We’re all gonna DIE!

This just in from The Nation: Trump guilty of MURDER!

“Donald Trump’s Withdrawal from the Paris Accords
Is a Crime Against Humanity; this is Murder”

Humphrey Bogart was wrong. We won’t always have Paris. So here is CNN on-line this morning:

  • Trump defies the world to score a political win
  • By quitting the Paris pact, Trump gets a cheer from his base but aligns the US with Syria
  • Pittsburgh mayor hits back after Trump talks about his city
  • World leaders condemn Trump’s decision
  • Goldman Sachs CEO’s first-ever tweet slams decision
  • France’s Macron tweaks Trump with catchphrase
  • Gergen: ‘One of the most shameful acts’ in US history
  • Opinion: Trump’s stupidity on this will mobilize environmentalists
  • The real story behind Trump’s job loss claim
  • Trump’s right: a coal mine is opening soon. It will create 70 jobs.
  • Inflated number: Trump takes credit for 1 million jobs. Not true.
  • Clean vs. coal: Withdrawal from Paris deal risks job growth.

Those are the top dozen news headlines at CNN’s website, verbatim, as of 8:30 this morning. Yeah, the Clinton News Network, alright. In other news, unemployment nationally is the lowest in 16 years.


2 degrees?

Some balm for the sorely afflicted, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal:

Amid the outrage, the aggrieved still haven’t gotten around to resolving the central Paris contradiction, which is that it promises to be Earth-saving but fails on its own terms. It is a pledge of phony progress. The 195 signatory nations volunteered their own carbon emission-reduction pledges … China and the other developing nations account for 63% of annual global CO 2 emissions, and their share is rising. … Over the past five years U.S. emissions have fallen by 270 million tons, while China—the No. 1 CO 2 emitter—added 1.1 billion tons.

Add to that fact, even if everyone met all their unenforceable pledges, it would result in a reduction in global temperatures of less than two degrees Centigrade by 2100.

National Review advises, “Okay, folks. Calm down, grab a paper sack, stick your nose in it, and breathe. Slowly.”


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7 Responses to We’re all gonna DIE!

  1. Dan B. says:

    We either should or shouldn’t do something about the state of the environment. The president yesterday stood with those who believe we should do nothing and you stand with him. Nothing new there. NTIMO: Never Trump in name only.


    • Patricko says:

      The president decided the pact was a bad deal for America, regardless of of its stated intention. And questioning the effectiveness of the pact is not the same as “doing nothing” about the environment.


    • old baldy says:

      Actually the donald made a move to make the environment worse. And trump didn’t decide the pact was a bad deal, he was told that by bannon et al. The mindset in the WH right now is if Obama did or said it, we need to do the exact opposite. Trump wouldn’t know a pact from a Packard. The man is truly clueless. If you doubt that, just listen to him talk. My golden retriever has a bigger and more nuanced vocabulary.


  2. Mark Porter says:

    Sorry for your kids, Dave.


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    If the Republicans were smart, they’d do some research into when the climate change doomsayers first started making their “scientific” predictions about the apocalyptic effects of global warming (sorry, climate change). Then they could announce to the world how many of those predictions (Miami under 20 feet of seawater by 2015!!!) actually came true. My guess is few if any. Of course true believers in the Holy Evangelical Church of Climate Change would simply re-adjust their predictions (using the best “scientific” methods, of course).

    The governors of California, Washington, and New York have announced (drum roll, please) that they are going to make sure their states comply with the climate “protections” of the Paris Accords. In other words, state governments taking the initiative rather than the feds. Who knew so many officials in those blue states were closet Republicans all along?


  4. Balboa says:

    Hey Liberals don’t like CO2 volunteer to stop breathing forever. Good to the blathering talking heads are disappointed and unhinged about it. I am completely elated, in fact I started my annual tire fire in my back yard last night in celebration.

    But really stop breathing libtards and by the way all the states that are implementing ridiculous restrictions Wisconsin is open for business as well as all the other red states.

    Best decision Trump has made so far.


  5. madisonexpat says:

    Trump 1
    Global Socialists 0
    Not tired of winning.


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