Public Radio. Ignoring ECB’s own ethical standards, Joy Cardin’s program often only has ONE point of view as a guest host. And, the WPR call-screener’s nix callers who challenge the hegemony of liberal orthodoxy. Note how many times Joy has featured John Nichols, singularly, without another guest who does not share Nichols’ socialist views. WPR and Marc Morano, Pat Michaels, or Richard Lindzen? { Of course, Never} Same for Thomas Sowell, Dinesh D’Souza, Mark Levin, Matt Kittle, or even Rep Jim Ott.


    • old baldy says:

      tom, you really don’t listen to Joy often, do you ? The squire has been on Cardin’s show numerous times putting up the front for the opposition. Ditto for the likes of Owen Robinson, et al.


      • Tom Paine says:

        Yes, I listen. Do you dispute my examples? Dave is marginalized. Re-read my The list of excluded personalities is long. When has any non-socialist ever been given an hour like Nichols, Mordecai Lee, Scot Ross, Ruth Conniff, or the regular shills for dim orthodoxy? Never.


  2. The May/June 2017 Imprimis publication of Hillsdale College features Michael Goodwin’s writing “The 2016 Election and the Demise of Journalistic Standards.” Please do read and discuss in your upcoming debate.

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  4. Madison Expat says:

    The media has to give give up its fig leaf of objectivity. It is like any university faculty. The more its become non credible the more it shrinks. The more it shrinks the louder shriller cri du coeur of our media is, I AM relevant.
    Their audience has voted otherwise.


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