Let’s play the name game

Bo-na-na fanna, fo-fanna
Fee fi fo-manna …

It is the source of more news than any building in Madison, save for the State Capitol. But its name is the most anodyne imaginable and a real bitch for headline writers. We’re talking the CCB, aka the City-County Building.

So yeah, the Policy Werkes here at the Stately Manor will entertain a new name for the seat of Madison and Dane County government — after 60 years.

Why not? A high school student wants to rename Madison Memorial H.S. because the author of the Constitution held slaves. Which leaves the small problem of the name of the host city, itself, founded in the year of the great man’s demise.

City and county leaders are proposing to name the CCB after another President: Barack Obama. Kewll!

ObamaCounty Supv. Al Matano explains, “The idea is that the current name is just a generic description, and President Obama is the only President known to have stepped foot in the building. This is the first step in a process which would include our partners with City of Madison government.”

So it would be the Obama Building. County Executive Joe Parisi is said to be on board, along with a gaggle of alders and county supervisors. At least it wouldn’t be the Bernie Sanders Center, so I suppose we should be grateful for that.

Of course, local government could sell naming rights to the place like the domed baseball stadium in Milwaukee. The Smith & Wesson Center has a nice ring to it. But Obama’s connection with the CCB is tenuous.

Personally, I’d name the pile after the late Lyman Anderson, who was Mr. Dane County for so many years. As it is, the agricultural extension building is named after Lyman even though he voted against building it where it is located, on the far east side of town.

Hellz bellz, I’d be O.K. with naming it after the other personage with whom the place is better associated: Paul Soglin. Why wait till Hizzoner is dead and buried? The WHEDA building on W. Washington Ave. is named after Tommy Thompson and my mentor continues to make history.

No, my liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances, if you want to name something after the first black president (always with the identity politics!), go big. Tear down that slaver’s name, sandblast it out of history, obliterate any mention of it like a Soviet history book. Name the Emerald City itself after the 44th president.

I can see the TV news reporter’s stand-up in my mind’s eye: “Reporting live from the Soglin Center in downtown Obama, this is …”

Me, I call on Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald to name the State Capital after Ronald Reagan just to hear the Lefties howl!


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4 Responses to Let’s play the name game

  1. Patricko says:

    The next thing you know they’ll want to give him the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. coolkevs says:

    I’m trying to think of a town name that fits with “everybody gets a trophy” – maybe Oprah


  3. Marcus says:

    Aging hulk of a building, full of asbestos, $100,000,000 in repairs needed to the jail……Perfect!


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I’m surprised the liberal loons who run this city and county didn’t decide to name it after Tony Robinson, drug-addled thug, would-be cop killer, and poster boy for victims of “institutional racism.”.


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