It’s getting real. GOP congressmen targeted. ‘It was basically a killing field’

Sources call it a deliberate attack

Was shooter a Bernie Sanders supporter?

Lone shooter targets Republican congressmen at baseball practice outside Washington D.C., hits Republican majority whip Steve Scalise, one staffer, A Tyson Foods lobbyist, and two Capitol Police, who fire back even as injured. 50 to 100 shots fired. Had it not been for the police presence, “It would have been a massacre,” Sen. Rand Paul said.

“It was basically a killing field.” More here on this breaking story.

Meanwhile, Leftists are defending casting the assassinated Julius Caesar in a New York City staging of Shakespeare’s play as a bloodied Donald Trump. It’s “just another opportunity for outrage,” tut tuts a New York Times opinion piece.

“The right-wing commentators stoking this scandal are using it to get attention and attack liberals.”

Let’s unpack that. New York’s intelligentsia indulge their Trump assassination fantasies by casting a blond-haired actor wearing a business suit and red tie as Julius Caesar and conservatives have the nerve to object?

A Trumpian Caesar? Shakespeare Would Approve,” a New York Times opinion writer assures. What about using Republicans for target practice?

So Trump deranged are our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances that they are spitting the F-word like it was their personal mantra.

Relax folks

Kathy Griffin and, at right, a scene from the Shakespeare in the Park staging of Julius Caesar.

Then of course, there is Kathy Griffin, “comedienne.”

UPDATE #1: Fox News had U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis on air. The Republican from Illinois was at bat this morning when the shooting began. He indicted the current atmosphere of “political, rhetorical terrorism.”

We (and he, by inference) do not excuse from responsibility for this toxic environment the current Tweeter in Chief. We are on record castigating Donald Trump for coarsening the public discourse, dating back to his churlish comments on fellow Republicans during the run-up to the convention. His exhortations at his political rallies when confronted by disrupters itself threatened to incite violence.

But disrupting speeches is itself a form of violence, something our liberal-progressive-socialist news media here in Madison refuses to address.

Or, The collectivists who support the black-maked Antifas breaking windows and burning cop cars, whether on the UC-Berkely campus or during the presidential inauguration in Washington D.C. A leading voice of the Bernie Sanders Left is The Nation magazine. It celebrated the “Anti-Fascists [who] Will Fight Trump’s Fascism in the Streets.”

In stark contrast with many liberals, antifa activists refuse any dialogue with Trumpism. … disruption, confrontation, doxxing and altercation remain tactics anyone taking seriously a refusal to normalize Trump-era fascism should consider.


“Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy.
It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

— Hodgkinson on his Facebook page 3-22-2017.

James T. Hodgkinson has been identified as the shooter who opened fire on Republican members of Congress Wednesday morning at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, the Washington Post reports.

Hodgkinson, 66, was from Belleville, Illinois, the newspaper reports. A motive for the shooting is not yet known, but Hodgkinson’s Facebook page shows someone who had a high interest in politics, who supported Bernie Sanders during the presidential election and expressed anger with President Donald Trump and Republican Congressmen.

Hodgkinson was shot by police and taken to the hospital. President Donald Trump announced in a televised statement that Hodgksinson has died. …

Two Congressmen, Rep. Jeff Duncan and Rep. Ron DeSantis, described an encounter with a man who asked them if those practicing were “Republicans or Democrats” before the shooting. DeSantis, when shown a photo of Hodgkinson, confirmed he was the man who approached him,CNBC reports.

Hodgkinson’s Facebook home page features a Bernie Sanders photo.

James T Hodginson


Our … acquaintances are holding their tongues

It is 5:38 p.m. CST. Still waiting for Democracy Now! to post something other than “House Majority Whip Steve Scalise & Congressional Aides Shot Playing Baseball.” No causative agent, i.e. Bernie supporter.

Absolutely NOTHING at The Nation. Closest is “Can Berniecrats reclaim Democratic party?”

Nothing at The Progressive. Its top line, Flag Day in the Trump Era … has become a tool to galvanize a jingoistic patriotism.”

Daily Kos? Mute., the same.  Vox attempts objectivity: “The blood is on their hands”: how the right-wing media blamed Democrats for the Scalise shooting.”







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12 Responses to It’s getting real. GOP congressmen targeted. ‘It was basically a killing field’

  1. Patricko says:

    Isn’t this something like the 3rd Bernie supporter in the past two months to go postal? Who knew they were so volatile?


  2. madisonexpat says:

    When your political opponents are deplorable, bitter clinger, sexist, xenophobes, fascists, kulak wreckers, why, you almost have to shoot them, don’t you?
    Next thing you know decapitation will be comedy and assassination will be theater.


  3. Balboa says:

    “CoExist” I demand a 5 year study and 12 point plan to stop domestic terrorism by democrats and peaceful fascist-like socialists.


  4. Batman says:

    What a nut-job, and so politically misguided. And practically speaking; what a waste of ammo. I have been disappointed all day. Disappointed that if the dude needed to violently explode onto some group it should have been the POS Antifa urban terrorists.


  5. balboa says:

    I am not sure why he did not point his anger at the democrats that hijacked his parties nomination process. Republicans had nothing to do with who they nominated. Bernie maybe would have won over the much maligned Sir Hillary Rodham Clinton.


  6. balboa says:

    Let me be clear, I am not advocating that to happen, in fact I abhor it, win on common sense ideas not grand plans.


  7. Patricko says:

    Meanwhile, where is the outrage directed at those who might have inspired this maniac? Who is calling out Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah or Kirsten Gillibrand for their “hate speech” that could have shaped this man’s attitude? Nobody.

    I’d like to think that’s because they’ve been burned in their past attempts to connect Jared Loughner, James Holmes and the train slasher in Portland to right wing politics. Of course it’s ironic in the extreme that each of those guys turned out to be Trump haters who supported liberals in general or Bernie specifically.

    Something tells me Colbert and Noah would not have been holding a love fest if it had been some militia nut shooting at Democrats specifically, and posting hateful things about Obama. Who could possibly believe it would be the same?


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Apparently Republicans haven’t quite cornered the market on angry old white guys. Who knew? So let’s take bets on how long the solemn soul-searching and “let’s put all the rancor behind us” hiatus will last. The torrent of venom from the “Resisters” (including their enablers in the media) began the day after the election last November, when lefties of every strip tried to outdo one another in expressing their unhinged hatred of Trump in particular and Republicans in general. Now Democrats are in full Pontius Pilate mode, washing their hands of any complicity, whereas if it had been THEIR colleagues under the gun, we’d be hearing nothing but how the hate-mongering of the President and his minions is to blame.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. stuck in the middle says:

    Yo Patricko, Take a gander at this article: Your own party is admitting the orange confeve is partially at fault.


  10. Batman Lives says:

    One dip-sh*t Rhino partially blames Trump and that’s the whole party. Reaching just a little are we?
    How about this for a change: people that are so easily persuaded to shoot others because of political rhetoric are already on the edge. Some a-hole like Hodgkinson could just as easily attend the Killing of Trump play- Julius Caesar, and attempt an assassination. What Trump said on the campaign trail is nothing compared to the daily, ongoing, character assassination of Trump and his family by the MSM.
    Get real.


    • Batman Lives says:

      Whoops; I meant to say Rino not Rhino. My OP disrespects the magnificent four legged rhinoceros that are endangered.


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